what is the 1st dream you remember? Part I
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#1: what is the 1st dream you remember? Part I Author: yonisia PostPosted: Tue 29 Apr, 2003
sorry...maybe this has been talk hundreds of times in this forum...but today i´m a bit blue sadblauw
lucid or not wat is your ist ever remembered dream?

#2:  Author: The Wizard PostPosted: Wed 30 Apr, 2003
I remember when I was a little boy I had a nightmare about some monster chasing me. I woke up terrified and my parents had to calm me down. That is what prompted me to ask my father what dreams were. He broke it down by saying that during the day your brain takes a picture and at night when you sleep, those pictures make up your dreams.

#3:  Author: Dm7 PostPosted: Wed 30 Apr, 2003
The EARLIEST I can remember is a long time ago... (VERY LONG TIME AGO) when I was around 4 years old or maybe younger... (now 18 ).

I dreamt...

I'm an observer. My vision is really bad so I only can make out of colors. I complain, then realize that I'm dreaming (I'm a natural LDer). "See!" I command (now I should have said, "Make it clearer!" or something similar, but I was young... I didn't know any better). But I cannot see. I only can see a yellow banana-shaped color along with other floating colors. I wake up, finding myself in a SP. I can't see either. I see my mom coming in so I move my hands to signal her to hold on since I can't see her and I can't seem to wake up. I end up going out of body for a second... then I finally decided to cross my eyes. I finally wake up with a horrible headaches. So, I learned to cross my eyes whenever I'm in SP and whenever I can't see very well when I try to wake up. It always worked... now I don't experience being blind anymore so this technique doesn't work for me anymore.

Interesting eh? :D

I do rememeber quite several dreams/LDs when I was quite young including about my twin sister that I didn't know that I had until I told my mom about my dream (it turned out that my twin sister has died 5 weeks old and I didn't even know that I had a twin sister!). But I'll shut up and save you from reading so much. LOL!

#4:  Author: Imagine PostPosted: Wed 30 Apr, 2003
The first ever dream I remember was when I was really little, like three or four, and I was sitting on the floor and flapping my arms trying to fly. And I remember thinking this, "That's okay, all I have to do is know that I can fly and I will". And then I flew. Hmm. I guess I kind of naturally knew how to control dreams too a little. That seems to happen to a lot of people. Do you think it might be instinct that we lose as we get older cause we're not paying enough attention to it?

#5:  Author: aydira PostPosted: Wed 30 Apr, 2003
I was in my house and there was this goat and he took my sister and locked her up in a cave. Then he got me too or something.
I woke up scared because I didnt know why when I cloes my eyes I saw a scary goat-demon thing.

#6:  Author: yonisia PostPosted: Wed 30 Apr, 2003
eek2 wow; childhood dreams sometimes can be spooky!
first dream i remember is a nightmare:i was about 5 years old
in my village there was a part of the floor in front a house that had fresh ciment (in real life)
and that enter in my dream, was jumping above of that piece of fresh cimented floor and i fall dow ot top of it and the floor as oppen and i was swallow by the floor; i had tried to get out but was impossible, and i relized i was in a scary dark cave...i do´t remember nothing else;

i also remember my first time LD, i think i was the same age:
i remember that i was a "freeze" wacher and i was seeing another kids plaiyng .and i was juts waching like it was a tv show;i culd move they could not see me. But i started to want to play with another kids; then i thought "hey I can control this i CAN GO there " and went! wiske

i stayd happy when i saw your reply ,people, feel good to share my dreams and know yours ^^

#7:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Wed 30 Apr, 2003
First non-LD
I was about 5-6 years old when I had this nightmare: I was visiting my nephew who had a lion as a pet, much to my surprise. While other people were talking I wondered why nobody was surprised about the lion. Suddenly the lion noticed me while I was playing on the floor. I wanted to scream but I couldn't make a sound. The lion stood up and was ready to jump. At that moment I woke up.

First real LD
I was in my house getting ready to go out. When I wanted to tie my shoelaces I thought "why couldn't they tie themselves?" Precisely at that moment I noticed they were already tied so I figured "this can't be. I'm dreaming!!" I felt really strong emotions, which caused me to wake up in a FA. After 5 seconds I woke up irl.

