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#1: The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II Author: CroatianSpy PostPosted: Mon 29 Sep, 2008
<mod>This topic is about the things you plan to do in your next LDs, this also helps to get more , if you know what you want to do in your lucid dreams , you are more likly to have them
The original part is HERE</mod>

Create a new world, and each night return to it and add on to it, kind of like playing God but also interacting with the people/things inside it... I suppose it would become pretty epic after awhile

#2:  Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Wed 22 Oct, 2008
Not been posted in awhile.. meh anyway ^^

1. Go to my dreamscape ive created.
2. Have an extremely vivid and realistic LD
3. Something cool to do with DCs.
4. Make my own civilasation and be their god siiw

#3:  Author: Sanky PostPosted: Wed 22 Oct, 2008
I plan to meet my SC (I met him/her once) and tell him/her (I still don't know the gender, but he/she's a cat) to appear in my next ND and tell me, that I'm dreaming.

#4:  Author: DanielWestman PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct, 2008
First of all, I'm aiming on actually having a LD, but after that, I'll start working on this list:

-Fly over my hometown
-Meet my dream guide
-Visit my past lives
-Meet my dead grandparents again
-Have superpowers, like superstrength, shoot fire out of my eyes, turning invisible.
-Visit and participating in my favorite tv-series and movies, like Heroes, Stargate, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and such.
-Have sex with every girl on my "girls to have sex with"-list(That's really a neverending list).
-Clone myself, transform myself into a girl and then have sex with the clone to see if I'm any good in bed.
-Try out my orgasmo gun 2000, shoot anyone and they'll have an orgasm!
-Talk with DCs
-Explore places
-Practise at holding speeches and talking in front of a crowd.
-Wreaking havoc on the world, destroying and killing everyone with my superpowers.

Ok this list could go on forever, so I'll end it there tounge2

#5:  Author: Aks PostPosted: Thu 23 Oct, 2008
When I have an LD/LD's that's/that (are) long enough I would want to do things like:

Meet my subconscious
Summon, kill and/or torture some people, mostly artists like.. I think It's better when I don't mention any names but amongst some others would be a lot of rappers, I find rap to be pointless.
Duel with the headless horseman, using some unusual abilities of course, I'm probably pretty useless with a sword.
Speak with stones.
Go to a firing range where there are all possible weapons and try shooting them.
Speak to different DC's, not only humans either.
Explore random dreamworlds.
Would go in a world where a scene from some movies are taking place and make the characters make the right choices instead of obviously idiotic ones.
Meet some dead people, maybe Hitler or Jesus(Him I'd ask if Christianity is a lie or not.)
Try to find planets that support life in my minds version of our galaxy.

And a bunch of other things that, for one reason or another, I can't or won't mention here.

#6:  Author: m.arc PostPosted: Mon 27 Oct, 2008
sky's infinite, so why not?

#7:  Author: LDreamerland PostPosted: Mon 27 Oct, 2008
why do i see alot of people who want to kill or torture DC it cant be healthy for your waking life

#8:  Author: dzekins PostPosted: Fri 31 Oct, 2008
I haven`t had a real LD yet, but my list would be something like this:
..Be able to breathe under water(once i had a dream where i knew how to(it was great!))
..Fly(as recommended)
..Fight in WW2
..Magic/Jedi stuff
..Play a big show with my band
..Walk on the moon
..Walk on the clouds
..Live like a bird
..Play ice-hockey
..Skateboard really good(or just good)
..(optional) Find out why the hell i keep having dreams about a-bombs falling(i HATE those dreams)

just for the beginning

#9:  Author: Apoca PostPosted: Sat 01 Nov, 2008
my to-do list, from highest priority to lowest:

*Use super powers
*create a dream city
*have an awesome battle, either with mechs, or with magic/swords
*Fly a fighter plane in World War II
*Fly a fighter jet, just for fun
*talk to myself
*Force myself to wake up
*Die in a very creative way

the list goes on.... lol

#10:  Author: Richnfg PostPosted: Sat 01 Nov, 2008
One simple one I'd like to do is be in a crowded city and just change the whole scene to night, with a perfectly clear sky and see people's reactions.

#11:  Author: Fayh PostPosted: Mon 10 Nov, 2008
The things I'd love to do are...

- flying
- having a lightsaber battle
- meeting my favourite movie characters/actors
- talking to my dead grandpa
- piloting a helicopter
- transforming into an animal (a wolf, cat or dolphin)

#12:  Author: tyrael PostPosted: Mon 10 Nov, 2008
My Ultimate to-do list at the moment is this:

-Cook an omelet the size of NYC.-
-Fly to the moon and have it made out of Cheese-
-Talk to god-
-Get all my ex-girlfriends together put them in an ultimate battle to the death-
-Go to an alien planet-
-Dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and fight the Kraken King-
-Ride a chocobo from Final Fantasy-

Yes, my list is very original!!

#13:  Author: Download PostPosted: Tue 11 Nov, 2008
My to-do list sort of looks like this:

- finish an LD4all quest
- create a city (for some reason... underwater)
- Get to Sky Island and actually SD
- have an SD with my friends
- *random* Eat a banana
- master flying
- master conjuring.

And so many more things, it ain't funny! I've got half an hour before I wrap up my WBTB...

#14:  Author: Hypno PostPosted: Wed 12 Nov, 2008
I really wanna meet my SP i got a few questions to ask !
But other things on my list are:
-Looking into a mirror.
-Enterng a video game.
-Find out what happens in 2012.
-Have a philisohical debat with a DC.
-Fly into space!!
-speak to DC's.
-Write some songs.
-Meet my DG.

#15:  Author: BlueAndWhite PostPosted: Fri 21 Nov, 2008
CroatianSpy wrote:
Create a new world, and each night return to it and add on to it, kind of like playing God but also interacting with the people/things inside it... I suppose it would become pretty epic after awhile

Once i can LD at will and make them last for ages -- this is top of my list grin

#16: What to do Author: Tygon90 PostPosted: Wed 26 Nov, 2008
1 Create an army to stay living in my dreams based off an ancient greek army with ancient greek gods warriors to defend my dreams and reawaken lucidity
2 Go through my normal life but as a player Hehehehe
3 Live through books I have read as the main male role
4 Live through video games as the main player
5 Go to Hollywood and have fun
6 Practice music, and learn new songs
7 Hold a dream concert for all my dream characters
8 meet my spirit guide
9 Visit with ancestors
10 Live through movies as the amin male character

and that is my top ten things I want to do in my dream world smile

#17:  Author: Ourayamu PostPosted: Thu 27 Nov, 2008
I think it'd have to be, in no particular order:

1. Remember and copy down what the dream sky looks like. I saw one that was pink and blue and it was beautiful. I'd love to be able to get lost in that sight IRL yes

2. Listen to music. What I've heard so far makes me feel ecstatic.

3. Create/ scaffold works of art for me to replicate IRL.

4. Have a party with DCs, and everyone knows each other.

5. Have a conversation with a DC (a coherent one, but nothing to academic/philosophical. Just a natural, flowing conversation ^^ )

6. Do some sort of training of some sort in an attempt to make me a better person in some way.

7. Maybe I could try to meet you? (Yes! You!)

8. Spur-of-the-moment stuff. Like...diving into the floor. That would be fun smile

#18:  Author: Download PostPosted: Sun 30 Nov, 2008
Things I've done:
conjure stuff (egg XD)

Things I plan on doing (less general)

Go to the local grocery store and mess it up completely (got the idea today... the place makes me hyper )

Meet my DG

Mess up DC's (Well.... I did to one...)

Invent something

Improve my mad skillz

Febreze random people and see what happens

Make invisible paint and literally, "paint the town"

Anything else on the top of my head

#19:  Author: c low PostPosted: Sun 30 Nov, 2008
i havent had a LD but i would want to:

ask your SG where you will go when you die
flirt with every girl even a fat ugly chick see what they would do
go to a island and get guns and have a war with DC
oh and whip out your dick and show all the DC

#20:  Author: C2YBJD PostPosted: Mon 01 Dec, 2008
Tag--this is a really great thread.

#21:  Author: master_rodri PostPosted: Mon 01 Dec, 2008
-become a god
-revisit every single nightmare i've ever had, and then explode them out of dreamworld
-get inspiration for my novel
-clone myself
-turn into a woman
-rewright history
-go back in time
-get stuck in a time paradox
-blow somethings
-be with the DC of my loved one

There are a lot more, but I think those will keep me occupied for a while

#22:  Author: lazyastronomer PostPosted: Tue 02 Dec, 2008
-Meet SG
-FLY lotz
-Have a SD
-Complete ld4all Quest
-Jump off a cliff and just keep falling.....

#23:  Author: Winter Depths PostPosted: Thu 04 Dec, 2008
Meet my SG-Not sure
Have a DC draw me a picture-Check
Listen to music
Have a DC obey me-check

...Not sure what else to do..

