Top 5 Philosophers
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#76:  Author: Kiian PostPosted: Mon 16 Jun, 2008
Alan Watts is definetly up there along with your classics like Aristotle, and J.S. Mill.

Although Nietzches does fall under some criticism he was still a great philosopher and provided us with a true detailed account of Nihilism, and not to forget the fact that his thoughts covered a wide spectrum of different issues, in my mind, he was a brilliant.. a very thought provoking man, and that is saying the very least..
For the Nietzches fans..Life is peachy:).

#77:  Author: Shaper PostPosted: Tue 17 Jun, 2008
Kiian wrote:
Alan Watts is definetly up there along with your classics like Aristotle, and J.S. Mill.

Alan Watts is pretty cool. Funny thing, the first time I really got interested (genuinely interested) in him was on youtube ^^

For instance, I love this one:

#78:  Author: Bruno PostPosted: Tue 02 Sep, 2008
1. Διογενης ὁ κυνικος (Diogenes, the cynic)

2. Friedrich Nietzsche

3. Peter Sloterdijk

4. Ἀριστοτελης (Aristotle)

5. Jayme Ovalle

haha, sure. trash all other nations and stick to germans and ancient greeks, why even bother reading the rest. ;p number five is a brazilian dude i'd like to call a philosopher. like most brazilians i'd like to call philosophers, his school of philosophy was written in his actions and attitude, not in words on a piece of paper. same goes, of course, for good old Διογενης, and in fact the two of them have a lot more in common.

#79:  Author: Janeses PostPosted: Fri 19 Dec, 2008
Its interesting how people interested in lucid dreaming are interested in philosophy too. They do tie in together.

#80:  Author: Lucidmobsir PostPosted: Sun 03 May, 2009
This is a very intresting topic, but i think it is virtually impossible to make a "top 5" of the very best, because you would have to account those top 5 people with all the discoveries and changes in thinking over the past 2500ish years. :D
5 remarkably important philosophers: (in no specific order)
1. Plato, Socrates, Descates, Aristotle (i cheated kiekeboe )
2. Confucius
3. Stephen Hawking
4. John Locke
5. Issac Newton
ahh, there is too many! i missed so many, and looking back im not happy with so few picks! cry
(not an exceptional list, i know, just ones that came to mind.)
oh, and food for thought: was Jesus a philosopher? eek2

#81:  Author: Kylar Stern PostPosted: Sat 20 Jun, 2009
Oo, fun fun.

Socrates - The man was condemned for his views of the world, of how he questions gods existence. Best philosopher of all time.

Sao Tzu (or however you spell it) - A man of great brilliance. I have his book on how to fight in a war.

Aristotle - Who doesn't know Aristotle?

John Locke - Free government, the peoples choice. Very smart man.

Thomas Hobbes - Government should have complete control, (I agree).

My favorites.. but there are many more that I enjoy as well.

#82:  Author: Selene PostPosted: Sun 26 Jul, 2009
I'm going to cheat BIG TIME. I feel that a lot of thinkers have ideas which are so inextricably connected that to write one name without writing the others wouldn't make much sense. So, I made 5 groups of 3.

Just my five favorite clusters of thought (in chronological order).

1. Aristotle/Epictetus/Albert Ellis- taught me that how we think about things is more important than what actually happens to us

2. Rene Descartes/David Hume/Immanuel Kant- made me skeptical about pretty much all moral, metaphysical, and epistemological claims

3. George Berkeley/Nagarjuna/Chandrakirti- convinced me of the even stronger statement that most of our reality is conceptual, and that everything "objective" is actually subjective

4. Friedrich Nietzsche/Jean-Paul Sartre/Albert Camus- helped me accept (and even celebrate) the fact that with only subjectivity, we have nobody to turn to but ourselves to determine the meaning and purpose in our lives

5. Dalai Lama/Shantideva/Carl Rogers- demonstrated to me that, at least for myself, universal loving-kindness, acceptance, and warmth are the most sublime things which contribute the most to my own happiness

#83:  Author: Freecube PostPosted: Sun 27 Sep, 2009
Thomas Aquinas
Immanuel Kant
Jacques Derrida
William Lane Craig

#84:  Author: KingOmar PostPosted: Mon 19 Oct, 2009
Probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but top 1 philosopher that influence MY life:
EMINEM!!! eek2

#85:  Author: MaxIsLucid PostPosted: Wed 21 Oct, 2009
well of those im familiar with(no order)
Ayn Rand
John Locke

#86:  Author: Scarecrow PostPosted: Sat 07 Nov, 2009
1. Schopenhauer

2. Diogenes

(The rest in no particular order)




Oh, and me.

#87:  Author: Mourningstarr PostPosted: Tue 09 Mar, 2010
Terence Kemp McKenna.
how has he not been mentioned yet?

oh and my pompous self.

#88:  Author: x Puffycloud x PostPosted: Wed 10 Mar, 2010
MaxIsLucid wrote:
well of those im familiar with(no order)
Ayn Rand
John Locke

I fully agree with John Locke, Aristotle, and Socrates.

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