The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part IV
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#1: The BIG Fav thing to do in a LD Topic - Part IV Author: smurf88 PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
This is Part 4 of the "BIG Favorite thing to do in a LD" topic.

Part I
Part II
Part III


I haven't ever lucid dreamed before, but the first things I would do are:

1. Reenact Troy (best movie ever grin
2. Take a bite of my leg and check how it tastes.
3. Makes myself rubbery so I can twist arounds stuff.
4. Go on roller coasters.
5. Let's just say it's what is on most people's lists.

#2:  Author: Wolf PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
smurf88 wrote:
5. Let's just say it's what is on most people's lists.

Hmmm... I wonder what that one is... lach2

#3:  Author: Jonasman PostPosted: Sun 17 Jul, 2005
Troy sucks.

#4:  Author: smurf88 PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul, 2005
Jonasman wrote:
Troy sucks.

Thanks for providing a completely useful and informative reply to this thread.

#5: big FAV thing to do in a LD topic 3 Author: Cubedude04 PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul, 2005
1. find the person i hate and send a tatical nuke at him

2. Create a dream charcter (female) and get to know them really well

3. you have heard this one enough


5.Create a entire town full of females and run naked through it ^_^

6.ride a missile

7.change my self to female (try to "touch" my self )

8. eat my favourite foods

9. use dbz super powers

10. sprint super super fast as fast as sonic

11. sex as i am falling from a sky scraper ^^

#6:  Author: confused PostPosted: Tue 26 Jul, 2005
Right now my goals are:

Talk to a DC about themselves
Ask a DC for advice
Ask a DC for a challenge to do in the dream
Jump off a really tall building
Kill myself and see what happens
Play a FPS

need a LD first though sadblauw

#7:  Author: somerandomguy PostPosted: Thu 28 Jul, 2005
Altered Perception wrote:
If I ever get a super-lucid dream, I'm gonna try to do these things:

1.) Burn the constitution in front of the President's face.
2.) Walk into a children's store completely naked.
3.) Skate the moon.
4.) Pee on the american flag in the middle of NY city.
5.) Put diarrhea in a big squirt gun, and run around in New York squirting people with it.
6.) Eat the sun.
7.) Throw up on London.
8.) Commit a bloody, violent suicide right in the middle of the most crowded city in the world.
9.) Add myself as one of the guitarist's of Slayer.
10.) Forcibly reassemble Black Sabbath forever.
11.) Eat my arm in a crowded Toys 'R Us.
12.) Fly around and drop "bombs" on Alabama.
13.) Grow 3 million zits on my face, and then ask Jessica Simpson for directions to the oil farm.
14.) Burn down Harvard while laughing a horrible laugh.
15.) Party with everyone who's glad I burned down Harvard.
16.) Replace Nickelodeon with Nick@Nite.
17.) Cancel the Disney Channel.
18.) Force Disney to stop ruining the movies.
19.) Destroy every copy of Battlefield Earth.
20.) Insult every single thing in the universe.
21.) Deeply offend and disturb America 8 times.
22.) Spend half of the time left at Skatopia.
23.) Smile at an animal until it gets close, and then break it's neck.
24.) Relieve myself on Japan.
25.) And finally, do everything I just did backwards.

did you happen to have a rough childhood? eh nah just kiddin' grin but the diarrihea in a sqirt gun made me laugh

#8:  Author: Iluminada PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
Have I mentioned how much I like to fly...

Meeting up with my faceless man is my other favorite wink

#9:  Author: Shake PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
1. FLY - i always wanted to fly since i was a little kid :D

2. Beat up someone real bad ( time for my medication smile )

3. Transform into a dragon

4. Hit people with elephant poo eh

5. Doing some crazy stunts

6. Create my very own city and explore and talk to the people i created

7. kick Steven Seagals *** grrr

8. Tie a bunch of people up and throw cars at them eek2

9. try to lift a planet and throw it on earth grin


#10:  Author: Randomman(newb) PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
"4. hit people with elephant poo"



1.have sex a RC (seriously, iive never done one and i want to see what its like) real good

#11:  Author: Shake PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
yes i know it's kinda dum' and sick but hey I still wanna do it.. grin


10. Create massive LOTR style battles and fighting in them

11. SEX grin

12. Driving a car really fast

13. Some other sick stuff that I decided to keep for myself overspannen

#12:  Author: Randomman(newb) PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
was this *BEEB* all day? am i allowed to say that?

[mod]No, your not.[/mod]

#13:  Author: Shake PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
if you must know It's not. It's actually things like riping someone's spine out and beating them with it.. eek2

Ignore that please! Thank you shy2

#14:  Author: fear PostPosted: Sun 31 Jul, 2005
eh sounds...ehh fun wink

i'm more of the type to use magic or sword fight with monsters...yeah.. i'm a final fantasy addict i can't help it cry

#15:  Author: psychonaut PostPosted: Sun 07 Aug, 2005
In no particular order:
-shrink down to the height of one inch
- become 50 feet tall
- enter a manga
- meet my favorite bands
- enter the anime Fooly Cooly
- use psionics
- fight a wide variety of fantasy creatures
- sex
- enter a videogame
- have weapon skills like Beyond the Grave
- use alchemy
- become a great base guitarist
- meet a cute goth girl
- morph into a celebrity and ruin their career
- become various fantasy creatures
- become various animals
- become female
- ride a shooting star (just like the song)
- trash my school
- become a member of My Chemical Romance
- prove that Star Trek is perminately cancelled
- fight Star Wars characters
- pilot a Gundam
- comand large armies
- eat a wide variety of things
- have a tail
- have wings
I think that's just about all of it, now I just have to have a lucid dream.

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