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Part of me stuck in a dream still! Help!

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Part of me stuck in a dream still! Help!
PostPosted: Wed 13 Jun, 2018  Reply with quote

I had a dream over a year ago that from the get-go felt a little off, but I was also new to lucid dreaming so that was already an off feeling in itself for me. I was prettttty lucid, but feeling too lazy to do anything about it. I was on a train, a regional rail, and we were going past a field. I looked around and saw it was filled with people seeming to be going home after a work day. I noticed a little girl with her parents. Then suddenly, BOOM the train went haywire, perhaps from a crash or something, I am not sure, and when I got my wits I saw the little girl was alone so I grabbed her to get us away from the scene. I then felt a separate "version" of myself (for lack of a better term) think that it's time to bail and wake up. But I felt like I could not just leave that little girl alone in this horrible crazy wreck, so I said that to the other "version", and we both were in shock. The other "version" of myself was like "welp... f*ck! Uhhh so that's that then I guess!?!?". I remember looking off at what this "world" was, and dang it looked scary. The sky was a dark purple and the city skyline looked all black. It did not feel like humans lived there. The "version" of me that was leaving promised to try as hard as I can to come back and rescue them, and then I woke up.

I luckily do not feel incredibly different. I don't feel like I lost any part of my personality, and would definitely still feel inclined to make that choice, but would not take the risk.

Like I mentioned it's been over a year, and that promise is often in my mind, and I think that it always will be. I know this sounds pretty crazy, but if anyone has any leads or direction into something like this, that would be great. No internet searches so far have come up with any similar experience.

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thats tough
PostPosted: Mon 20 Aug, 2018  Reply with quote

This dream that you had over a year ago. Have you ever notice any dreamscapes that looked similar to that one you had a year ago? If so then its still in your subconscious. If not then it maybe gone.
I've had many lucid dreams where I've told DC "I'll be back" and even ask DC "How do I get back here". fully knowing I'm lucid and trying to engage some sort of dreaming knowledge I can use for next reentry. Nothing, I always get nothing just this dumb look my DC's always have on there face.
One of my main powers in dreams is telekinesis. One night I had a lengthy LD and towards the end I was sitting at kitchen table with a family in there home. I used my telekinesis and lifted up the salt shaker. The family looked that me in shock. I was like what? DC"s never pay any mind to me using powers. but they did. So then I start saying "I'm from earth I'm not from here. I'm about to wake up. How do I get back here". I got no feed back from them and then I woke up.
The two feelings I had when recalling the events were shocked and surprised. Shortly after I put myself back to bed. Don't know how it happened but I'm right back in that dreamscape not in the house but back at the beginning where I portal in from. Fully lucid I run back to the house the same way I was led there. I run all the way back to the kitchen table. Where the family was still sitting at. They turn and look at me again with that shocked look on there faces. I was so excited that I woke myself up and that was it. That dream was years ago.
I recently had a dream that was very lengthy not going to get into too much detail but I had a reentry. Same two feelings came to me upon waking up. I was shocked and surprise. This time I got up out of bed to use restroom thinking about the dream I just had. I go be to sleep and the same thing happened I entered back in same dream.
So my thoughts are it may not be about starting a dream where you left off from. Talking about the dream you had that you want to go back to. Its easier to remember the dreamscape that you were in that the dream took place. That's why I asked if you remembered that. and there's also something about the shock value not excitement that may play a role in the reentry process. I've returned to dreamscapes before but rarely a continuation to a previous dream.
Maybe if we can recall the dreamscape when we're dreaming and go lucid from there we could possibly track down that dream/dream characters.

Current LD goal(s): To fine the right portal back into this world.
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PostPosted: Wed 13 Mar, 2019  Reply with quote

Did any of you find a solution to this?? what is the remedy to this occurring dreams anyway?? i have one that makes me wake up screaming on the daily.
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