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What do your hands look like in your dreams?

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PostPosted: Sun 26 Nov, 2017  Reply with quote

Checking hands was one of my first RCs I tried and the result was bothering ^-^"
My hands always look the same. No difference at all, that's why I gave that RC up >.>

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PostPosted: Sun 26 Nov, 2017  Reply with quote

Most of the time I have extra fingers in dreams. Once my hand was paper thin, another time my hand was like weightless liquid.

My hand has also been normal, but then I make extra fingers appear to confirm I'm in a dream. :D

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My weird hands
PostPosted: Fri 29 Nov, 2019  Reply with quote

I was dreaming last night and I looked at my hands; at first I saw six fingers, then nine, then twelve, then I saw that the last segment was cut off of my middle finger and it had a jack o'lantern on the end! Only was conscious for a few seconds and then slipped away. I also tried sticking my finger through my opposite hand and I pushed my finger through with a sickening pulling of the empty membrane that was my palm and a crunch as the membrane split, very unnerving.

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