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#1: Chat server maintenance Author: Siiw PostPosted: Mon 01 Dec, 2008
Hi. kiekeboe

On thursday 4.december from 22 GMT to 03 GMT on the 5.december, the irc server where #ld4all and #dreamtime is located will be down for maintenance. This means that the java chat will stop working in that period.

However, you can still reach the chat from an IRC client, the server is

/server us.chat4all org
/join #ld4all

The original post about this can be found here, in the Chat4all forum.

It will not be possible to identify your nick or to be opped/banned by Lucidus in this period. Please poke an op (@ or &) with a PM if you need help. siiw

#2:  Author: Fiko PostPosted: Mon 09 Feb, 2009
hey it is 9 februar and I cant join the ld4all chat room. It says:Connecting...
Unable to connect : : Connection refused
Any help pleeeease!!!! whatsthat

#3:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Mon 09 Feb, 2009
There is a Logging On To Chat topic in the helpdesk forum.

I just tried the applet myself and it worked for me ..

I'll lock this topic now.

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