#24:  Author: Chocolate PostPosted: Sat 06 Dec, 2008
In no particular order:
-Survive Titanic and other shipwrecks
-Explore vast dreamscapes
-Live life in dream-cities
-Have epic battles (medieval style)
-Learn all about a dream civilization
-Get a bunch of DCs with me and try to survive lots of stuff (volcanoes, tornados...)

#25:  Author: Jocke PostPosted: Wed 10 Dec, 2008
I will step through a mirror.

#26:  Author: Half Jack PostPosted: Sat 13 Dec, 2008
I want to make a really big office. I'd visit that and there will be a large sort of desk with people working there. It's like a bank, but you do not go there to request money. No, it's a people-bank. You'll write the name of the person you want to have in your dreams and they workers will get them for you.

I'd want to talk to Rudolf Steiner and Napoleon and all the people that I've seen once in my life. The ones that intrigued me, but when I was too shy to speak to them.

Also, I want to make Alice's Wonderland. Oh, how lovely that would be.

#27:  Author: tkrulewich PostPosted: Sat 13 Dec, 2008
* "live" an adventure in the style of some of my favorite role playing games.
* attempt to write music in a dream
* come up with ideas for a 3d platformer game I'm making. This is mostly a test of my creativity while dreaming, but if it pans out, and I learn to LD more regularly, it could be incredibly useful.
* Play my trumpet :D. Play something really challenging!

#28:  Author: DR34M N0OB PostPosted: Fri 26 Dec, 2008
1). Relive Major wars (or specate) like the Pearl Harbor attack or the last stand of the russians and nazis.

2). Play a videogame, but be the character you are controlling. So get Left 4 Dead in ur dream and fight hordes of blood thirsty zombies.

3). Play a sport

4). Do drugs or get F**ED up.

5). Survive 9/11

6). Be Dane Cook for a day

7.) Be the opposite gender

siiw. Look at your life likes its a DVD.
and the scene selection is each year of your life. Fast forward rewind or pause anywhere anytime.

9). Be a car.

10). Frame for Jonas Brothers for having wild XXX with eachother and put it on youtube.

11.) Make a list of things to do in your dream, put it on a poster and put it in a place where u can easily reach in your dream so you can go there incase your clueless.

#29:  Author: Cynith PostPosted: Sun 28 Dec, 2008
Honestly I would play as my WoW character. Decked out in my epics I would love the feeling of summoning an army of the dead, spining with my duel maces, and howling blasting my foes... :D

Oh and I would want fight and ride a grizzly bear with my bare (lol pun intended) hands.

#30:  Author: The Moon Man PostPosted: Sun 28 Dec, 2008
-fly>It never gets old
-complete the quests
-spawn things
-play with the mirror
-invent something
-have a revelation
-write a poem
-eat stuff
-play with gravity
-organize a battle and pwn everybody
-become the master of the world...sorry,my world
-unlock hidden skillz
-do something incredibly stupid that not even the stupidest person in the world would do for all the values of his country
-get geared up with cool armour
-geat geared up with cool weapons
-play WG in my head
-kill that annoying classmate
-be surrounded by cuddly puppys and kittehs and hamsters and have grouphugs and playfulness
-pet a dragon and fly it

#31:  Author: zora_kid PostPosted: Mon 29 Dec, 2008
well if i have an Ld then i would...
FLY flying
have a massive battle in wich i would kick but using super powers
explore cool places
use magic
bend (from avatar last airbender)
see what my DC would say
and lots more

#32:  Author: DR34M N0OB PostPosted: Sat 03 Jan, 2009
Have a Ld lasting a few hours or maybe a day or two but only a few hours IRL.

There I would create a civilazation and put people in it and make DC friends and advance their technology so they could live in space so the overcrowded earth was balanced. Then I would play around on the moon or the hotel thing like in Wall-E.

Or try to have a SD with my brother or somebody in my house. I would try to get all of my friends lucid and have a huge party.

I could go on and on and on for days but there's a few ideas to ponder about.

#33:  Author: zora_kid PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2009
1. FLY flying
2. go in a video game
3. jump off a cliff and turn into a griffin half way down and fly away
4. do magic
5. freak out some DC's
6. explore cool places
7. go extreme snowboarding
8. shapeshift
9. fun super fast
10. jump into a tornado

#34:  Author: dwarfzilla PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2009
Arabinator wrote:
LorDrrr wrote:
Sakoda wrote:
why are alll here thinking about sex all the time ?

we're men

wat he sed.

but no, sex is one of the main reasons to why i even began with lucid dreaming.

Nothing else seems to be appealing. meh

he speaks the truth

I would like to live Mirror's edge. that would be SO COOL.

#35:  Author: DR34M N0OB PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2009
Yeah having runners vision would be awesome. All that red flashing towards you *** you make quick movements, flips and such.

What about Gears or Cod WaW? OHHHH Left 4 Dead!!!!!

#36:  Author: almighty catfish PostPosted: Tue 06 Jan, 2009
-run around with super speed
-ask a DC a hypothetical question
-punch the DC of my friend for going out with a loser
-punch the loser who said she wasnt good enough (we're talking about real life, right?)
-change my appearance
-break my arm and fix it if a DC tries to help just to see their reaction
-shape shift
-use magic/create stuff

i would list more, but i gotta do those first

#37:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Wed 07 Jan, 2009
My to do list is..

  1. visit hippo in the labyrinth and give him his gift
  2. ask DCs questions
  3. shared dreaming with friends
  4. use teleport ability to visit named people
  5. use teleport ability for time travel
  6. use teleport ability to get to the location of magical objects
  7. use teleport ability to get to desired locations eg final fantasy colgate
  8. use teleport ability to visit a wizard who would be able to transform me so I get to know what it feels like so I will be able to do it myself at a later date

just wanted to make a note somewhere ... 7 out of my 34 LDs I have either got to the labyrinth or nearly got there.

#38:  Author: Sabre PostPosted: Sun 11 Jan, 2009

  • If extending dream time is possible, I'd like to do this. It'd be incredible to be able to have a lucid dream last indefinitely; I'd want to return to the real world after a while, but I'd love the experience.

  • I'm vastly inferior at piano (due to playing for less than a year and not wanting to give my whole life to the instrument), so I'd like to practice in the dream, and get help from dream characters on improving my playing. I'd also make the experience much more entertaining by stretching the limits of my imagination while practicing.

  • I really want to try composing music while in a dream, and bring it into reality.

  • I'd like to try learning violin and guitar, again making the experience as entertaining as possible, even if the skills do not directly transition to real life. I'm sure it would give me a leg up on when I would actually try to learn violin, and guitar I am already moderately familiar with, but I would like to improve drastically.

  • Learning to fight would be really fun; not the violent type, just fighting as an art and for defense. I'd also like to play around with super-human fighting, something like in Final Fantasy.

  • I would love to just explore my endless imagination. Countless beautiful sights would be readily available for my entertainment; lush forests with forgotten ruins, secret passages within a volcano, underwater cities, snowy mountaintops, endless plains and hills, tropical paradise... It's all easily experienced. Then, there's fictional places from video games that I could see firsthand; the universe is mine to unlock.

  • I always have wanted to go on a great adventure like the ones in anime and video games. I could act the hero and go on an epic adventure with a party of reliable dream characters that would interact with me to accomplish whatever the end goal may be.

  • I'd like to experience a deep relationship with a character in my dreams. I don't necessarily mean female or even human; whatever the character may be, I'd like to have a deep relationship that I can put full trust in.

  • Being a teenager, I have all these hormones affecting me, and my sexual drive is at its highest. As such, I'd like to interact sexually in some my dreams, and see what interesting and amazing situations I could create out of these feelings.

  • I have multiple character flaws, and would like to control these through training in a lucid dream. This also includes unlocking the barrier surrounding my emotions and my perception of reality. It'd be great to be able to come out of a dream having a more open mind and a clearer consciousness.

  • Manipulating my dream form would be awesome, and I'd be able to become comfortable in forms other than human. I'd also like to manipulate my senses so that I can experience things that are not able to be experienced in the real world.

Many of these could easily overlap to form a beautiful creation, which is what I'm striving towards for my dreamland. I just want to make the best of my life on Earth and unlock all the potential I'm capable of. I'd also like to have fun, mostly... Though everything I would do in a dream would be fun; I'd be such a waste to not enjoy myself. No matter what the goal or task, I would find the most amazing way to perform it, as that, I believe, is the true meaning of life. Unlocking happiness. And I believe that this can be found in every single activity imaginable, be it considered monotonous by some. I love life, and would like to experience it to its fullest.

Last edited by Sabre on Sun 11 Jan, 2009; edited 1 time in total

#39:  Author: Download PostPosted: Sun 11 Jan, 2009
Here's three more:

-Become James Bond

-Hunt down the HVC gang and DESTROY THEM ALL!

-Make a best friend "Alanbob" and make him king of New York City!

