LD4all Quest #13: Overtone Moon: Explore a Past Life
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#1: LD4all Quest #13: Overtone Moon: Explore a Past Life Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 15 Nov, 2006
LD4all Quest #13: Overtone Moon: Explore a Past Life
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all Lucid Dreamers Unite we have a new Quest to explore your LD's in a fun way.

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Explore a Past Life
Suggested by Sandra

Wether you believe in reincarnation or not, I thought it would be interesting to see if you can uncover past life memories in your lucid dream.
So, in this Quest you are going to travel to a past life of yours.

How to travel to a past life:
  • summon a guide to take you there.
  • Go to a door. Know that behind that door is your past life. Enter.
  • Go to a painting, this one depicts a scene of a past life. Enter the painting.
  • watch your past life on a big movie screen

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):

  • Set your mind for this Quest
  • Decide what kind of past life you would like to visit. For example: a life where I could paint very well, a life where I knew [a friend from IRL], the life right before this one. It could be that you have something in your character that you don't understand where it comes from, you could try to find a past life that explains it.

After a successful attempt, please ponder this: (you may answer it in this topic, but you may also keep the answers for youself)
  • What feeling did you have after the dream?
  • Did the dream help you understand something about yourself you didnt understand before?

To get in the spirit of things, here is one of my dreams regarding this theme:

Babylon, 56.000 BC (LD)
High lucidity trip to my past.
I'm returning to my parked car, I notice I have left it unlocked and also forgot to remove the radio. Luckily nobody has broken in. I get in and put it in reverse to get on the road. The brake doesn't work. It reminds me to do a RC.
I close my nostrils and can breathe. No way! Again I do it, yes I can breathe. {..}

I'm in the passengers seat and I remind my request for a guidance dream. I know this is it. To my left, the driver, is a guide. He/she feels familiar. I can't remember who it is, or what he/she looked like, only the energy, white yellowish golden, and very friendly and loving energy with a bit of humour.

The guide asks me where I want to go. I say:"Please take me to my past and my future"
"Why do you want that?"
"So I can understand more about myself"
"OK, where do you want to go first?"
"Please take me to my past"

He drives, the road flashes by, we are on a highway in broad sunshine. The dream takes the form of a very well cut american action movie. With complimenting music on the background. We pass a roadsign:"Babylon 56.000 BC", and this is it. We are now in Babylon, 56.000 BC. I'm amazed that Babylon existed at that point, and that I apparently have a past there.

The dream is now like a movie, I'm a watcher and I wonder when I get to see who/what I was back then.

It is a mountainous area, the ground is brown, it reminds me of Hannibal's journey through the Alps, but that wasn't this long ago was it? -- I see sheep. They are very white and 'fluffy'. Black thin legs. It is like I can communicate with them. There is a little lamb somewhere too.

Then I see two old people, a man and a woman. They wear colorful outfits
(reminds me a bit of Tibetan colorful clothes, but it is not the same) They are eating soup and talking to each other. I am offered soup as well, I now have the impression i'm a young girl. But I'm also myself. The soup is in a deep bowl and the spoon is green. It looks a bit like the chinese porcelain spoons, only it is deeper and from another material. I admire it. I have to try several times before I can properly eat from it. The soup is nice and hot and there is some kind of butter in it I know.

All this time I feel the presence of the guide. I also know this dream is about to end and I'm sad, because it was just getting interesting. And yes, I wake up, feeling happy and slightly disappointed at the same time.
(I think my 'dreamtime' was just over, the REM period, I just couldn't stay any longer in the dreaming state.)

And, here are links to discussions on LD4all about reincarnation:
The BIG reincarnation topic
Reincarnation, a possibility?
good luck on your Quest everyone! droom

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic smile

last but not least: have fun everyone! :D

kiekeboe note: overtone moon is from november 15 to december 12

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#2:  Author: Cherriey PostPosted: Wed 15 Nov, 2006
Wow! It seems I got the last one done just in the nick of time!

#3:  Author: Tggtt PostPosted: Wed 15 Nov, 2006
I've already got a feeling about this possibility but never tried.

This could be very interesting to know yourself better, like an alter mind, personality representations, etc etc, still, I don't recommend pushing it too hard smile

#4:  Author: Duck PostPosted: Wed 15 Nov, 2006
Hm, i think i wont be able to reach lifes before my actual one, altrough reincarnation is pretty possible. This is just too far to reach it, maybe contacting with SG would unlock it, if he/she would agree.

It can cause also false past like dreams. I dont think that Bablon existed 56.000 years BC, however dream seems to have LOTS of detals. And Presence of SG.

