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#106:  Author: milod789 PostPosted: Sun 01 May, 2005
Rassle Co wrote:
You are correct, milod789, Thanks. The BBB is pretty much just a toothless tiger, but all you have to do, is respond to the charges and they clear your record.
I'll just keep tracking Bruce Gelerter and try to stop him before he can get anything started.

Yes, the BBB is toothless but you should still complain to them if you have a problem.

However, your states bureau of consumer affairs and attorney generals office are not toothless. They have legal authority and resources to go after people. The Bureau of Consumer Affairs shut down for a while because of complaints.

#107: I bought it... Author: Sushupti PostPosted: Sun 24 Jul, 2005
Teach me to research things properly before buying them on the internet... sigh. sadblauw

This was earlier today, though, so it couldn't have been shipped yet.

I sent bruce a very nice e-mail asking to please refund my money and not ship, I hope he really is just a nice guy who isn't very good at business...

It pains me to do it, to be honest, even with everyhting that has been said here... If he really is a bad guy, he's at least at good actor. Or I'm more of a moron than I give myself credit for.

Either way, I figure if he doesn't comply, I go through the proper procedure with paypal, and all is well with the world?

I could use the voice of experience here, I've never screwed up a purchase this bad, before.

Thank you.

#108: DO NOT BUY DREAM MAKER from wellnesstools!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM Author: buddy PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2005
i was scammed by bruce of wellness tool when purchasing a dream maker pro. buyer beware this guy is a con artist and will rip you off if you give him the chance. i purchased the dream maker pro in november and still havent recieved it. what i did recieve was a cheaply made peice of crap that i cant even sleep with it that uncomfortable. its so badly put together it was falling appart when i recieved it. i am very dishartened by this expirience and doubt i will order any thing online soon. after 20+ emails to bruce and no replies ive given up hope. i hope you can all learn from my bad expirience and stay away from this con.
IMO what bruce did was use the preorder money to put together a poorly designed unit that cost $50 at the very most. no doubt his living it up as we speak.

$500 down the drain.

very disappointed

#109:  Author: fear PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2005
eh wow.. that sucks man.. there has got to be a way you can sue or atleast get your money back.. espeically if it was $500 cry

#110:  Author: buddy PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2005
i don't have the means to sue this guy as im located outside of america. i requested a refund several times and didn't get a reply. i also informed him that if it wasn't resolved i would go public on these boards. this didn't seem to worry him as it was several months ago and nothing was done. by now bruce has probably take the money and run so i doubt theres much i can do. i will take this as an expencive lesson and learn from it.

#111:  Author: Sushupti PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2005
I'm not in the US either, but that isn't stopping me. I have returned the package, and when it gets to him, I'll expect my money back. If he doesn't give it to me, I'll sue him. A friend of mine is a lawyer in the US, will help me out.

And because it's about principle now, I won't stop suing him until he does what he promises to do on his site anyway, there's a 30 day money back guarantee.

If it goes that far, we might be able to co-sue him?

Worse comes to worse, he's the one that's ***.

If he doesn't cause a problem, though, there's nothing I can do, sorry.

#112:  Author: iadr PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2005
Not to change the subject, but way back of page one of this gigantic post I saw where someone mentioned hooking up a strobe light to a timer and setting the timer to flash at times you expect to be in Rem sleep.

It seems to be me that this would be an incredible inexpensive and easy method to use for becoming lucid as you would merely need to set the timer to go off every hour and half.
Not only that but I think a strobe light could possibly even be more effective than wearing a mask since whenever I used to use the Nova Dreamer I usually just ripped it off and threw it on the other side of room in my sleep anyway. Not to mention the fact that it was a piece of shit that didn't work right.

Has anyone tried a strobe light with a timer or have any suggestions on what to look for in buying one ?

#113:  Author: Sushupti PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug, 2005
heh, if you don't mind the guesswork, it probably IS better... and since they say the rem detection sucks anyway...

you can also jsut make a sound file on your computer that'll cue you ever timed interval, or hell, use a regular audiostrobe thing with a similar file for light cues..

