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new ~dream~ goals

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new ~dream~ goals
PostPosted: Wed 16 May, 2018  Reply with quote

long time no post! But I'm older now and I want to go at it again.

some new goals for when I LD:
- meditation/transcend in dream, preferably in a beautiful place/island.
- meet my spirit guide
- play a harp/guitar/any instrument in dream
- access deeper levels of my soul

Current LD goal(s): Meet my Spirit Guide
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Knight Banneret
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PostPosted: Wed 16 May, 2018  Reply with quote

Good luck! You could probably do some or all of these at once...

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PostPosted: Thu 17 May, 2018  Reply with quote

Welcome back. Do you want this moved to the DJ section so you can record your dream successes there?

Current LD goal(s): 6 LDs per year * ND goals - actively incubate interesting/fun dreams

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PostPosted: Wed 30 May, 2018  Reply with quote

How did you go?

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