#40:  Author: almighty catfish PostPosted: Fri 16 Jan, 2009
oh oh, i have even more important things to do now:
- study for upcoming tests, since i NEVER study or do homework in RL
- draw a character and see if i can interact with them.
- ride a motorcycle to the moon (if only i were old enough to get a RL license... but even then my parents wouldn't let me get one)

#41: to merge! Author: daniel3466 PostPosted: Tue 10 Feb, 2009
HEre Is My Big List To Do

Remember.... Its BIG


Things i have done

1:Drive a car
2:shoot people with a water gun
3: talk to a dc

Things I Want To Do

1:Fly(who dosent?
2:Swim In Coco
3:Drive a HELI
3:Blow up Mexico and let the mexicans come to the us(I dont Know why)
4:sex, (YEAH, i went there)
5: Turn Into A Gal( and Bang My self)
**SHUT UP, You Would Too! woo
7:As a animale Poo On Random DC's
8: Do The Cha Cha On the Mexican border(If I did Not Do Number 3 yet)
9:Eat Till I Blow
***then Eat The Chuncks
10:Talk To My Dead Grandpa
11: Fly In space
12: Eat Walls and Make em tast like cheese and biskets(IDK why)
13: Start a fire in wal-mart( I do not own wal-mart there for i am not responible for the broken objects in your dream walmart, BTW, who the *** dreams about wal-Mart ANY WAY??? :D
14:Lick a Screwdriver then chuck it
15:get in a fight with bruce lee(with nunchukes) Arnold S(with a shotgun) and Chuck Norris(with a BB Gun)
16:See how Meny people i can air hump at befor getting socked in the face
17 go into a movie and tell the MC how it ends
18:Tell Luke Skywalker His dady is Anikin when he is like 10
19:Tell Britney Spears how she is going to Screw up here life
20: <mod>comment about real person removed </mod>
21:Have super Powerz
22:Eat My doggys Doo Doo
23: Go to a Asylum for some of these weaird Things

More to come soon, i hope..... :D

#42:  Author: RedBull44 PostPosted: Sun 15 Feb, 2009
Definitly, fly and transform into an animal

#43:  Author: omegadreamer12 PostPosted: Mon 16 Feb, 2009
I would like to transform into something like a dragon

build a planet to come to everytime I have an LD

fly into space

master the art of telepathy (ive done that atleast once, but ive never mastered it)

Although ive made portals before, they were always to small to fit through, so I want to master portals

go to the lucid crossroads ^^ i know how to teleport, but when I try to teleport to the crossroads I have problems. any suggestions whatsthat

p.s. does any one have any suggestions on the subject of transforming????

#44:  Author: Johnny Tambourine PostPosted: Wed 25 Mar, 2009
I haven't tried this yet, (I am still a beginner) but I have thought about it.

Go to a fancy restauraunt and order everything off the menu then eat it all.

Or eat an endless supply of McDonalds with no chance of a heart attack ^^

#45:  Author: Chocolate PostPosted: Thu 09 Apr, 2009
A few days ago I had a couple of really cool ideas ^^ :
- Create a kind of 'Dream Police' that hunts down killer DCs, helps dreamers in distress etc...
- Just go into the wilderness of the dreamscape, and discover things (you could discover tribes, learn what they believe, their language etc... woo )
- Survive disasters (sinking ships, epic battles etc...)
- Live like a DC (live what they live everyday. Try stalking a DC woo )
And if you don't find anything to do, then there's always:
- Live in other times (medieval siiw )
- nodnodwinkwink
- devil (pwning DCs)

#46:  Author: Velocity (jpka159) PostPosted: Fri 10 Apr, 2009
My list:

1. Have an LD.
2. Test out my power and make sure everything works.
3. Go into my bandmembers dreams and "lucidize" them.
4. Have an amazing live performance.
5. Have a bunch of girls sleep with me after the show.
6. Spawn a Stretch Limo that can fly.
7. Fly my friends to a bar and get wasted.
8. Summon God to me to ask if Christianity is a lie or not. (It is, but you know, jw.)
9. Talk to cockroaches and ask them why I'm terrified of them.
10. Overcome my fear of them nasty roaches.
11. Wake up and think of more stuff to do in my next LD.

#47:  Author: Velocity (jpka159) PostPosted: Tue 14 Apr, 2009
I hear food tastes REALLY good in dreams, s I'd go to Burger King or McDonalds and get my favorite foods and be like "AHVDFWFSD ITS SO GOOOOOD! DAFHWRYWFHW!" Other then that...

1.) FLY! (obviously)
2.) Have sex with someone hot
3.) Ask some burning questions to my SG
4.) Play live with Led Zeppelin
5.) Ask god if he is real
6.) Check out this "shared dreaming"
7.) Make a Lamborghini materialize
8.) Beat Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama with a baseball bat
9.) Use some awesome magic powers like telekinesis and pyrokinesis
10.) Tell some DC's to make me Lucid every night

#48:  Author: obi wan 177 PostPosted: Wed 22 Apr, 2009
For those of you who have made dreamscapes or lands or whatever, in your next lucid dream does it just come back to you or do you have to concentrate on it to bring it back? Cause then i would create a world and make each dream like a chapter in a book. And each dream add on to the plot line and see where it takes me lol.

#49:  Author: Naugha PostPosted: Sat 25 Apr, 2009
1. Fly
2. Have sex
3. go 200 mph down the shoulder of the freeway in an aston martin during rush hour
4. eat
5. completely destroy a grocery store
6. drive through a mall Blues Brothers style

#50:  Author: Lucidmobsir PostPosted: Sat 02 May, 2009
for me it would be:

1. Actually have a lucid dream!
1a. Meet my subconsious and learn something. woo
2. Fly to space! ( i have heard this can bring on an OOBE.)
3. Go underwater, and just sit there and breathe. wink
4. Dream sex ( i have actually had it before, but not in an LD.)
5. Jump off a building, hit the ground and jump back up to the top.
6. Have a flamethrower arm (like in Ironman, haha.)
7. play and instrument amazingly!
idk, there is sooo much more, but its early and thats all i can think of. grin

#51: My ideas... Author: {Redhead} PostPosted: Fri 08 May, 2009
Err... yeah. I'm not sure if they're any good, but i've thought up some things to do in a lucid dream.

1. Fly... backwards
2. Run very fast... backwards
3. celebrate a special day like christmas, easter or your birthday
4. play hide and seek with a lot of people in a big city/castle or sumtin
5. just walk in a random house and talk to the people
6. be a character in your favorite book/videogame/movie
7. terra/pyro/aqua/aerokinesis
8. make a sculpture, compose a song or make a painting and put it in your dream gallery, which u can visit in every lucid dream
9. transform in your favorite animal
10. transform into a non-living thing (i wanna try a paper plane)
11. make your fingers longer, stretch them out
12. eat your fingers
13. when you're doing something in a dream, make yourself hear a piece of music that fits the activity (got it??)
14. create your own vehicle, a car, a helicopter or somethin completely different, like a dog sleigh with you being a dog sitting in the sleigh and humans pulling it,yeahhhh...
15. go bungeejumping
16. go to special places in the world
17. (I LIKE THIS ONE) visit a building you know and fill it with water, then swim around in it

all right then. now i just need to have a lucid dream

#52:  Author: Dragos Chronos PostPosted: Mon 11 May, 2009
My list:

Actually I'm not putting sex. I'm so weak to puberty that I just think about someone hot before I fall asleep and I dream about having sex with them in a ND.

1. Recreate my X-men ND (Check my DJ)

2. Create my own town

3. Have an awesome duel with Batman as the Hulk and we both have random awesome powers from random movies and books.

4. Make up new insults. I actually got a good one from an ND. "So I guess you can't commit murder. If you kill all your enemies it'd be genocide, if you kill all your friends it'd be suicide."

5. Kill my enemies (Only have two so i'd torture 'em too)

6. Fight all my nightmares.

7. Kill Pokemon (Gosh, I hate that show)

8. Use force powers on random people

9. Fight zombies in random locations

10. Be in my own WAR

11. WIN my own war

12. Go back in time

13. Give myself awesome guitar skills (I play but, why play average when you could play as good as Slash?)

14. Fight off hordes of Orcs

15. Beat Barak Obama with a chainsaw... weren't expecting the chainsaw part were you... (EAT THIS B.O.!)

16. All of 'em at once... figure that one out

#53:  Author: ruby_skylar PostPosted: Tue 12 May, 2009
I'd wanna

1) eat. I think someone said food tastes really nice in a lucid dream

2)meet random fictional people. From anime.

3)fly (duh)

4) chuck a shoe at george bush. just for the experience.

can't think of much else... other than walk into music room 3 and see what happens (for those who have seen Ouran High School Host Club, if any ^^ )

#54:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Wed 13 May, 2009
Gah! Why havent I made a list of things I want to do?

