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#1: average person Author: Hradska PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
Is there an average person out there?

I mean, looking at the statistics, they count all people together, but is there an average person out there?

Like an average Czech family has 1.2 child. I doubt there actually is a family like that out there hehe...

What do you think?

#2:  Author: Bruno PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
I don't think there is an average person. Just think about it for a second—what is a NORMAL person. Have you ever seen someone 100% normal? How can you tell if someone's normal more normal or less normal?

#3:  Author: Shaper PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
Like many terms, I think the word average is just there to make communication about certain subjects a little bit easier.
Like Hradska said, no one would have 1.2 children, that's just how the numbers worked out.
But everyone is different, so there may be average people out there, especially when you think of the vast number of people on this planet....but no one will ever correspond 100% to the perfect average perception of someone.

#4:  Author: Magnus PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
let's assume there is an average person out there, I think the paradoxical thing is that an average person would be very special

#5:  Author: DayLight PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
People cannot be classified by a govenment census or statistics. Those things are standardized, and people do not conform to standards. You cannot classify people. Simple as that.

#6:  Author: That_Matt_Boi PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
And to add on to what Day said. No one person can define normality or averageness. It all depends on your perceptions and opinions. So, no, there isn't that one average person. Because to be completely average you'd have to conform to the standards of averageness of every single person, and that just isn't going to happen.

#7:  Author: Jack PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
Average is (or rather should be) a term used mainly in statistics.As above posts prove it is impossibile to exactly match it to literal language.Depending on context it can be offensive ,informative or misleading.
An anegdote, once used by my statistics teacher, comes to my mind: on average a horse and a jockey have 3 legs:)

ps.Good to see you posting again Hradska!smile

#8:  Author: Fiver PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
I read somewhere that the 'average American' was a 35 year old woman who liked to see movies, ate potato chips, had sex once a month, and believed in the devil.
Or something like that, you get my drift.

#9:  Author: Bruno PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
By American, are you considering all America or just the United States? 'cause I don't think the average American is anything like this...

*Bruno is way far from an average american, hehe tounge2

#10:  Author: Fiver PostPosted: Tue 04 Apr, 2006
I meant person from the US. But it said 'average american' when I read it.

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