#5:  Author: Sonia PostPosted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006
It's been quite a while since my last lucid dream! Just to think, I used to have them so often, but I stopped trying for a while. sigh

I'll see what I can do. siiw

#6:  Author: Indianinks PostPosted: Fri 17 Nov, 2006
I love this quest! I am Hindu and believe in reincarnation!! My grandfather is very religious and spiritual, and he told me once I have had 13 past lives (Somehow he knew this). I can't wait to try to go back and see some of them...provided I become lucid tounge2

#7:  Author: Moonwolf PostPosted: Sun 19 Nov, 2006
8D First attempt and I managed it biggrin bounce
I posted the dream over at my DJ and don´t know how to correctly link so... hope that works..


#8:  Author: Lucid_Mike PostPosted: Mon 20 Nov, 2006
Why does my waking life have to get in the way of my dreaming life?

I like this quest, I think I'll get some interesting results. But, I can't seem to have time to do my techniques!!!

#9:  Author: darakat PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2006
It already being it my (rather long) list of dream goals I will attempt this part of them next.

#10:  Author: Mahogany PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2006
I took a nap earlier today and while I didn't have a typical dream style dream at one point I suddenly felt an immense pressure in my body, mostly on the left side of my skull, and the feeling of someone beating me over the head with a fist... and someone who I recall as being my father yelling "work harder!" at me while I knew I was working as hard as i could. I had the sense it was from the life directly prior to this one... Feels like a huge energy block was taken out of my body now. Was odd to say the least... No visuals and I was completely aware of the room around me where I fell asleep. It was a lot like a memory more than a dream I guess. whatsthat My dreams have been odd to say the least anyway.

#11:  Author: MatrixManNe0 PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2006
I tried completing the quest last night. I don't know if the person was really a "past life" or not, but it... was interesting.

#12:  Author: Cherriey PostPosted: Fri 24 Nov, 2006
Alright! After three previous attempts I've finally succeeded! Though it was anything but what I expected...

Cherriey's Journal wrote:
A brown animal (who seems to be the focal character) is giving something to a grey bunny with a pink ribbon and long fur all over. She’s called by my name and I realize this must be me.

#13:  Author: MissEvil PostPosted: Sat 25 Nov, 2006
Alright, I half completed this quest. Surprisingly, I was having a really nice long LD and then I remembered the past life quest. So I commanded to be taken back in time..All of a sudden, everything was being pulled backwards and I saw one of those giant massive clock spinning backwards- kinda like in the movies. :D
Something else happened after that, but I cant remember it..I think I lost lucidity after that point. sadblauw

#14:  Author: Yang PostPosted: Wed 29 Nov, 2006
I'm gonna try this quest. Not much help from my DG, though. sadblauw

#15:  Author: Yang PostPosted: Thu 30 Nov, 2006
Cherriey wrote:
Alright! After three previous attempts I've finally succeeded! Though it was anything but what I expected...

Cherriey's Journal wrote:
A brown animal (who seems to be the focal character) is giving something to a grey bunny with a pink ribbon and long fur all over. She’s called by my name and I realize this must be me.

Hmm, do you really believe that you were that bunny in the past?

I had some weird experiences, which makes me very doubtful about this past and future that I saw. No, actually, I'm very certain, it's not true.

I flew down the hall(my sheets were stuck to my leg and flew behind me ^^ ) and decided to go to my past life through the closet. I opened the closet doors, told myself that behind this closet is my past life and I will see who I was and what did I do, and flew inside. I ended up in a small room, with a single bed and a fireplace and little furniture. The furniture wasn't very old(as in not used too long ago).

I was getting impatient cause nobody was there. But a little girl entered the room. She was wearing a white cotton dress(like the nightgowns in "Little House on the Prairie") and her hair was light brown/blonde, straight and a little over the shoulders. Her hair and clothes were dirty. A curly dark haired woman followed her.

They ignored me. The girl sat down and started to play. I went closer and asked her name. She told me my name. neutral I turned to look away, I was semi-lucid now. The girl had turned into a white dirty cat and was now chewing on my hand(veins). I pulled my hand away, it hurt and the blood was flowing.

I was semi-lucid and afraid. "What did you do? I'm YOU from the future!!!" I yelled. shy2 The cat smirked and now there were two identical dirty white cats, wearing a black crown.

The woman ran to find some bandaid for me, but she had to fight monsters with a pillow to get through the door. crazy I joined her. The monsters looked like dwarfs, little dwarfs. One of them said something, but I cannot remember what.

I was kinda scared and wanted to get out of here. I found myself infront of my closet again.

This time I decided to go to the future.

I ended up infront of the closet again, everything looked the same, but I saw a few guards. And sailor scouts. unsure

I didn't bother. I obviously couldn't see my real past and future.

I don't believe I really visited my past and future. Unless I was somekind of a vampire kid with an ability to morph into a cat. No wonder I'm not too fond of cats. oops

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