This is the list smile

1. Fly to get rid of height-phobia.

2. Climb up on the pylons of Älvsborgsbron tounge2 (this bridge)

3. Teleport to different places

4. get X-ray vision lachgroen

5. Make the day to -50 celsius tounge2

6. Testing the intelligense of DC's

#55:  Author: mindraker PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
I'd go into my favourite books and life as an anonymous god there.
eg. Xanth
I'd ask my SC to give me the ability to control my body from a third person view as a spirit kiekeboe .(That way I'd be permanently lucid.) To increase my memory. To have him shy2 /her wiske constantly project himself/herself to only me even when I'm conscious. That way I'd always have a way to know if I'm lucid in a dream or not.
Unlock my psi powers eek2 and dream walk.
Weird list isn't it? woo

#56:  Author: bikefreak PostPosted: Thu 21 May, 2009
My List

1. Have a long LD
2. Fly
3. Shoot fireballs out of my hands dragon ball z style
4. transform into falcon
5. have a pokemon battle !!
6. Talk to some DCs
7. Jump from rofftop to rooftop in my neighbourhood
8. Ride a lion
9. Spawn something
10. Fly over some mountains

#57:  Author: Termal PostPosted: Thu 21 May, 2009
1. Edit terrain and location of continents on my dream earth (in my dreams it looks simmilar to normal earth)
2. Have some fun with DC 's
3. Explore my new edited world
4. Take a flight to the space on my own.
5. Find out if the Moon is really made from cheese, and if there are some Aliens on Mars.

#58: to do... Author: Ponient PostPosted: Sun 31 May, 2009
1) Have a successful WILD, because being able to have a LD at will would be pretty much the most amazing thing ever.
2) Explore closed doorways, and make it so that when i open any door it takes me where i want to go.
3) Go to a green field with a grassy knoll that has a green tree with green flowers growing on it.
4) Go to an orchestral stage full of instruments, and conduct them. (People to play the instruments are secondary to the instruments themselves)
5) Go to a library of my memories, and look at dreams i've consciously forgotten, but subconsciously retained.
6) Go to a room with my subconscious, and have a chat about what i'm doing, what i really want, what is important to me, what makes me who i am, and why.
7) Fly out of my body into an OBE
siiw The cool things that other people have thought of (like having hot sex, eating dream food, creating unrealities, shooting fireballs DBZ style)

#59:  Author: HillB0y PostPosted: Sun 31 May, 2009
1. Play The Grudge by Tool in front of a few thousand people with all my friends in the front row.
2. Eat cake.
3. Have an awesome conversation with someone I dont know.
4. Fight the devil in unarmed hand-to-hand combat for my soul.
5. Midnight Beach Rave Party 8P

#60:  Author: SweeterDreams PostPosted: Mon 01 Jun, 2009
My List:

1. Eat!!! I love food so much, but sadly I cannot eat constantly or unhealthy stuff because I would get fat. I would eat stuff I've cooked with my family before, like shepherd's pie, and strawberry rhubarb crumble. I would also eat turtle soup from my fave restaurant that sadly burned down, and their bread pudding souffle with hot syrupy vanilla cream poured on it, mm!! I would also eat marionberry pie and cupcakes after cupcakes. And fries! I would have fries! I rarely eat those. I could go on and on.
2. Cliff diving! I've always wanted to do that. I would turn and see a cliff with deep water underneath and just hurl myself off of it. I would feel so free!
3. Find a locket that lets me control when the dream ends.
4. Run crazy fast down a field.
5. Go see a movie of my life! How fun!
6. Ski down a chute. I never have the guts to go down chutes.
7. Tell off people I never will tell off!
8. Talk to people I never would talk to!

#61:  Author: Red_head PostPosted: Sat 06 Jun, 2009
If I had a LD, I would want a long one, but her is what I would do...
-Visit Heaven, and speak to God/Jesus, and my Guardian Angel.
-Visit my family and friends.
-Visit my crush, tell her how much I am in love with her.
-Fly everywhere!!
-Travel through time.
-Face my fears.
-interact with DC's, see what they say.

And a few other things, I can't think of something totally awesome right now, but I will.

#62:  Author: shaihulud PostPosted: Sun 07 Jun, 2009
tyrael wrote:
My Ultimate to-do list at the moment is this:

-Cook an omelet the size of NYC.-
-Fly to the moon and have it made out of Cheese-
-Talk to god-
-Get all my ex-girlfriends together put them in an ultimate battle to the death-
-Go to an alien planet-
-Dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and fight the Kraken King-
-Ride a chocobo from Final Fantasy-

Yes, my list is very original!!

original? yes...but I love it, Ill just add those points to my own list...thanks for the idead, I don't know where I would have gotten them otherwise haha smile

oh and redhead. If your fantasy in a LD is to go to your "crush" and tell her how much you love actually don't need to be dreaming to do that wink5

#63:  Author: Red_head PostPosted: Sun 07 Jun, 2009
Cc wrote:
oh and redhead. If your fantasy in a LD is to go to your "crush" and tell her how much you love actually don't need to be dreaming to do that wink5

I know,'s complicated. She would go out with me, but her parents won't let her, (because she's "too young" not because of me personally) and telling her how much I love her right now would make things more awkward. So I figured in my dream things would be different, and I would be able to express my feelings without making things more awkward. Hope that makes sense.

#64:  Author: shaihulud PostPosted: Sun 07 Jun, 2009
yea it does, and I hope the situation will change for you! must be tricky, but be glad you have that feeling, it's the best feeling in the world, and let it inspire your dreams if nothing else! wink

#65: My LD list of things to do. Author: buttrfli PostPosted: Wed 17 Jun, 2009
here's my list of what i want to do:

1. Have a long drawn out meeting with my DG.
2. Meet the dc representation of my SC.
3. Go to the Crossroads.
4. Become an animal (doesnt matter which one.)
5. Become a mermaid.
5. Confront all my nightmare dc's and make peace with them. (Completed- sort of- i beat the crap out of them in my dream- i seem to forget about making peace cuz i'm so pissed they had the nerve to try and get me lol)
6. Create my own dream land.
7. Create a stable safe haven in my dream world.
8. Beat this month's quest.
9. Go to a memory in my past while lucid.
10. Turn into a bird and crap on someone's car.
11. Have a lightsaber battle with an evil dc. I want to whip it out and have moves like yoda rofl
12. Ask my DG his name- i keep forgetting sadblauw

That's all i can think of right now- but i know i'll come up with more smile

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#66:  Author: LegendaryDreamer PostPosted: Thu 25 Jun, 2009
Here are my current lucid goals:
[x] = Complete
[_] = Getting there...
[ ] = Incomplete/not done
[.x] = Completed, but want to complete more than once
Red = Completed more than once
[.x] = Completed twice or more, but want to keep getting at it
Blue = Completed twice or more

- [.x]Do the current LD4All Monthly Quest
- [.x]Fly
- [x]Have a "Superbus 2" dream
- [x]Have a "Superbus 3" dream
- [ ]Have a "Superbus 4" dream
- [ ]Fly with Santa on Christmas Eve (If I succeed, the dream will be titled "Superslick Santa Showdown".)
- [.x]Not wake up from flying (So I can fly wherever I want, to manifest a dream landscape, or just to have fun.)
- [.x]Meet up with someone else in a dream, and fly with them
- [ ]Try this goal above twice, and succeed!
- [ ]Learn how to teleport
- [.x]Have a transcendental lucid dream experience
- [ ]On Christmas Day, fly to the North Pole, and meet Santa
- [_]Do some of the previous LD4all monthly lucid dream quests (Like visiting another dimension, for example)
- [ ]Walk through a mirror (I will use this as a means of teleportation)
- [.x]Try ReeceJones' "Behind This Door" Technique
- [.x]Manifest my own dream landscape
- [ ]Fly under the Starry Night Sky (I had already did this once, I just want to try it again)
- [_]Stop time!
- [ ]Start off in a WILD with flying
- [ ]Swim and breathe underwater
- [ ]Try the spinning technique!
- [ ]Try "Increase Lucidity Now!"
- [ ]Fly on wings!
- [ ]"Create a new world, and each night return to it and add on to it, kind of like playing God but also interacting with the people/things inside it." --Originally posted by CroatianSpy (Note: I want to try that as well)
- [_]Kill myself in a lucid dream and see what it feels like!
- [ ]Visit the Lucid Crossroads!
- [ ]Visit the Lucid Crossroads in a lucidity session!
- [ ]Have a lucid dream based off of this video and name it "Dynamic Space"

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#67:  Author: maniakbill PostPosted: Mon 29 Jun, 2009
hmmm here's my list

