Welcome to the Quest for Lucidity! [please read]
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#1: Welcome to the Quest for Lucidity! [please read] Author: Qu PostPosted: Sat 02 Dec, 2006
Welcome to the Quest for Lucidity!

This forum is focused on how to attain lucidity: techniques, tools, ways of living, everything that has to do with becoming lucid.
  • In depth discussion of LD inducing techniques.
  • Sharing your own ways to become lucid.
  • Developing new techniques.
  • Discussing lucidity aids like lucid dreaming masks, music, subliminal programming, software, etc.
  • Discussing food, vitamins, etc that help in becoming lucid.

Please abide the following:

  • If discussing a specific technique (eg WILD), please use descriptive titles and not just "WILD" or "Help with WILD"
  • Put the technique you are refering to in brackets in the title, like this: [WILD] Help with staying focused
    This way it is clear what technique it's about, and people using the search function looking for everything on WILD will also see your topic.
  • Everything you discuss here should be legally and freely available.
  • Everything you discuss should be safe. No dangerous and potentially harmful things, no matter how big the disclaimer you put in your post.
  • No medicines and prescription drugs.
  • Links to downloadable files or download places are only allowed if those files are free of charge and legal.
  • If you are talking about a product, please don't post a link to vendors.
  • Please, please, read first before asking a question. Many similar questions have already been asked before and answered. Look around in this forum, or use the search feature.
    Be sure to also read the LD4all guide and the articles in the LD4all knowledge base
  • please give your topics a clear title, and not just "Question" or "Help needed". When you give your topic a clear title you are bound to get more replies smile

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