~Using Crystals for Lucid Dreaming~
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#121:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Wed 21 Jan, 2009
it is more than placebo

look at an amethyst
its purple
look at obsidian
its black

this alone means that they have different energies,

you can't really use , say,
to get the effects of amethyst
some crystals don't work very well for programming
placebo is not the right word here, because placebo is something that is used to belittle progress while sitting in a chair smoking a pipe and watching the telly and hearing about stocks

( interest videos by Mitchell Gibson on youtube discussing placebo surgery which has often worked better than real surgery! )

the proper term for those on the path of mind power is to call it .... wizardry, magic, power, what have you

because then you can go into with a langauge that makes you in the image of what you image yourself

while it seems trivial think about ....
think about how if you call someone say "asian" its different than calling them a slanderous word,

words have a tremendous jurisdiction and this is based upon the intention of the wizards that wrote them, literally
if you create words you control minds,

if you make up a word that means NOTHING and ascribe it to something, you make this thing you describe neutral,
for instance we have moved beyond slanderous hateful words to describe people that are "gay" but we still cut in two sexuality, into homo / hetero
based upon discrimi-Nation

for this matter someone wearing a garnet is going to change and become drastically different than someone wearing an amethyst.

when the next evolution churns out people with wide open eyes this will be common sense.

#122:  Author: Taibreamh21 PostPosted: Mon 02 Mar, 2009
I recently went to a new age store and got a moonstone and various others. I keep them in a lil' pouch and with me at all times. When I'm getting ready to sleep I put it under my pillow. I really believe this works. I have trouble remembering my dreams every night and ever since I've done this I have remembered every dream I had. I'm thinking it's the moonstone or maybe its all of the others that help balance it. So if you have trouble remembering your dreams I definately recommend this. It hasn't helped me become lucid yet, but i'm giving it time.

Stones/Crystals I Have:

Moonstone,Rose Quartz,Smoky Quartz,Clear Quartz, Onyx,Rhodochrosite.

Also I just read on a site about certain stones/crystals for dreams.

Dream Inducer:

Rutilated Quartz, Jade, Sugilite, Moonstone, Zicron, Dioptase

Dream Recall:

Amethyst, Rose Quartz,Jade, Clear Quartz, Citrine,Kyanite,Labradorite,Lapis Lazuli,Lepidolite, Opal, Prehnite, Ruby, Red Jasper, Marble, Pyrite,Smokey Quartz.

I also found that there's another stone/crystal that promotes lucid dreaming. It's called Danburite.

#123:  Author: Dryalantha PostPosted: Fri 27 Mar, 2009
I have a amethist pendant. I didnt' wear it a lot, but since I wear it again - my lucid dry spell is broken. Hehe.. not it would be because of the amethist, but still... it would be nice huh.

A time ago I dreamt that a wizard told me I have to use Chrysoprase for clear dreams (I have a lot problems with my eyes in my dreams) and indeed it worked a time. Once I forgot the stone and that night I had a blurry dream again. So now I keep using it, if it would be placebo or not - it works anyways. :D

#124:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Sun 29 Mar, 2009
my 2 cents :

science will never move completely into understand metaphysics and life force energies

it will make great impelementations into verifying their use within controlled situations

but the reason for this is simple :
say you have a clear quartz, and you have attuned energetically and psychicially to it, and say you can see auras and energy

your own eyes are more useful than any scientific instrument,

yet sometimes maybe an instrument, or a tool, will make them stronger

#125:  Author: kalyan PostPosted: Mon 11 May, 2009
does any one know how these crystals work

#126:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Thu 14 May, 2009
they areॐconduits of electricity intersecting with various functions and parameters of experiential consciousness,ॐtouching them unites you with their energy current which is subtle , invisible, or ridiculously strong depending upon sensitivity and information stored within said crystal,ॐtheyholdsimilar functions to herbs, but act in a more subtle manner, yet are always working.

#127: cool!! Author: snowleopard PostPosted: Mon 14 Feb, 2011
sounds great! :D i haven't had a lucid dream yet, but i would love to try this! do u know any websites to buy some stones or crystals on? grin any feed back would help! ^^

#128:  Author: idanl09 PostPosted: Fri 07 Feb, 2014
EVERY TIME when I sleep with amethyst, I sleep better. Placebo or not it helps.

#129:  Author: Cumulus PostPosted: Sun 09 Feb, 2014
I'm also thinking it's placebo effect. In some cases you may have read about specific crystals influencing dreams, forgotten about the article while your subconcious mind still remembers the content of the article, and in such cases you will easily believe that those crystals work while it's in fact nothing more than subconcious mind- induced placebo effect.

Yesterday evening I was farming lapis nugets in a computergame (Guild Wars 2) and last night I had a lucid dream but I don't think the two have a relation to eachother. It's only bits and bytes in a computergame and no pulses or radiations or whatever smile

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