~Using Crystals for Lucid Dreaming~
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#106:  Author: T3RM1N4TOR PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb, 2008
ld411 wrote:
maybe it is a placebo, but i dont really care because it gets me lucid

Yeah, in a way even if the crystals don't have powers, if you believe they do then they're worth the money. ^^

#107:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Sun 16 Mar, 2008
i used an amethyst and put it on my forehead while going to sleep and it caused me to see the memories of my day quite clearly while still being pretty awake, as the sleep got deeper nothing noticeable happened

#108:  Author: Sakoda PostPosted: Sun 16 Mar, 2008
i think thats because it fell down during sleep wink5
Has anybody a theory how (other than placebo of course) crystals should help ?

#109:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Sun 16 Mar, 2008
no it was still there unless you were with the Amethystian People's watching and supervising its activity ? smile

i sleep where i doze and wake up so i woke up many times with it still on my forehead and took it off when i felt like rolling over

crystals are conduits of electricity, therefore touching them aligns your body with a specific current of energy

science has not gotten into the subtle realms to really understand the experience of chi and prana, so many people will take the chakra system and idea of subtle bodies as nothing real however the individual can take note of chi and prana immediately by doing something as simple as drinking tea

now the body feels energized

or deep deep cleansing breathing

what we have is that the word "energy" has been transposed upon the individual's perception of the energy that flows through their body, if anyone is skeptical t hat perceivable energy flows through their body they only need to do simple exercisess to ascertain that, YES they can feel it

tvs effect our brainwaves the tones they emit bring alpha waves into balance, the way that commercials are edited aligns brainwaves through light and sound electronics of all kind affect us

the only issue for the skeptic is either looking at the sciences that are, or to engage in personal experience

once an individual EXPERIENCES telepathy, satral projection, Christ-consciousness, it is not a matter of whether the experience is "hallucination" or not

a great spiritual teacher once spoke about how he walked with jesus in mediation and someone said "you're hallucinating" and he said "i'm having a hell of a time too!"

this is the emphasis of ritual magick and subcosncious communion whatever works for you works, you can create a science out of random activities to allow you to be a perfect bowler, for instance, and it doesn't matter if it is real to anyone else

it does so happen though that crystals do have a meanign int he collective-unconscious and one who can feel energy can feel the energies of the crystals

last case in point : they say you can TALK to them, well, i have not had telepathy with mine, i just know, because i know basic energy flows and can feel energies, that mine have energy

now for people who can't feel energy the crystals might not help, but they can do simple exercises to feel it

now if this is wrong then just disagree its alright, because most people aren't that concerned with crystals anyway, the only real point is that whether something is placebo or not doesn't change the fact that it works

to MASTER the placebo effect is to be a magician you dig ? like hey i'm going to frollick through a meadow and this will cause me to get a girlfriend, well hey if you succeed then you just created a placebo that heals
would you like a healing placebo ? isn't a placebo medicine if it heals even if its placebo ? isn't it ? it isn't ? isn't it? it isn't ? isn't it ?

it IS of course, science is always needed to explore these things because snake oil doesn't work for everyone

to explore the science of crystals we would do simple studies and they would turn out results because afterall quartz is being used in computers now, it does store information / electricity of some form

Bill O' Reilly's smile,
quickness to dismiss
has caused thousands of deaths
just an indicator of the solar plexus mindset, progress,
catch up!
$ is contained there,
it goes out, it smiles "sure, you are... sure you" it smiles, orders a genocide, sure of itself... sure of being right...

strange tymes
this is not about individuals it is about multi-dimensional consciousness systems
that will seek to limit the information we have access to to bolster and impede our evolution.

truthfully any human should have full spiritual vision enough to see energies but the frequencies are kept very low by authorities! its crazeh!

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#110:  Author: Lizard King PostPosted: Wed 19 Mar, 2008
I couldn't be more skeptical of crystals. They are rocks. Compacted carbon. I don't see how it would possibly help someone LD.

#111:  Author: ~Belladonna~ PostPosted: Tue 09 Sep, 2008
Some good crystals to use for facilitating lucid dreams are; Amethyst, Ameterine, Calcite, Celestite, Howlite, Lapis Lazuli, and Lepidolite.

My particular favourite is Ameterine (a mix of Amethyst and Citrine).

