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My sharing of an FLD about LDs

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My sharing of an FLD about LDs
PostPosted: Wed 26 Apr, 2017  Reply with quote

Hi all,
I just got reminded of this FLD I had some time ago (not sure how long ago, but less than a year, probably). It was an FLD about LD'ing.

I remember it starting in a forest area, and I was with a friend of mine. We were opening a portal into the "Land of Lucid Dreaming." We go in, and it's some nice place with a lake and all. The whole point of the "Land of Lucid Dreaming" was that when in there, you have control.
I remember breathing underwater, walking through walls, sticking my hands through my chest, all this LD stuff. But it wasn't a normal FLD. I kept in my mind: "It's exactly like having an LD!" Which was all I thought. It wasn't like it was some normal dreamscape where I was acting lucid: a normal FLD. I was specifically in the "Land of Lucid Dreaming."

It didn't occur to me at all I was dreaming. I thought I was in RL in some designated land that mimics LD'ing.
It was fun.

Have you guys hand any FLDs like this?
I just thought of this and decided to type it up for fun.

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