Have an epic battle with the military when i have superpowers and lots of guns
jump of a veeeeeeery high cliff and just keep falling. (most peaceful sensation ever, and i even chose when i was gona hit the lake below me)
fly (although never been able to go fast or higher than a house, makes me fall)
have a conversation with a DC
speak to my DG
step through a mirror (just got back into the room again, which was confusing)
turn on the tv, choose a channel and step into it
ride harry potter's firebolt (that was very fast!)
go to a paradise island and chill
use superpowers such as pyro creation and kinesis, weather control, massive strength, walk through walls and windows (getting good at this now)
spinning technique (works like a charm)
hand rubbing technique (also works)
shouting commands to make them happen (works sometimes)
had a battle with a helicoptor whilst flying
ask a DC what his name is and then remember it (his name was scott johnson and i even looked on facebook for him, hehe. would have been awesome if he was real)

things iv tried but not managed:
turn myself into an animal
change my clothes at will
fly higher than a house from the ground
fly as fast as superman
conjure something
make things explode when i point at them
create my own dream-scene

things i want to try:
tell a dream character to make me lucid next time i see them
listen to music
be a character in a tv-show/book/film (done it but only in an ND)
meet my hero/idol
Meet up with someone else in a dream, and fly with them
Try Behind This Door Technique
Stop time
Swim and breathe underwater (done this in an ND)
Go to the Crossroads
make a place and return to it in another dream
have a lightsaber battle

#68:  Author: Saffer PostPosted: Sun 26 Jul, 2009
Ok since I'm trying to boost my motivation here goes:

1. Breathing underwater.
2. Traveling deep space, seeing famous space objects up close. ( Eta Carinae, a black hole, nebulae, a supernova, a magnetar, galaxies, the pillars of creation, a pulsar etc..)
3. Freefalling. I don't understand why some people with falling dreams experience them as nightmares. I used to do it a lot in past LDs its so much fun, especially the impact.
4. Killing myself in the most awesome ways imaginable. Fighting a T-rex and losing, shooting myself with a .577 caliber rifle, jumping into a lava pit and such.
5. Basically going on a killing rampage. Bringing forth unimaginable destruction. Obliterating entire cities with a single tought. Destroying the entire planet and remaking it in my own image.
6. Riding animals that cannot be rode on in real life. I would ride through dreamland on a giant isopod/flower mantis/a goose/a snail ( a fast one though)/a T-rex/sparrow/a beautiful buff orpington rooster/a giant moth ..etc
7. Taste the POWER. The feeling of omnipotence. Feeling of being God.
8. Talking to my subconcious. Getting to know myself.

Can't think of anything more at the moment.

#69:  Author: Bombax PostPosted: Sun 26 Jul, 2009
Just a note to you: Breathing underwater isn't really a power - that is, you can't manage to not breathe underwater. smile

#70:  Author: ArmanMoo PostPosted: Thu 30 Jul, 2009

*Bend reality - For example: Push walls so they make jello movements, point and
shoot with my fingers at objects to make them jello-ish.

*Eat jello, be jello, jump on a jello springboard

*Stand infront of a forest around 20 meters away, waving my hand making the forest follow. Like, if I wave to the right, winds push the forest trees to the right.

*Run on water/Swim superfast.

*Visit space and explore.

*Have a super mega multi orgy with around 1000 women. ^^

*Beat soccer pro's in a soccer game.

*Become a woman and please myself.

*Use my hands as atom bomb launchers. So if I just push with my hand in the air a railgun shot flies super fast infront of me, creating a huge explosion on a certain object.

*Become a little ball as Samus Aran.

*Eat every delicacy there is.

*Eat myself.

*Enhance studying.

*Asking different DC's about stuff I wonder

*Do super jumps

*Drive a helicopter/plane/ferrari

*Become superman and save cities from villains

*Order my body to become better (example I grow more, I get better teeth, sleep better, get better hair, better looks, better intelligence etc etc IRL)

*Fly out to space, but when I am there I imagine myself that there is some sort of shell above space. This shell is my brain, and when I reach it I will dig through it and have a sort of OOBE experience but in my dream.

*Use THE FORCE to move stuff around.

*Watch star wars on tv and make some changes, for example that darth vader now is Luke's son.

*Fly a fatass UFO mothership.

*Stand infront of water, and make it bend and move with my bare hands.

*Hide somewhere next to the street and control DC's movements with a little panel, just to see their reactions.

*Watch myself in a mirror and see what happens.

*Go through a mirror/walls.

*Smack someone I don't like IRL.

*Use a jetpack to fly around.

*Swim in the air.

*Create a little game in the dream. The game consists of 1) The earth 2) Me 3) Zombies 4) A shitload of guns.
The game would be that I am alone in the world and I have to face thousands and thousands of zombies spamming the cities with their rage. I would be able to choose whatever weapon I want. BUT, if a zombie hits me, I lose ''game'' HP. And when I loose enough HP I lose the game.

*Become invisible.

*Be super mario in Super mario bros. 8 bit.

*Sink through the ground and visit hell. While I am in hell I would summon Mecha-God and let him fight Mecha-Satan.

*Give God a shotgun. Then we would rampage on earth killing sinners

*Become a monster and play another game where I am against the world. With HP blabla.

*Become Link and go through adventures/help Link out.

*Juggle with knives, bombs, grenades, spikes, running chainsaws and more. All of this at once.

*Order my body to only have LD's from now on (at that point). That means ND's.

*See into the future and try to understand game mechanics and win the lottery IRL.


#71:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Tue 04 Aug, 2009
Hmmmm... I believe I posted in part one, but that was like a year ago.

1. FLY!
2. Work on my dream powers. (Which really haven't been established yet. shy2 )
3. Start a battle (with guns) in the middle of a city, one-on-one, just like a game.
4. SKYDIVE! (Without a parachute!)
5. Explore my dream world.
6. Battle monsters using dream powers.
7. Get rid of my fears.
8. FLY!
9. Save the Earth from the evil Martians!
11. FLY!

#72: Is this a sign that I need therapy? ~_~ Author: mindraker PostPosted: Wed 19 Aug, 2009
The guys above me already said almost everything I could think of and even gave me new ideas ( Like ninjas! ) But I have one that I doubt any of you would have ever stated.

Turn everybody into FURRIES!!!! (And yes, I am a twisted psycho) But at least it would be fun! woo

Or how about just living as spider man for a day or two and suddenly turn into the hulk. That DID actually happen to me once except it was my wife, some random dream character that I can't remember the name of but I know she had orange hair, that turned into some freakish zombie-medusa thing.

Man.... I have GOT to stop eating so much junk! Let me know what you think about my ideas.

#73:  Author: Inside-out PostPosted: Tue 01 Sep, 2009
I'm mostly still just trying to have lucid dreams regularly. When I do become lucid, I've also been trying to return to a workshop I built in a previous dream.
In my last lucid dream, I made a building appear, but it was empty sadblauw

#74:  Author: tosxyChor PostPosted: Thu 22 Oct, 2009
In rough order of (difficulty + importance):

Fly (DONE)
Get better on flying (manuevers, someraults, faster, higher, do things)
More exploring
More skygazing
Telekinesis (DONE)
Passing thorugh walls (DONE)
Get my wings! (Completing a quest) (DONE)
Create objects (DONE)
Destroy matter
Animate objects
Teleportation/portal usage
Riding animals, dragons, chocobos, whatever!
Get my clothes off and see how long the dream lasts ^^
Create energetic/elemental balls, ki powers
Play the piano
Talk with my SC (DONE)
Talk with my Angelic guide (actually, it seems I have to create one first lach1)
Getting an animal companion or two
Face and confront my fears
Finish past quests here on ld4all
Relive forgotten experiences
Martial arts! Kung fu fighting!
Become a single point of consciousness
Get into a videogame (fighting, fps)
Get into the 4th spatial dimension
Get into prolonging LD's at will
Learn to easily induce a LD
Using Wyvern's transformation guide till the end of the world
Win a Lucid Challenge (DONE, x2)
Become a complete DnD druid (magic, nature, companions, shapeshifting, adventure!)
Become a Chronicler without asking IRL
..... (way down below)
Secret tasks: can't tell

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#75: :D Author: Spuddfluff PostPosted: Thu 29 Oct, 2009
Disect someone
Take LSD
Go to a pop art world
Grow your hair into funtastic shapes
Kick Sarah Palin in the balls
Go to a foreign country
Create a building
Practise Kissing
Look in a mirror and try out different hairstyles and outfits
Get tickled
Pet a dog

#76:  Author: Phoenyx PostPosted: Sun 01 Nov, 2009
* Overcome fear of flying out of atmosphere
* Meet some Aliens (even if it won't be the Quest)
* Earn my Wings completing an LD4All Quest
* Transform into something with wings (bird, dragon, angel, all of the above?)
* Meet a DG/DC I created IWL
* Enlist this DC's aid in becoming Lucid more often (Program subconscious while Lucid smile )
* Interpret Dream Symbolism within a dream (preferably lucid, but FLD acceptable)
* Complete a short blessing ritual for an IWL ring I wear, from an afternoon WILD
* Conjure a glowing energy ball of light, and direct it where to go
* Look at a Lucid To-Do list in a Lucid Dream, pick something, and do it :D

#77:  Author: TomZ PostPosted: Tue 10 Nov, 2009
Some things I want to try yet are:
1. Fly around everywhere.
2. Explore different worlds.
3. Transform myself to a different creature, such as a dragon or alien.
4. Experiment with different kinds of superpowers.
5. Fight in a medieval battle.
6. Make myself a WWE wrestler and fight.
7. Use magic powers to attack people.
There's a few.

