All UFO Disclosure Project footage I've found....
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#1: All UFO Disclosure Project footage I've found.... Author: classicalhisux PostPosted: Sun 20 Aug, 2006
<mod>He made this tread on another website and he would like to share it here too. There was some misunderstanding and that's why I do add the link in here, so you can see how people reacted there too. Also copy pasted the first post because I found it easier. 93.0 </mod>

Hello, I do realize the disclosure project may be "old news" to some, but I hadn't seen the followup videos, (#2 and #3)....

I watched #3 today, and I find it absolutely hard to disbelieve these people, I think they would have to be insanely good con-artists to make up these stories on the spot, in fact, if a hoax, it is the greatest one ever... but things that are too good to be true usually are. These people are real ex military workers, went through real experiences, have real names and real credentials. It would just be stupidly moronic for them to make all of this up.

This medical surgeon quit his career to pursue this, that's how important this is, enough to make a medical surgeon quit his job to pursue the truth.

Mainly because I think, the truth, if this is indeed the truth, makes all forms of employment, jobs and everything about the way we run society right now, nearly obsolete. I don't think many will consider this or even laugh at the possibility, but I encourage you all to watch these videos, then question...

This seems like a more logical look at the UFO "mystery". Having all of these government officials come out and say all this stuff, makes you wonder, now even people within are pushing the government to tell the truth... I can only see this escalating as time goes on, to everyone in the world being pissed off at the "elites" hiding this "secret". This is murder, to hide this from the people, cold blooded murder, LITERALLY. It won't stop until they just open their mouths and admit it...

Already there have been hundreds killed over coming CLOSE to figuring out overunity, or paid to shutup, and there are so many reported cases you'd have to be completely ignorant to be really overly skeptical or say "it's all BS". I mean you can say that all you'd like, but these testimonies seem to overrule any kind of simple skeptic sentence. Skeptics think they can just find a loophole in something to fit their needs and keep them sounding like theyre always right, but this is something bigger, indeed. Whenever the subject of overunity devices comes up, there's a lot of crap going on behind the scenes, and the people in this video just confirm it openly without holding back. Look at Stanley Meyers, dead... look at all the free energy inventors found in rivers or poisoned, or shot, or who had their entire work destroyed, or just plain disappeared without a bonking trace.

I believe by admitting all of this these guys are putting their necks on the line for all of us, so I feel these videos are the most important of our current state right now, and I'm starting to go beyond considering that life as we know it could be 99% cleaner, cheaper, and more stress free, that I don't need to work 60 hours a week just to maybe secure a future where Ill be able to live check to check. This ISNT how it has to be, everyone thinks it IS because they haven't seen THIS. Some say it's a dream, these people, who have been deeper inside than any of us, say it's a gripping reality, and lots and lots of blood is being spilled over it. Watch the videos with an open mind please, there's a lot to take in. Especially the third one when the kid talks about them strapping him down saying nobody will know if they killed him then and there...

Just look at their faces, and the way they talk. Con artists? I don't think so. People who had jobs in the government and saw more than they asked for? Definitely.

Without further ado...

The Disclosure Project (#1) 8799270&q=disclosure+project

Followup on the Disclosure Project (#2) 414735&q=disclosure+project

Private witness interviews, crazy stuff! (#3) 0662837&q=disclosure+project

#2:  Author: Fadem PostPosted: Mon 21 Aug, 2006
Those are long video's, I'll watch them when I'm bored =]

#3:  Author: raybeam PostPosted: Tue 22 Aug, 2006
Yes, this is important shit.. Clearly these people are telling the truth, and they are all taking big, personals risks by doing it..
About free energy, y'all should also watch the video about the Joe Cell free energy device! It's just a matter of time before this is going to be publicly available, and it will change the world!!!
Please help spreading awareness to all your friends! 4246583&q=byron+new+energy

(This is very short, everyone have time to watch it!)
A kiekeboe @ the truth.

#4:  Author: Metaphysiks PostPosted: Fri 25 Aug, 2006
Funny thing is UFO sightings have been dropping steadily since the "UFO craze" a while back...
As far as I'm concerned they watched us and sure as hell decided general human belligerence wouldnt mix well with the huge technical advancements they could offer us
Its like if we saw a planet of beta fish constantly killing each other... why do we care?

#5:  Author: dunlar PostPosted: Fri 25 Aug, 2006
The book is good too. It's called "Disclosure", and it's about as thick as a dictionary - just chock full of first hand accounts from these military & science people. Interlibrary loan is the way to go...

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