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Ever have a dream about the afterlife?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Ever have a dream about the afterlife?
PostPosted: Tue 28 Apr, 2015  Reply with quote

A long time ago I had a dream I had died and was going to be re incarnated as a girl named Gwendolyn. They even showed me a picture of her but all I remember is she had brown hair

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PostPosted: Tue 28 Apr, 2015  Reply with quote

I had a dream about it on 26th of February 2014

Derelict spaceship, afterlife and infinite expansion

A large piece of rock was flying through space. It was dark blue/black and shiny, looked like some kind of metal. Inside the rock was a large cave and there was a small derelict spaceship. The crew had died and there was a blue portal inside the ship that had been used by a woman working in the afterlife as a spirit guide. She had taken the crew to the afterlife and I followed through the portal.

It was a technologically advanced afterlife. I manifested a body and walked around. There was a hall for storing important artifacts from our world like art and they also stored every weapon that had killed someone. I saw a worker put a new arrow on the shelf. The shelves were really cool. They were made from cold red cubes. The shelf was full so the worker just pushed a few cubes and every cube in the room started moving and a new row of shelves appeared from one end of the room while the room expanded into the other direction. The walls and floor were made from larger white cubes. The wall, in the direction of the expansion, moved when new shelves were created. This place could expand infinitely.

There was a lecture hall where dead artists taught art history. Van Gogh didn't appreciate another artist of his time and they had a small argument. I went back to the room with the portal and met two spirit guides. One was a woman that couldn't believe her sister had died and she had to retrieve her. She looked sad. The other guide was a tall black man. They both had futuristic gear on.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 29 Apr, 2015  Reply with quote

I once dreamed that I had died and come to heaven. This was just something I knew, as the dream was in first person-perspective but "I" in the dream was just some random dude (but the dead me was still "me" in the dream). While being out walking, "I" demanded proof that I was in an afterlife, so "I" got to see a glimpse of heaven appearing against the white sky. It was absolutely beautiful.

And I once dreamed I was in hell with a childhood friend of mine, but none of us were dead so it was more like an Inferno thing, but very ordinary.

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Okapis Rule
Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Thu 30 Apr, 2015  Reply with quote

I had a dream that I was in purgatory. It started out with me getting hit by a car and dying, and then next thing I remember I was there. It wasn't too different from normal life, but I had this intrinsic knowledge that how well I acted would affect how long I stayed there. It was basically a skyscraper; I don't remember looking out any windows, but there were a lot of levels, and each one had something different. I went into an elevator at one point and there were buttons for each floor, and below the bottom button was a sign that said "brimstone", and above the top one was "heaven" written on an airship symbol. That's when I realized it was purgatory.
Then I pressed a button to go to another floor, and it was a bakery where they were making angel food cake to be sent to heaven. tounge2

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PostPosted: Fri 05 Jun, 2015  Reply with quote

Sometimes I dream about the places that I recognize as the "afterlife". All of them have one thing in common - the sun never hurts my eyes. It shines bright in the clear blue sky, but its glow is pleasant, almost loving. Those dreams are always vivid, so I guess that's what makes me think that that is the place the souls go to after death. There's another thing, in those dreams I would often be warned not to cross a river, or walk through a door, or fly towards the sky. I would hear voices, like ringing in my head. My superstitions rule over my dreams. :D

Also, I'm not sure if I wrote about this dream already, but there was a time when I felt bad enough to think about what the world would be like if I was gone for good. At that time, I had a dream that I was in a large, round room. Its walls were filled with light bulbs, but there was a place at the center of it where light didn't reach. There was a table there, and a shadowy figure sat behind it.

- So you are determined you wish to die? - he said.

I can't remember at this time what I said, if I said anything. What happened next was one of the worst dream experiences I ever had. I'm not sure how to describe it. It was like my very essence was ripped out of my upper body, and I saw something that I recognized as my soul. It hurt. At that point I was genuinely afraid for my life, so I cried and begged to be returned home. As my "soul" was pushed back into me I woke up, thinking of everyone I loved, everyone I didn't want to lose.