#78: Re: :D Author: Slanderous PostPosted: Tue 10 Nov, 2009
    become a dragon
    eat people as said dragon
    fly to Mars
    attempt a SD
    play COD4 in 3d
    slap GWB
    run around and do something crazy
    fight a bear
    meet my SG(first thing)

Spuddfluff wrote:

Kick Sarah Palin in the balls

now i update with "hold Sarah Palin down while Spuddfluff kicks Sarah Palin in the balls and vice versa" lach2

#79:  Author: am_i_dreaming PostPosted: Fri 20 Nov, 2009
still havnt done a lot 0f deez.sadblauw

#80:  Author: MimmoO PostPosted: Fri 20 Nov, 2009
There are so may things i want to do, let me just write down some:

    transform into a dragon, horse, wolf, fish, bird, and many other livings
    Fly of course, also swim
    impress people by doing magic tricks, for example let them hover
    Grow, shrink
    Live a normal day with some special powers
    Eat someone up
    Get eaten by someone(while shrinked)
    Fire some Fireballs!
    Destroy something with rockets, fireballs etc
    have a great fight against evil bosses (maybe big dragons, evil swordsmen, the police)
    stalk a DC and see what hes doing while i am awake
    give and take presents to DCs
    Paint the sky

thats it for now smile

#81:  Author: RoD PostPosted: Tue 08 Dec, 2009
- Fly (do I really need to say it tounge2)
- Jump from the moon and land on a tall building
- Control the weather and make it snow (it doesn't snow much where I am [Texas])
- Talk to people from school
- Go through a schoolday but always mess up the class (well, more than IWL )
- Extend the time in an LD
- Telekinesis
- Go to San Francisco :D
- Sing at a concert in front of millions of people
- Go underwater
- Explore my SC
- Go into video games
- Go on TV nuu
- Ride a bike that levitates
- Create a city
- Run at a very fast speed
- Make an archrival that looks like me and we have an epic battle (sort of like Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs :D )
- Tell my English teacher off >.>
- Command people to do things
- Sitting on a cloud that's close to my city and controlling everything
- Resting on water on my back (never done it IRL, can't swim tounge2)
- Look at myself as a baby
- Throw fire and breate ice
- Do offensive things in public
- Go to an alternate dimension where everything is backwards
- Turn into a bird and just flying
- Make it less cold smile
- Go to Heavan and meeting the Angels
- Work in an office but messing with the people
- Shrink to microscopic size and spy on DCs
- Grow 100 FT tall
- Do magic shows with "real" magic
- Many more stuff :D

#82:  Author: WASD PostPosted: Fri 25 Dec, 2009
Step through mirror smile Tonight i was in a room with some people and i stepped through a mirror. Then i got to the same room but with no people...

#83:  Author: Teraflare8866 PostPosted: Sat 02 Jan, 2010
There are many things I want to do:

- Visit a futuristic city (the one I want to do the most)
- Walk on water (tried it, I's quite hard)
- Fly to a different planet
- Make the Earth have ZERO Gravity
- Have X-Ray Vision (would be somewhat tough as well)
- Freeze time
- Visit every dimension
- Fly to the edge of the universe
- Have a dream with my 'characters'
- Fly through surreal landscapes
- Eat a planet...wonder what it tastes like
- Pass through a black hole

#84:  Author: Strawberry Milkshake PostPosted: Tue 05 Jan, 2010
what might be nice at the moment is if i could just STAY lucid enough to do what i want! grrr
what i've always thought would be cool is if you could sort of live a day in your own fantasy universe, gazilions of miles away from earth, everything around you is completely out of your own imagination. maybe you could do this type of thing if you got to the point where you were good enough at staying lucid, and had excellent dream control. does anyone else think that would be the sickest thing ever?! think about it, it could be as fantastic as participating in a massive battle, or just chilling out on the beach somewhere watching exotic birds fly by with massive planets backdropping the amazing scape. i don't know if it's actually a reasonable goal to live a "double life" using lucid dreaming, eh but there are alot of people who get really good at being lucid.
i do have a list of babyish things to too ^^ (duhr duhr)
2. eat your favorite foods, stuff can taste pretty darn good when you're dreaming, and when you can stuff your face without worrying about getting fat
3. play around with magic/super powers
4. bug your DC's
5. i've found out that i'm alot stronger in my dreams, i can usually climb walls and stuff other stuff that's impossible to do
6. i think it would be fun to drink random potions and see what they do to you
7. turn into another animal
8. find your DG
9. go to the beach or something

#85:  Author: animelvr123 PostPosted: Sat 09 Jan, 2010
once i have a LD i want to:
1. i want to trade places with Aya Kito so i can see what her life was like
2. flying sounds like its the funniest thing
3. go to japan
4. be a character from a book
5. be mean to ppl that i dont like
6. be an animal
7. i want to be a lake for some reason lolz
8. sit above my fav beach i use to go to
9. lay on the clouds
10. go shopping with all the money i could ever have
11. try to have a super long LD
12. be a geisha in feudal japan
13. i want to meet my samari that im positive is following me around xD
14. see my past lives
and there are a lot more xD

#86:  Author: xanthier PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010
Milesbh wrote:
One thing i wanna do in an LD is just go through a normal day but do stupid things that i wouldn't do in real life, like randomly make out with random girls

I've done this, back when I used to randomly have an occasional LD. I would also undress them in public...they don't ever object in my dreams.

As for me, I want to...

1. Fly - because flying is awesome and can be fast slow, smooth or chaotic.
2. Change my surroundings
3. Conjure objects out of thin air
4. Talk to my subconscious/inner spirit - gain insight
5. Fight zombies, who wouldn't? because you can't die
6. Create stories
7. Explore places
8. Have fun with girls, kissing, groping, maybe more ^^ wink
9. Interact with characters
10. Try adrenaline sports
11. Be invisible, and spy on people
12. Get super powers
13. Split my personality into characters within my dream
14. Meet or create characters that I have an emotional bond with.

#87: What's On The Other Side Of The Mirror? Author: robbieXREAPERX PostPosted: Tue 26 Jan, 2010
I want to see this more than anything else.

#88:  Author: JazzleDazzle PostPosted: Wed 27 Jan, 2010
I enjoy just walking around and seeing everything there is to see in my dream.

Oh, and I've always wanted to make plants grow before my eyes.
Like, rainbow coloured, house sized plants.
Might try that tonight. ^^

#89:  Author: moz PostPosted: Thu 28 Jan, 2010
At first: Having a Lucid Dream... but then i would go like this:
-fly (everybody wants to fly)
-go to school and behave like Mr.Perfect
-do some magic
-run around completely naked and see peoples reactions
-kiss a few girls I know.... and see their reactions
-be Conan Edogawa (that means be ultimately intelligent siiw )
-*random* fart as loud as possible (i think thats pretty loud in a dream )

#90:  Author: T being PostPosted: Thu 11 Feb, 2010
I'd like to shift shapes, it's not something I've tried before, maybe into an albatross or cat. Also, convincing a DC that they aren't real is something I haven't done before, I mean I've told them that they aren't and that they are figments of my imagination, but they've never really openly accepted it. Fly on the back of some kind of animal, biiiig flamingo, perhaps?

#91:  Author: sentis PostPosted: Mon 15 Feb, 2010
.Get a freeze ray and freeze people solid
.Stop time
.Have a massive Dbz like battle in a city
.Talk to anime characters

#92:  Author: kipkerriesalade PostPosted: Sun 28 Feb, 2010
1. Build my own dream world where i can always return to.
2. Eat food, just have to try it:P
3. Take some flying classes (instead of keep trying to teach urself how to fly, u can also ask someone to teach it to you?)
4. Transform

Once i've got LD's recently i'm gonna work on sharing dreams.

#93:  Author: Beckstar PostPosted: Sat 20 Mar, 2010
Be JAWS!!!!! grin woo :D

#94:  Author: BlueMoon PostPosted: Fri 26 Mar, 2010
I’m working on having more lucid dreams and a better dream recall. I have had only one so far and it only lasted a couple of seconds before I woke up. Dream recall is improving however. Once I get lucid there are 2 things I want to do primarily:
-Fly (DBZ-Style) and explore my dream world
-Spew fire

Those things are not so important to me (but still would be cool):
-Go on a wall
-Go through a wall
-Explore an underwater world
-Morph into an animal or better a dragon
-Be invisible
-Go over water
-Fly to the moon
.... (more things)

And some bigger “projects”:
-Stealth project
I want to somehow set up a complete Thief-Scene (Like in the video games). Would be cool if I can hide in the shadows and hear what the knights are saying.

-F-Zero or Wipeout project
I want to compete in a future race. Loopings, high speed and adrenaline! What more do you want?

