Possible new Technique, need help fleshing it out
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#1: Possible new Technique, need help fleshing it out Author: TBK PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008
Ok, so I've been thinking for a long time, one of the best techniques that someone could use to induce LDing would be something called LILD (apologies if this is taken already smile ).

This is what I call location induced lucid dreaming. If you really think about it, before you sleep everyone for the most part will lay down in their beds then sleep. In most cases, when you dream, you will end up anywhere but your bed (although it can happen it's not really common for most dreams). My idea is to use that in your favor, possibly as a RC or something so you can question why you're in this fantasy world when you should be in your bed.

I really haven't thought of a good implementation other than auto-suggestion so if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear um.

#2:  Author: chickenleggz PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008
ive thought about it, but i always have FM about moving from my bed.

#3:  Author: Down the Rabbit Hole PostPosted: Thu 20 Mar, 2008
The acronym is already taken LILD also stands for Lucid induced Lucid Dreaming. The idea isn't all that new either. There's a reality check where you think to how you got where you are which is pretty similar to what you're talking about.

#4:  Author: Mighty Mutant PostPosted: Sat 22 Mar, 2008
I'm afraid I think it's a little too niche to warrant being called a new 'technique'. I'd say it's just a specific circumstance for reality checking. I've actually been doing something very similar for months, although unfortunately it hasn't worked for me.
It's a good suggestion for reality checking though. I just think it falls under the category of an existing technique.

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