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Different styles of flying

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PostPosted: Fri 30 Jun, 2017  Reply with quote

Personally, most of the time I either 'float' along air currents staring at the stars, or I fly facing forward:
A bit like this, minus the bubble:

It is hard to explain the action of flying... you just DO it.
I often propel myself through a window using the ledge, feeling a beautiful liquid feeling as I soar through...
However the most bizarre method I have ever used is flying in an armchair... until it broke down and I used a flimsy plastic chair lol.

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PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017  Reply with quote

Bizarrely I found for a long time that I could only 'fly' when 'seated' as if flying an invisible helicopter. I've since become of aware of the Freudian nature of such dreams which from reading fit with my experience! That said I have also had superman style flying experiences though more often than not these day's instead of flying like a 'bird' I will 'say' to the 'dream', take me too that hill top or building and I'll find myself conveyed to and deposited on the same!

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PostPosted: Thu 28 Sep, 2017  Reply with quote

I always use swimming to take off, and then most of the times I switch to spreading my arms to glide around. I hadn't thought about a lot of these methods for flying, I'll have to try them next time!

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Fri 29 Sep, 2017  Reply with quote

Tonight I flew after I asked my driver to fire me in the air with an ejector seat lach1 And finally reached the 50 lucid dreams

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PostPosted: Fri 29 Sep, 2017  Reply with quote

I most often fly in a dream method of swimming. I make movements and legs with my hands - I'm swimming in the air.

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 01 Nov, 2017  Reply with quote

If I want to fly in a LD i allways jump through a window in a skyscraper :D No joke! I love the feeling when the glass breaks and you are in the air. If I fly its like having a wingsuit or sth. like that haha

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PostPosted: Fri 08 Dec, 2017  Reply with quote

I discovered a unique way to make flying easy for myself 😁

Beforehand, in almost all of my lucid dreams so far, flying has been the first thing to try to just settle into the lucidity of the dream. But I always struggled, because I was stubborn and insisted on using the "do nothing" technique; unfortunately, my mind would always let the idea of gravity sneak back in and I would be falling after only raising myself a few feet in the air.

The last time I LD'ed, again gravity was keeping me down. Im not sure what gave me the idea but this time, I half closed my eyes, so that I could partially see what I was dreaming but also had much more focus on my mind. From there, I simply imagined myself to be very light. I was immediately up and flying, which surprised me so that I opened my eyes wide, at which point I kind of got "stuck" where I was floating, so I narrowed my sight again, felt myself as light as a feather and weeeee, away I went! Full control, zero resistance. What a blast!

Current LD goal(s): Have LDs become commonplace in my dreams; succeed in WILDing
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Flying speeds and heights?
PostPosted: Sun 24 Dec, 2017  Reply with quote

I am new to lucid dreams but flying has been so easy and natural so far. Has anyone flown really fast or far (like Superman)?

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