-Experience some anime “worlds”
Be a ninja and perform incredible jutsus like in Naruto.
Participate in the hunter exam like in Hunter X Hunter (also find out my Nen-type).
Eat a devil fruit like in One Piece.
Also call my own Zanpakuto's name like in Bleach (Bankai included).

and and and........

#95:  Author: Fringe PostPosted: Sat 27 Mar, 2010
mmm..Lets see..I'll list them from what I want most then downn...
1.Meet my spirit guide help!
2. Get all my friends to come to my dream, and we'll have a party(That ones a long shot)
3. Tell off my math teacher(I think shes cool, but she yells to much)
4. Be a ninja slide (thats right, watch out! KA-POWEE!
5. Fly to another planet
6. Talk politics with an alien tounge1 (Haha)
7.Talk to my future self
8. Look at the sky and just feel good (Kinda boring, but it would be a big stress reliever)
I could go on and bore you, but I gots laundry to do

#96: Things to do Author: piggyrun13 PostPosted: Sat 27 Mar, 2010
Most too downn.
1.Fly, ugh. So aggrevating!
2. Meet all my friends and celebrate. including Fringe. draait
3. Get mad at an object and make it turn into a hot dog then eat it!! haha how's that for revenge! woo
4. Turn into a gummy bear and take over the world! Oh yeah! It can happen! ^^
5. Find out if my friend Jenna is a real alien whos trying to steal my cotton candy lightbulb!
6. Make a fairytale place where all my dreams occur in and is my escape place.
7. Punch everyone I want to in real life in my dreams and watch them cry!!! Mwa hahaaa. wink5
8. See my dream guide
9. Lay on a cloud
Well thats all right now.. I probablly forgot a lot but oh well. draait

#97:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 27 Mar, 2010
Fringe wrote:
6. Talk politics with an alien tounge1 (Haha)

hahahah great idea! ^^

8. Look at the sky and just feel good (Kinda boring, but it would be a big stress reliever)

boring? not at all, I can garantee you! dream skies are really magical! :D

#98:  Author: ovk2k5 PostPosted: Mon 29 Mar, 2010
Well I'm new and just learning about LD's but I have quite a few to-do's:

1. Have Saiyan powers in my own Dragonball Z Universe (probably my most desired dream)
2. Sex of course ^^
3. Practice skateboarding to get better in real life
4. Win Wimbledon
5. Front Man for a famous rock band
6. Come up with ideas to write a book(s)
7. Love (as in love like you see in movies and such, basically like put myself in the story instead of the original character)

#99:  Author: Soft-Spoken PostPosted: Tue 30 Mar, 2010
I'm still awkward and learning too, but I've got a long list...

-Increase recall to maximum or near-maximum.
-Increase occurrence and levels of lucidity.
-Increase overall control.
-Increase vividness.

-Continue to work on vividness, control, lucidity, recall. (a neverending process)
-Meet my Dreamguide.
-Make peace with my Shadow Self.
-Purge what doesn't belong in my psyche.
-Learn to re-enter dreams.
-Get a feel for each different dreaming technique.
-Avoid backsliding...

-Visit friends/family in shared dreams. (with permission)
-Meet Muhammad. (though maybe it isn't LDing technique that'll get me that)
-Try to heal someone.
-Attempt an OBE

-Get high eating dream mushrooms.
-Walk/hitch-hike across the dreamscape, talking to DCs, taking in the scenery.
-Go off my diet without guilt.
-Chase down a deer, kill it with my bare hands, and eat it raw.
-Fly (naturally)
-Chat with my subconscious mind.
-Kiss a girl. (find that one girl from the non-lucid again...)
-Live out an alternate life, and be raised by wolves.
-Explore space.
-Walk across an atom. (and meet the ghosts living inside)
-Walk through a mirror.

I could go on forever with this last list...

#100:  Author: Brnader PostPosted: Tue 30 Mar, 2010
I'd like to eat human flesh smile

#101:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Tue 30 Mar, 2010
Hello, Soft-Spoken! Welcome to Ld4all bye

I hope you keep persisting until you cross off all of those items! Best of luck on your quest smile Feel free to post any questions or experiences you feel like sharing! Or even start your own DJ in the DJ section, it really helps DR!

#102:  Author: FatalCondition PostPosted: Wed 31 Mar, 2010
Brnader wrote:
I'd like to eat human flesh smile
Wow....Most original idea ever for a lucid dream. I just wanna know why?

Rhewin wrote:
I know it sounds generic, but I would definitely have to say flying. Ever since I was a very young boy, Peter Pan was one of my biggest heroes. I've always been able to picture exactly what flying should feel like, and in an LD it's everything I could imagine.
It not generic and if you do fly like peter pan one day I bet it would be amazing. I hope you achieve your goal one day.

#103:  Author: Lanina PostPosted: Wed 31 Mar, 2010
I'll start out with some easy ones, as I haven't actively tried to LD for a long time.

1. Transform into a wolf (done before, many times)
2. Visit asgard (happened once in a ND)

#104:  Author: Brnader PostPosted: Sun 04 Apr, 2010
@ wantless
it's just an idea that came up a few years ago...and because its illegal in my country to do that , a LD is the perfect opportunity

#105:  Author: Aramitz PostPosted: Sun 11 Apr, 2010
Things i WILL do :

    Teleport (in space and in time)
    Espacially : i want to go to places in the matrix, such as the zen house in witch morpheus fights neo !
    Ask impossible questions do my DCs
    Create one I get to meet in every dream (Anyone ever achieved that ?)
    Change my body (bigger, smaller, weirder !)
    Anythings that would help me LDing.
    Change myself in myself with the opposite sex.
    Have sex with myself.
    (Wait... what ?)
    Clone myself. That would be super weird ! Because i must then be having multiple consciousness. (see this)
    Go to normally non physical places. (The internet, heaven, my brain ...)

Also, i'd like to be able to change my feelings just by deciding it.

There's so much things I read that must be so much fun ! The only barrier here is creativity. How great is that ?

#106:  Author: Myne Notachi PostPosted: Thu 15 Apr, 2010
- fly
- have a SD
- meet my SG
- meet Robin Hood (always wanted to meet him, he's my hero <3) and help him defeat Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
- become a Jedi (this includes building my own lightsaber, using the Force etc).
- Ride Epona (already done this in a ND, but would love to be lucid for it)
- Fight a Templar while visiting the 11th century.

#107:  Author: Beckstar PostPosted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010
My perfect LD would be including,

Visiting a deserted beach i could call my own ^^ and manipulate different sunrises and sunsets and visulise my favourite people and generally have a great time with them, ^^

have an amazing guitar battle with the guitar gods, Slash, Brian May etc, maybe get some lessons? grin

paint the sky and create films scenes and pratice my Performing arts skills grin

hang out with my random DCs woo

regress back to old memories (Good ones! )

Test my superpowers woo

#108:  Author: dreamer628 PostPosted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010
1.Complete a quest.
2.Look at the sky (an easy but amazing thing)
3.Ask DC.s if they are awere of the fact that they are in my dream ^^
4.Talk to rocks
5.Talk to animals.
6.Be able to breathe under water and swim with dolphins.
6.Meet a celebrity.

#109:  Author: Lolz4All PostPosted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010
My To Do List:

Change Gender
Freeze Time
Shared Dream
Use the Lucid Remote
Go Back in Time
Go Forward in Time

#110:  Author: killa kev PostPosted: Tue 27 Apr, 2010
let me ask something, what is an "SD" ?

#111:  Author: patches PostPosted: Tue 27 Apr, 2010
Its a shared dream Killa! haha,
basically you are literally dreaming the same dream with a real person, whether you know them or not.

And my to do list as of now:
-Get to the moon for april's quest (only a few days left!)
-Meet my dream guide
-successfully fly

#112:  Author: emailemail PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
So i read a advice on how to lucid dream and one of them is to have
lucid dreaming on your mind as i understand so here i am, now if i would
be lucid in my dreams i would go to a nightmare i have dreamed and rescue
my past self from the nightmare and then warn my past self of ''future'' events

#113:  Author: crystalcat PostPosted: Sun 02 May, 2010
Try my "Dream-Wing" spaceship alien
Go to the moon universe
Get better dream control wizard
Shared Dream of course! obe1

#114:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Fri 07 May, 2010
2)Meet my SG
3)Meet my SC
4)Meet my DG
5)Talk to a DC
6)Create an island with a bizarre race of people on it
7)Kiss my crush (Sex maybe?)
8)Transform into an animal

#115:  Author: prettyturquoise PostPosted: Sat 08 May, 2010
- fly
- have sex (with both men and women wink5)
- sword fight
- be the captain of a pirate ship, somewhere where the water changes from light blue to bright turquoise *__*
- go for a walk with a DC and talk, talk, talk
- take part at some demo which gets out of hand- mass panic, violence, all those things i wouldn't like to experience in RL
- sit on the beach playing the guitar and singing
- create my own dreamscape
- be an actress

... oh, i could go on for ever and ever ;D

#116:  Author: Apeiron PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
Oh man, I could go on forever with this, especially since I just had my first LD the other day...