To this day, I can't help but somehow feel that I was literally at the door of death, and that the guy behind the desk really meant to pull me out of this existence. I realize, of course, that it's silly and that my mind probably just tried to teach me a lesson. Still, that was the closest thing to the "afterlife" I ever saw.

It's actually really pleasant to recall such old dreams.

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PostPosted: Fri 05 Jun, 2015  Reply with quote

To this day, I can't help but somehow feel that I was literally at the door of death, and that the guy behind the desk really meant to pull me out of this existence. I realize, of course, that it's silly and that my mind probably just tried to teach me a lesson. Still, that was the closest thing to the "afterlife" I ever saw.

...That's intense. Glad to still have you here.

I've dreamt about the afterlife and inhabitants of the afterlife on multiple occasions -can thank Supernatural for a handful of them-, but I don't recall going there as a result of dying. I would simply arrive there or somehow find my way there.

I recall a dream from around 06 or 07 where I'm levitating back and forth by a doorway outside a building. I remember feeling two additional limbs extending from my back believing them to be wings, but I wasn't using them. There was an indescribable vibe about the place. The architecture appeared to be influenced by roman culture and had an strange sheen to it. Levitating back and forth, I catch a glimpse of my attire. To this day I can't recall whether or not I had armor, but I do recall wielding a keyblade. I catch on recognizing the place to be heaven, but decide not to deviate from guarding the door as if it was my duty.

Then there was a dream where I go to hell with the Winchester brothers and a few others to bring the fight to Satan. It was a bit unnerving and the heat noticeably disorienting. I end up being rejected from hell in the middle of the battle then decide to take on the monsters on the surface to compensate believing that I couldn't go back. (9/25/14 Supernatural: The End)

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Drowned after a Tsunami
PostPosted: Thu 11 Jun, 2015  Reply with quote

As I am an architect IRL, I had to inspect a sea shore hotel in order to renovate it.
This hotel exists IRL, named ARGO after the mythical Jason and the Argonauts, as this name symbolizes survival at sea.
I visited the guests floors to check their current condition and there I found out that instead of regular cleaners making the rooms, a lot of provocatively dressed women were strolling. Some of them bent "accidentally" in front of me showing naked buttocks...
I was disappointed! That lovely hotel that I had visited so many times in my youth was now operating as a Brothel!
Really disgusted I fled towards the near by city.
I was only 50 meters away from the hotel when a roaring sound came from the shore. Turning back I saw a huge Tsunami approaching. I thought that immediate fleeing to the Hotel roof would certainly save me...
Enough time to climb the stairs!
But my inner voice spoke otherwise:
Yes! This Stone building ARGO can save your life ...at the cost of your integrity as you will be joining prostitutes and their values becoming one with them!
No! Your deep urgency is to stabilize your position on Earth. Continue your personal path, no matter what the cost!
So I kept walking away from the ARGO awaiting the tsunami in absolute tranquility.
I anticipated approaching death happy that I could experience it in full awareness.
So I drowned...
Then instead of agony, a vertical blast of light sent me with rocket speed towards heaven.
Clouds of sparkling colors were viewed along my ascent...
...until I actually felt a warm mothers embrace to land me tenderly on my bed awakening me...

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Tambourine Stream
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PostPosted: Fri 12 Jun, 2015  Reply with quote

Wow! That's a powerful dream Promitheus. smile

I've had a few. Mine tend to be helping people (who don't realise or won't accept that they are dead) move on from being 'stuck' in a sort of waiting environment. I'm able to gently advise them of the situation (they are dead), but I've never been allowed to go on to the 'next' place with them. A DC usually takes over for that part.

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PostPosted: Fri 19 May, 2017  Reply with quote

I used to dream about hell a lot when I was into Dante's Inferno in about 2009.

I also had one dream about the different levels of heaven XD

Yeah, such dreams were spooky and interesting.

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