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#1: LD4all Guided Tour! Author: Sandra PostPosted: Fri 02 Nov, 2007
Lucid Dreamers Unite Welcome to LD4all Lucid Dreamers Unite

First of all welcome to LD4all; it's good to see you have joined our community. There are a bunch of friendly people here and don't be afraid, we don't bite. You may be familiar with Lucid Dreaming already, or maybe you don't know anything about it. Either way you are welcome to start your journey here. You can either click on the stops, or scroll down to get there.

Guided Tour Bus Pick-up Point
  • The First Stop: General Knowledge about Forums
    If you're new to a forum in general, you can read about it here. Some basic things are covered, and you get the know where the places for the most important things are. Most of the things you will see are links to other parts of the forum where you can read more about posting messages and such.

  • The Second Stop: LD4all Knowledge
    If you make it to the second stop, you will get to know things about LD4all that are specific to LD4all. You will get to know about the stars below your name and the reason that there are there no threads with more than 10 pages.

  • The Third Stop: Lucid Dreaming Area
    This is where you get to meet the Lucid Dreaming Area of the site, and how to use it. For example, you get to know what to post where, and more about the BIG topics in the forum. You also get to know about the Quest Wings, that you may have noticed below some people their names.

  • The Last Stop: Relax and Have Fun!
    There is more on LD4all than just dreaming. If you take the bus to the last stop, you get to know where the chat is, and where to chill out. As well as some other nice things, such as forums in several languages.

If you have any Questions, feel free to PM me (or any other moderator).

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#2:  Author: Sandra PostPosted: Fri 02 Nov, 2007
The First stop: General Knowledge about Forums
--> Back to the Tour-Bus Pick-up Point

I think most of you are already familiar with forums, but some of you may not. Even if you are familiar with forums you may have still questions left. I give some main points here, and if you have problems finding something; here is a screenshot with corresponding colors. There is a nice FAQ (1) where all the Frequently Asked Questions are answered. You can find it any time just above the wings, the fourth link from the left. If you have any other question feel free to drop me (or any other regular member/moderator) a PM, or ask it in the helpdesk.

A forum can't really exist without guidelines (2), so you can find them here too. If something isn't clear just ask a moderator and they will give you assistance. You can find the rules in the same row as the FAQ, just above the wings, as first link.

As you look in the same row, you see some more useful links. You can find the place where you can edit your profile (3); this is the place to personalize your messages and edit settings. Be sure to comply with the avatar and signature guidelines when you add something, otherwise a friendly mod will chase after you
You can also find your PM inbox (4) there. You may want to ask something to someone in particular, you just like to chat with someone personally, or you have another reason to send someone a Personal Message, feel free to use it.

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#3:  Author: Sandra PostPosted: Fri 02 Nov, 2007
The Second Stop: LD4all Knowledge
--> Back to the Tour-Bus Pick-up Point

Besides the general knowledge, there is some typical LD4all knowledge as well. LD4all works with separate parts of topics. If a topic has reached ten pages, which is 149 replies, a new part will be made. You generally don't have to worry about this, as a mod will split the topic into a new part. The links to previous parts will be given in the first post of the new part, and a link to the next part is in the last post of the previous part. With Dream Journals and topics in the Garden of Creation you can start the new part yourself when you see your journal or topic with creations has reached (almost) 149 replies. You can request for your topic not to be split in different parts as well.

As you have noticed you can find stars under peopleís name. It can arrange from no stars, to seven stars. Youíll get your first star with 10 posts, your second with 50, your third with 100, your fourth with 250, your fifth with 500, your sixth with 1000, and the final seventh star with 2500 posts. There are several places in the forum where you can post, but it does not count for that number. These places are playground, Test 1 2 3, and Wolfgame. Most people will have yellow stars, but there are some special stars with a tag under it as well. There are for example rainbow stars for Global Moderators with the tag ďGlobal ModeratorĒ under it. The Admin, the Local Moderators, and other people with a special task have their own special stars as well. Under these stars you can find a tag with their task too.

Some people have a star wing under their stars as well. This is because they completed a Quest in the Lucid Adventures section. Every moon there is a task posted to explore your lucid dreams in a fun way. If you manage to do this in a Lucid Dream in the given time, you will be rewarded with those Wings at the end of the Quest.

Because people on forums are lazy and don't like to type long words, we use abbreviation. Now, if you're new to all these things and only see abbreviation it might get a little confusing. Therefore, you can find a dotted line under some words. For example WILD. If you over it with your cursor, you'll see "Wake Induced Lucid Dream - A method of Lucid Dream induction done by focusing on something to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep in order to enter the dream state fully lucid. (Lucidity Master)" You can also find all the acronyms with description in the dictionary.

If you have any problems with the forum, you can address your problems in the Helpdesk. If you for example, want a personal avatar but arenít capable of making one yourself, you can ask for help here. If you think something about the forum or site should be changed, you can post it in Feedback and Suggestions.

Furthermore, you can go to the LD4all Chat (5 on the screenshot). You can find this link on the top of every page as well. Some people who are regulars in the chatroom are rarely around on the forum and the other way around too. But there are some people who go to both places and if you need instant help with lucid dreaming, you can ask your questions there.

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#4:  Author: Sandra PostPosted: Fri 02 Nov, 2007
The Third Stop: Lucid Dreaming Area
--> Back to the Tour-Bus Pick-up Point

If you're new to Lucid Dreaming, i would recommend you to read the LD4all guide, if you haven't already done so. Now you read all the things you already knew, or you are familiar with the general things of the forum, we can go to the board itself. You will first find LD4all News and Announcements; the five newest topics in here will appear in the left box you can find below the wings and above the actual boards. If pasQuale, our friendly admin, has featured something new or something else is going on you can find it here. It also includes the guidelines, be sure to check them if you haven't already done so.

