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#1: My Advice about RCs AND My Question about DJs Author: myouh PostPosted: Fri 02 May, 2008
don't do you RCs at random times during the day. you probably already know about this, since most of LD guides suggest that you chose specific times where you're supposed to do your RCs, but none of them, at least none of those I've read, really insists on this point or explains the reason behind it.
here's my explanation according to my short experience with RCs.

when you chose to check the reality at random times during the day, your mind is relaxed concerning this point, the RC matter isn't loaded into your memory, you just do what you do during your day, until it strikes that you haven't done a RC for a while, and you do it. so if you do 50 RCs per day (this is just an exemple), and if it takes you 1 min to do a serious RC, then at the end of the day, you will have thought about RCs for 5O min.

now if you pick specific occasions where you HAVE to do a RC, a part of your mind will stay alert all the time, waiting for the predefined condition for RCing, and that's why, if you do only 20 RCs per day (1 min each), you'll have fully thought about RCs for 20min, but the RC matter will have remained in your mind/memory for the whole day, thanks to your alertness about it, thanks to that "little something" taking that little space in your "RAM" (in comparison with computers).

In a dream, your lucidity may be triggered just just by that "little something" you may not rememeber, you may become lucid without the direct implication of a RC, or a dreamsign, you may become lucid just being aware of something your mind is trying to keep active in memory, like when you memorize a new phone number and try to keep the information in your memory all the time, reducing it but never closing it (in comparison with a computer again).

this is my little analysis, again only according to my own short experience, if you're using the first method of RCing as I did for a while, maybe you should try the second.

now my question about DJs.
I don't have problems remembering my dreams. I can remember 7 dreams in one night sometimes, with an average of 5 per night, but not all of them are clear.
sometimes I can write a page in my DJ, sometimes only 1 or 2 lines.
if I don't have problems with my dream recall, should I stop recording those "1 line dreams" and keep only the developed ones, or are those fragements of dreams important as well, and diserve to be kept in my DJ along with the long ones?

#2:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 03 May, 2008
True stuff about the RC's. ^^

I also kinda hate those tiny fragments, the one line dreams... but I believe that by writing them down we might eventually remember more and more. I shows our unconscious we want every single detail down to the last one!

Just guessing... lol

#3:  Author: tyrael PostPosted: Mon 05 May, 2008
That's a new way to think about them. 50 small unnoticed then one big one to add up. I'll start doing that and see if it works for me. smile

#4:  Author: Yanielle PostPosted: Fri 16 May, 2008
it all adds up in the end: I had a dream I remembered in fragments-when i wrote it it was all out of order. I'd remember something then "ooh this happened before and this was afterward...." I wrote it all out in pieces then it came out to a long dream. I ended up writing for about an hour when originally I only remembered a few little things.

Then of course I had to go back and number it wink

#5:  Author: Chris01 PostPosted: Fri 16 May, 2008
Isn't that kinda what LaBerge wrote as training your prospective memory
for the MILD technique?

#6:  Author: LordLeckie PostPosted: Sat 24 May, 2008
I try and get all dreams in, make it an obsessive habit to never forget, not to mention sometimes they may serve as inspiration. Plus good training for your mind when you train it to remember something almost seemingly insignificant only because it may help you LD.

#7:  Author: Yanielle PostPosted: Mon 26 May, 2008
Chris_18 wrote:
Isn't that kinda what LaBerge wrote as training your prospective memory
for the MILD technique?

haven't read his work yet, but it makes sense ^^ I really do need to get back into the habit of writing them down...gotten a bit lazy I guess.

#8:  Author: Tundra PostPosted: Wed 28 May, 2008

As tesco's say: Every little helps! wink5

No, on a serious note; I struggle with recall a heck of a lot, but I find if I note down everything, even if I can't remember much, my recall does improve...

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