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Dreams that make you smile on waking. [no LDs please]

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Dreams that make you smile on waking. [no LDs please]
PostPosted: Thu 11 May, 2017  Reply with quote

No LDs since these ALWAYS leave you smiling. grin

This dream fragment made me grin because it implied my life is starting a fantastic story arc due to the timing of my RL alarm.

Chapter One Begins .. ((fragment)

I'm in a large theatre. There are thick luxuriant red drapes that are lit by lights. I don't notice anyone else. The drapes slowly open revealing an empty stage while a man's tenor voice over says...
Chapter one begins! At this point my alarm went off! lach2

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PostPosted: Thu 18 May, 2017  Reply with quote

Likely dreams about crushes (maybe not if they're NIGHTMARES, though?).

Crushes (which, for me, are usually fictional characters...for now tounge2) tend to mean a lot to me. On top of this, dreams about relationships in general seem to wake me up feeling all warm and fuzzy and secure and happy smile

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