Now we come to Lucidity and Beyond. First you will find theLD4all Knowledge base. It is a place that is continually growing with knowledge that librarians collect. If you are unfamiliar with Lucid Dreaming this would be a nice place to start, but even if you are familiar with Lucid Dreaming you might want to check it out. It includes useful tutorials, FAQs, and lists of things that have to do with Lucid Dreaming.

The second board is Quest for Lucidity. This is for the basic questions on how to get lucid. As there are already many people, you may want to use the search option to see if someone already asked the question. The search option can always be found on every page in the same row as the rules, FAQ, your profile, and PM inbox. When you enter Quest for Lucidity, you see there are some stickies (What is a sticky?). For example you have the first steps to WILD. This is the place where you can ask basic questions about WILD, which is a technique to get Lucid. So instead of starting a new topic, you reply in this topic and people will try to answer your question. You have the first steps for MILD, which is another technique to get lucid, as well.
There is also a helpful announcement there which is the dictionary. We like to use abbreviations of words instead of writing down the whole word and sometimes this can get confusing if you're new to Lucid Dreaming. Therefore, you can find a dictionary with acronyms there. In addition you can go over the word with your mouse anytime you see the word in a post and you will get a description of it as.

The third one in the list is Pathways to Lucidity. This is also a place where you can find ways to get lucid, but this one is more focused on in dept discussion. As you found the first steps in Quest for Lucidity, you will find BIG topics in Pathways. They work similar as the first steps in Quest, as you can ask a question about the specific technique in this topic. If you think you made a new technique, you can first check out by searching if it didn't already exist, and if it didn't you can make a new topic in Pathways. A list with new and known techniques can be found here too.

The fourth board is General Lucidness. This board is focused on general discussion about Lucid Dreaming. It is not focused on personal experiences, but moreover things outside lucid dreams about lucid dreams. For example, there is a thread about what False Lucid Dreams really are.

The fifth board is Lucidity Centerstage and if you have seen something related to Lucid Dreaming anywhere in the media, you are encouraged to post it in .

Then you come to the next group of boards, called experience. It starts out with Dream Journal , and it contains precisely what it indicates: Dream Journals. It's a private forum, so only members are able to view it. It's a nice place where people can post their dreams and read the dreams from others. There is a special BBcode for dreams as well. You can read more about it here.

Next is Lucid Adventures . This is the part focused on things that happen while being lucid. This can contain the nice things you can do in lucid dreams, but also the problems you may have while being lucid. There is a topic about prolonging Lucid Dreams, and topics to help you with controlling your environment. There are some friendly competitions held as well. Every moon there is a Quest. It is usually something fun you can do while lucid dreaming. As already mentioned in LD4all knowledge you can earn Quest Wings with it. If you complete the task before the end of the Quest, you can earn wings. These will be placed below your username, and once you earn them, you will never lose them.

The last one in the group experience is the LD4all Lucid Lab, where you can start and participate in research projects concerning dreaming.

Up to the next block of boards, which is Dream on.... It starts with the Stuff Dreams are made of... . This board is concentrated on Normal Dreams and what happens in them. Topics arrange from Dream Recall to Nightmares, Dream Themes to Sleep Paralysis. Anything that has to do with Normal Dream, you can ask here. Followed by Beyond Dreaming , where you can learn about the paranormal side of life. Itís not a place to discuss if it exists or not, but rather to share experiences and learn more about it. Finally there is also Fruits of Lucidity for sharing your artwork based on (lucid) dreams.

Besides these current dreaming boards we have an archive 2002-2005 and archive 1999-2002. It contains a lot of useful topics and questions that are asked in the past. You canít reply anymore, but you can certainly find some nice and informative topics in there. You can find it all the way on the bothem of the page.

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#5:  Author: Sandra PostPosted: Fri 02 Nov, 2007
The Last Stop: Relax and Have Fun!
--> Back to the Tour-Bus Pick-up Point

When you want to talk about something else than Lucid Dreaming, and get to know the other people on this board, you can chill out in Waking Life. It starts with Garden of Creation, similar to fruits of lucidity, but this time you can share any artwork you made. Just start a thread with your own work of poems, paintings, stories, drawings, sculptures, or other things you made.
Then there is the Gathering. Itís a personal board where people can get to know one other. You can introduce yourself in the newest ďHi Iím new hereĒ topic, which is a sticky. If you donít have any personal stories to tell, but just want to talk about something else than lucid dreaming, you can go to the Lucid Lounge. You can have a philosophical discussion here, as well as you can talk about a book you have read.

If you just feel like talking nonsense you can go to the Playground. Inactive topics will be automatically removed every month, so if you want to save something, be sure to post in it. The posts made in this board, wonít count toward your post account. You can find the topic there to join Wolfgame or Vampiregame as well. This is a nice roleplay game and if you want to know more about it, you can check the rules in the board.

As mentioned in a previous stop, there is a LD4all Chat. You can find this link on the top of every page and it is a nice place to go if you just want to relax and talk with some people who like lucid dreaming. Although it is the LD4all chat, that doesn't mean all that's discussed is Lucid Dreaming.

Voor de Nederlandstalige is er ook een Nederlands Forum and site.
Vous pouvez trouver le site et le forum franÁais ici.
Μπορείτε να βρείτε το ελληνικό φόρουμ εδώ.
Perhaps, one day - if not already - your language will be included as well wink

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and will have lots of Lucid Dreams ^^
If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to PM me or any moderator.
And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped making or improving this Guide, including, but not limited to: Bruno, Q, Basilus West, and Queen SD.

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