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#1: new: kin BB code :D [kin] Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 11 May, 2005
Inchworm has kindly written a kin mod that allows you to easily add kin images to your posts.

to add todays' kin image type

Which gives:

to add any kin type

which gives :


bow2 Inch thumbs

[edit] nb:to test, please use this topic in the test forum, thanks smile

#2:  Author: explora PostPosted: Wed 11 May, 2005
wowa. inchworm. that is cool!

i discussed this idea quite a while ago with Q, but i didn't have the technical know-how to do it .. I'm glad someone does wink5

Do you think we could borrow the feature for sea life too? We're kin mad over there smile



#3:  Author: explora PostPosted: Wed 11 May, 2005
also one other question. when you do the


tag, does that mean it just embeds the days kin in the page, and stays permanently set on the chosen kin (ie. yellow lunar star), or does it mean that it will change with the passing of each day?


#4:  Author: Inch PostPosted: Wed 11 May, 2005
You're welcome to use it Explora. I think Q has already sent it too you.

It stays on the day that you put it in. It saves have to write long image tags when writing DJs.

#5:  Author: explora PostPosted: Wed 11 May, 2005

That's what i was hoping it would do. Yes there are so many journals at Sea Life, which have the dreamspell kin for each day, so that'll be super handy. I can't wait to implement it!

thanks again inchworm.

seeya, nick

#6:  Author: seandop PostPosted: Thu 12 May, 2005
very cool, thanks inchworm!

#7:  Author: BioHazard PostPosted: Sat 14 May, 2005
Now thats nifty.
Good work inchworm!

#8:  Author: AstareGod PostPosted: Mon 16 May, 2005
wow, this is nice work! no more having to type all those long internet addresses referencing to the pictures!!! Awesome!

#9:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 19 May, 2005
it's now updated so the timezone is taken into account.

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