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20 years of LD4all!

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I remember when i found LD4all - 15 years ago! I was in a place in my life where i didn┬┤t understand the shallow world i found myself in: Get a well paid job so you can get all the things you want. I had no experience of anything else but suddenly, a curiousity seemingly sent from heaven made me find out and investigate about LD and this forum. It changed my life, it opened me up the possebility that there might be more to life than i know. So I started exploring and long story short, I would be a very different person I am today if it wasn┬┤t for this community. I now see that my old reality was more like they say in fightclub: "get a job you hate to buy shit you don┬┤t need". I am so happy for who I turned out to be and is becoming because of this realization. And you all played a huge role in that! colgate I have never found a more gentle, honest, curious and friendly community than this one. This is the best part of internet <3

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