#8:  Author: JamesMachine PostPosted: Thu 01 May, 2003
The first dream I can remember was an LD. It was one of my first dreams after I realized I could do anythign I wanted in a dream, as long as I knew I was dreaming. This was around 5 years old I believe. The dream itself started with me going on a class fieldtrip to what they called a zoo. Everyone was unfamliiar and as we arrived and were making our way into the "zoo" an intercom and our teachers were briefing us on the "rules". They were all pretty non sensical and I didn't really pay much attention. The "zoo" was not like any zoo I'd seen before. It was like someone had left the zoo unattended for some time, and nature had taken over. Somehow I came to the realization i was dreaming and kept exploring the zoo. I explored I found a large paved area, with two large solid platforms in the middle of it, with a pace inbewtween them. Covering the plaform were transparent rectangular cylinders. I remembered vaguely being warned not to touch them so I went up to them and kncoked some of one of the platforms. At this time a girl who I hadn't seen before came up and exclaimed "What are you doing!? Were not supposed to touch those, help me clean them up!". I just said "No." and got the idea that I wanted to teleport away from here. I then seen myself teleport away all star trek style while the girl cleaned up the cylinders. I think I woke up at this point, but I don't remember anything after that...

#9:  Author: claudia PostPosted: Thu 01 May, 2003
i was like 4 or something. this was a nightmare.. i was going to sleep in my room and suddenly i saw snakes everywhere. it was terrible eek2 . they were all over the room. i run to the door and i had to step on some of them, and some snakes that had climbed on the wall were falling on me.. and on top of all, i couldn't open the door.. overspannen

#10:  Author: Jeff PostPosted: Fri 02 May, 2003
:D (Hi brownie princess maikki lol)

My first dream is was 4...a giant was walking through the city looking for me..i hide behind the couch..i heared his heavy walking come closer..
Boom Boom Boom...then he looked through the window..
Was it friend or foe????

(i go on vacation today for a week yoohoo)


#11:  Author: Dead PostPosted: Fri 02 May, 2003
My first dream that I can remember was a nightmare. I was about 3 years old. I dreamed that my eyes popped out of my head and they were flying away from me and I tried to catch them, I never did overspannen

#12:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Fri 02 May, 2003
LOL nice dream Dead smile It must be pretty scary to see your eyes flying away.. I should try that in my next LD.
Could you still see normal afterwards?

#13: The youngest so far Author: Hivemind PostPosted: Sat 03 May, 2003
I remember being three or four years old when I was in the basement thinking back to my first dream.I remember recalling one where I was in a huge room hearing music and seeing lots and lots of colors.I'm enjoying this show until I realize that my parents are gone.There's lots of people in the room who are starting to leave,but I still can't find my parents.It seemed like I was in this room for hours until I finally woke up.I don't know when I had this dream,but I do know it was at a very,very young age.I might not of even been one yet.

#14:  Author: empty canvas PostPosted: Sat 03 May, 2003
the 1st dream i have memory of, happened when i was 4 also.
it was such a nightmare, and it was so silly!

I had these blue sheets with the disney characters on them (that was a real thing), and in my dream, i was looking at mickey mouse and his ears started growing... and growing... and growing even more, so everything was being absorbed by his giant ears, and i was really in pain and was afraid that i would fade in the black too - then i woke up crying. overspannen

i remember another early dream, when i was about 5 - i had died and i was on a cloud, had turned into an angel. there was also this giant calendar, and my job was to turn the pages of the days... cheesy

#15:  Author: CCHawk PostPosted: Sun 04 May, 2003
like many others, the first dream i can remember was also a nightmare. i was in the livingroom of the house that i lived in at that time and it was on fire. i was trapped directly in the center of the room and the fire was coming in from all sides. there was no escape and i was extremely scared. then, to make it worse... spiders and snakes appeared in the fire and they all crawled/slithered towards me along with the fire... blauw

yep, that's it... pretty scary one... phew :dozing:

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