#114:  Author: Rassle Co PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug, 2005
Sorry, you all had to go through that BS also... All we can do is try to stop Gerlerter wherever he pops up... Keep your eyes open! I last posted a rebuttal to his Amazon store. But I haven't kept up with it. Anyone know any petty criminals in Colorado that would be willing to talk to Gerlerter, up close and personal? I'd be willing to donate to that cause.

#115:  Author: buddy PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug, 2005
i would like to return the product also but i already had to fork out over $100 for shipping and another $100 duties fee's. this is another thing that realy pissed me off. i havent even recieved the pro unit and there will be more fee's if that ever comes. i'm sure karma will sort bruce out.

Sushupti perhapt if we got a group of people from here who were also ripped off to for a co-alliance of sorts and all sue. im sure there will be others here who could use the help.

any thoughts?

#116:  Author: iadr PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug, 2005
I'd suggest filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here in the U.S. in addition to a personal lawsuit.
Click on file a complaint and fill out the form. Although they won't work on getting you a refund personally, they will shut this guy down.

Also, if you go to Google and search for Internet Fraud you will find several organizations that will help you in putting some heat on this company.

#117:  Author: Sushupti PostPosted: Tue 02 Aug, 2005
Buddy, my lawyer says if I could get 40-50 people who also got screwed by him, it owuld be easy to get some good lawyer to do it pro-bono, because lawyers like federal court, or something.

I'll ask him about small numbers.

But people, please, hold on on "having a personal conversation" or shutting him down till after I get my money back wink5


#118:  Author: iadr PostPosted: Wed 03 Aug, 2005
You are absolutely right Sushupti.

Some kind of a class action suit with a lot of people involved does make a lot more sense.

But I would take advantage of all of the free resources like the consumer fraud organizations first, because they can sometimes put enough heat on someone to make them want to comply willingly.

A simple letter from the Federal Trade Commission to a company has straightened problems out for me a couple of times, as they were almost begging me to take their refund back after hearing from the Federal Trade Commission.

#119:  Author: Sushupti PostPosted: Wed 03 Aug, 2005
Awesome, I'll ask my lawyer about that. I think he secretly wants my friendly approach not to work, he wants to play in federal court. I kept very complete records of every exchange I had with Bruce, since even before it went sour, so he's certain we can't lose.

I dunno, I sorta just want my money back :\

#120:  Author: iadr PostPosted: Wed 03 Aug, 2005
Not wishing to change the subject again, but anyway who owns the Brainwave Generator program already has everything they need to create a strobe light using their computer monitor that can be programmed to go off whenever and for however long they want during the night to try and use to become lucid with. Of course your computer monitor would need to be fairly close to your bed for this to work, but it does work very well, and is very versatile. Here are some steps for setting up the Brainwave Generator to use your monitor as a strobe light.

1) Select Options, then select Full Screen
2) Select Options, Visual Color Options
2) Put a checkmark in the Override Visual Color Options Of Individual Presets
3) Click on the 1st color and select Modify color
4) Set this first color to black as this will be the color your screen will start with and remain with until it begins cycling through the colors, which will leave your computer screen dark until the flashing begins.
5) Keep the second color as is
6) Select Add and select something like a bright red for the third color
7) Select Add and select something like a bright yellow for the fourth color
8. Add any other colors you wish or change any of the above you wish except for the first one.
9) Click OK
10) Open the properties box
11) Click on the Visual tab
12) Take the X out of the track another parameter if one is in there
13) Select the Visual Brightness dropdown box and select Full brightness
14) Set the first 60 or 90 minutes, however it long it takes you to start dreaming to 0.
14) Set the remaining part of the preset for whatever and whenever you want the flashing to take place. In my early experiments today it seemed like 20 produces a good flash.
15) Test the preset by changing the length to 1 and watching it, then change it back before actually using it.
16) If you want to set up a strobe light without any of the binarual beat sounds, just set the Sound Volume on the Sound tab to Zero Volume.
16) Under the Options menu there is also an option for using External Goggles (AudioStrobe) for anyone who wants to try this with goggles.

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