#112:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Fri 12 Sep, 2008
Lizard King wrote:
I couldn't be more skeptical of crystals. They are rocks. Compacted carbon. I don't see how it would possibly help someone LD.

wait, you have an orgone generator under your bed, several of them! how can you doubt truth ?

amethyst is very good for the crown chakra,
i dreamed i was speaking to someone about lapis lazuli last night, balancing the strength of the color gold with the timid gentleness of a dark blue sky.

having tons and tons of quartz laying around can open your vision to the psychic energy worlds.

#113:  Author: Mistlight PostPosted: Fri 17 Oct, 2008
Hmmm... I have a lucky quartz. I don't know if it intensifies dreams or not, I don't commonly have it with me or even know where it is.

#114:  Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Fri 17 Oct, 2008
Theres alot of things that cant be explained and shouldnt make sense, like people being able to leave their bodies, psychics, shared dreams, etc.
So i dont see why this cant be true? Being a skeptic limits you to SO much, its crazy.
I reckon theres something in it, id try it out but.. yanoo, havent got any money x)

#115:  Author: Kihorun PostPosted: Sat 18 Oct, 2008
I know of a crystal shop in a little hippie village ten miles from my home . . but I haven't got any money either.

A good book (supposedly) on the subject is "Love Is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals" by Melody. I'm trying to locate myself a copy. I've been curious about experiencing crystals for a long time, but I just don't have access to them XD

#116:  Author: UltimateReaper PostPosted: Fri 24 Oct, 2008
I can't believe how much ignorance seeps through in these sorts of subjects. Crystals must have natural physical structural that amplifies energy in some way. Energy makes up everything, you have a an immense volume of energy that is what allows your soul which allows your aura which allows thoughts to imprint intructions on other objects which in turn can turn something like a crystal into a lucid crystal. When you think about it in an unbiased way, it all makes sense think about it atheists, e=mc square, I wonder what that means.... As for me I am trying to turn one of my crystals into a lucid one, I have a good size amethyst so I will use that.

#117:  Author: kuba_10 PostPosted: Sun 09 Nov, 2008
I have always thougt that these varieties of silicon with other minerals can't interact into our behaviour or organism. They're just stones, and haven't got any source of energy inside. I personally think of these lapis lasulis, moonstones, ambers and amethysts as fine decorations or microchips-to-be wink5

#118:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Tue 25 Nov, 2008
i have had some discoveries

snowflake obsidian holds some tremendous depth,
it aligns with the frequency of deep sleep consciousness in which the thought-forms create the structures that transition into dreams through sleep paralysis, the catalyzing and creation of dream characters and scenes

it is a big picture, showing karmic issues and confrontations with the shadow self

to use it i went immediately from sleep into lucidity into SP into AP into many very rough things, rough things to learn and see,
and saw how i have been victimized psychically for some time by a few forces,
it was very chaotic!

if anyone wishes to attain lucidity in both sleep and dream obsidian is a big key, so is amethyst (for creating structure)

of inquiry and gentleness, amethyst aventurine rose quartz angelite moonstone

azurite (perhaps more rough and to the point, to open abilities)

#119:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Wed 21 Jan, 2009
i want to report on unakite

it seems to be very emotional and somewhat somber,
it reminds me of scorpio

it works on the heart chakra and third eye

now, i got 11 tumbled stones on ebay, and set them upon my computer desk, about 2 weeks later i began to notice that I was completely and fully immersed in the most vivid recall of an ancient dream, one of the types of dreams that is very real, very long, very intricate, laden to the brim with meaning, very bizarre and abstract and otherworldly ,

and it was somehow, completely merged with my conscious awareness

#120:  Author: Entheoman PostPosted: Wed 21 Jan, 2009
Sureal wrote:
I'm thinking these stones that help you LD only really work through the placebo effect... but that's just me wink5.

I have to agree, as most stones are no better than the energy you put into them. If you meditate, try and cast your intention to the stone, carry it everywhere you go and focus on your end desires. Tribes have done this for a long time.

I personally wear a bear totem (sterling silver) that belonged to my mother, a gift from my father. It is on a leather band with ceramic beads and bird bone. I sleep with it on and use it as a totem for dreaming and protection.

Anything will work, as long as you mean for it to (just my belief)
Crystals are cool, but not necessary.

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