#1. Master teleportation, I can't wait for the day I can teleport easily throughout my dreams.
#2 Go through a mirror, of course.
#3 Time travel. I've had some really amazing time traveling experiences in non-lucid dreams.
#4 Spawning objects out of thin air would be pretty sweet.
#5 Explore the world from the Legend of Zelda games on the Nintendo 64. That'd be so awesome ^^

#117: Definitely do things... Author: Laura PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
I've never had a LD before but those are the things I definitely want to do of I ever het one:

Breath under water
Be invisible
Travel in time
Meet Michael Jackson (ALIVE!! )

And much more! The only thing where I'm worried about is... If I'll ever get an LD I will be so excited about the fact it worked out, that I Will wake up... sadblauw

#118:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
I also want to play some kind of sports on the moon, and explore other galaxies, as well as creating a small planet named after me!

#119:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
First I think I'll have a lucid dream!

Then, I think I shall:

- Visit moon/mars/other galaxies
- Have sex
- Make out with Taylor Lautner
- Transform into /ride a dragon
- Morph into animals
- Play Quidditch

#120:  Author: wanttodelete19 PostPosted: Thu 13 May, 2010
I've always wanted to share a dream with my sister. Make her lucid and then she could show me that place she always talks about! ^^ Then I'd make that one boy appear so I could see his adorableness again! And ask him questions. Then I would fly into a really pretty sky. OH! And of course I'd explore. I'd talk to everyone. Meet some people and stuff.

Oh I just thought of another. I've always wanted to explore Wonderland. It always seemed like such a fun place!

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#121:  Author: vonMatterhorn PostPosted: Thu 20 May, 2010
- talk to a DC
- run really fast
- tricking: handstand, front flip etc.
- fly
- sing in front of a huge audience
- get in a fight
- sex
- visit awesome places
- swim/dive
- travel in time

so much to but I had just one LD yet


#122:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 30 May, 2010
I haven't had a good one yet, but here's my list:
-Have a lightsaber duel with Yoda (did it once in a ND, IT WAS EPIC!)
-Breathe under water
-Visit places Ive been in books, video games, TV, etc.
-Use magic/superpowers/Jedi stuff
-Fight a ninja
-Talk to DCs
-Shapeshift (reeeaaallly easy for me)
-have a place that offers all weapons made in past, present, and future and try them out
-Have a philosophical debate with a DC
-Relive all the different Call of duty games

...It could go on and on, but I'll just stop there.

#123:  Author: Dani1202 PostPosted: Sun 30 May, 2010
- Flying (somehow I can imagine growing wings would be easiest for me, eventhough I've never flied, even in a ND!^^)
- Showing off in front of DCs ("Hey everyone, I can fly!")
- Sword- and spearfighting
- The old-fashioned "Save the princess - Save the world"-Routine mrgeen

#124:  Author: fleshandbone PostPosted: Wed 30 Jun, 2010
1. Get a lucid dream
2. Rub my hands together
3. Go through a mirror
4. Sing "rebel yell"
5. Fly
6. Explore
7. Fight off an army with my super awesome magic powers

#125:  Author: FatalCondition PostPosted: Thu 01 Jul, 2010
My List:
- Relive some memories.
- Visit myself when I was young.
- Create a dream world based around different pass civilizations.
- Create a DC that I always meet when I lucid.
- Play music with my favorite band.
- Master swimming (I hate drowning in dreams, it SUCKS!)
- Pratice all different kinds on IWL skils
- Defeat some of my fears.
- Play video games that only exist in my mind.
- Explore the ever-changing world of my mind.
...and talk to the occasion DC ever so often.

#126:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Thu 01 Jul, 2010
My list is very long so I've placed it in a spoiler. siiw

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Also, an exact copy (excluding updates) can be found on my dream journal. Oh, and read some stories while you're there. applaus

#127:  Author: Himnes PostPosted: Fri 02 Jul, 2010
1. Listen to some good music (heard that it's supposed to be amazing in dreams)
2. Find a fun DC I met once
3. Open the monster book that I found in one of my dreams
4. Learn to change scenes
5. Go trough a mirror
6. Fly to another continent
7. Swim
8. Try to make DC's realize they are in a dream
9. Go to a museum and see some art
10. Eat some lucid food
11. Fly of course
12. Try to get over my fear of wasps and sharks

#128:  Author: GTG145 PostPosted: Tue 06 Jul, 2010
Doing the impossible is what made me want to start LD'ing. Anyways, here it is.
-Make unrealistically big bubbles (Idk why but this always sounded fun to me, like start blowing one really small and then it ends up so big that it engulfs the earth )
-Ride a wolf or morph into one (My favorite animal)
-Hang out with my best friend and probably fly together
-Create my Dream Girl (I never have had a girlfriend but have really wanted one so why not create the perfect girl? She likes everything you like, etc.)
-Sex, yeah I know, it's cliche but as a guy whose never done anything like that, why not first try it in a LD?
-Meet Harrison Ford and other people I've always wanted to meet
-Take the LD pill and see if I can make the effects turn into real life, like when I take the pill in increases my LD's or something

That's all I can think of for right now anyways ^^ [/list]

#129:  Author: strawberry5421 PostPosted: Tue 13 Jul, 2010
So far I'm at step one; trying desperately to remember my dreams XD But, If I could LD, here's what I would do:

~ Create a world of bizarre colour and discover ones that have never been seen
~ Dance in a rain of colour
~ Eat potato chips underwater ( woo )
~ Breathe underwater
~ Have my first kiss (I want to know in a dream what it feels like to kiss)
~ Meet my SC (I think it may be my cat, because she always seems to be looking at me when I wake up, and she is my closest friend)
~ Slap Austin McKenzie across his annoying, freckly face!
~ Falcon-PAWNCH Laura Vance across her annoying, freckly face! (oh, that would pwn)
~ See Oscar and Baby Butter again (my cats who passed-on)
~ Meet my great-grandma
~ Walk on water
~ Meet my religious leader
~ Scream as loud as I could, and see what happens
~ Die and see what happens (I dunno if I could, I'm a wuss)
~ Meet my fictional chars Rainfall, Jaywing and Redfeather. Oh, don't forget Artiste!
~ See what I will look like when I'[m twenty
~ See what a sound wave looks like and smells like and feels like
~ Beat the crap out of all the animal abusers in the universe
~ See if there is such things as aliens
~ Meet Link, Zelda, and Midna (shut up XD)
~ Have blue-jay wings and a tail, then fly
~ Try to share a dream with my friend, Ryan
~ Bust into my mom's dreams and see what she says in the morning slide
~ Foretell 2012
~ Free all the chickens from the grasp of Kernel Sanders
~ Beat the crap out of my mom's old boyfriend
~ Shrink
~ Grow
~ Make a whirlpool
~ Be a luma
~ Me a cat and a wolf

WOOHOO! Keep on dreaming, folks. woo

#130:  Author: KauaiDreamer PostPosted: Tue 13 Jul, 2010
tosxyChor wrote:
In rough order of (difficulty + importance):

Fly (DONE)
Get better on flying (manuevers, someraults, faster, higher, do things)
More exploring
More skygazing
Telekinesis (DONE)
Passing thorugh walls (DONE)
Get my wings! (Completing a quest)
Create objects
Destroy matter
Animate objects
Teleportation/portal usage
Riding animals, dragons, chocobos, whatever!
Get my clothes off and see how long the dream lasts ^^
Create energetic/elemental balls, ki powers
Play the piano
Talk with my SC (DONE)
Talk with my Angelic guide (actually, it seems I have to create one first lach1)
Getting an animal companion or two
Face and confront my fears
Finish past quests here on ld4all
Relive forgotten experiences
Martial arts! Kung fu fighting!
Become a single point of consciousness
Get into a videogame (fighting, fps)
Get into the 4th spatial dimension
Get into prolonging LD's at will
Learn to easily induce a LD
Using Wyvern's transformation guide till the end of the world
Win a Lucid Challenge
Become a complete DnD druid (magic, nature, companions, shapeshifting, adventure!)
Become a Chronicler without asking IRL
..... (way down below)
Secret tasks: can't tell
Looks like you can update your list! You have your wings and won a lucid challenge etc.

#131:  Author: KauaiDreamer PostPosted: Tue 13 Jul, 2010
Okay, a few dream goals of mine:

1) Meet my dream guide again (at least I know what he looks like now)
2) Learn to heal better with stronger chi ball
3) Find my perfect meadow and be able to get there every time I wish
4) Fly to the Himalayas and sit on a snowcapped mountain top
5) Fly in the universe and float along the ring of Saturn and into the Milky Way
6) Prolong LD
7) Find my Tree of Souls again and manage to get closer
8 ) Manage a mutual dream with a friend of mine who is also an LDer
9) Practice roller blading so I can get over my fear of falling in RL
10) Practice singing (no neighbors that can complain smile )
11) Find a mirror and step through
12) Meet my future life partner, so I'll know what he looks like in RL (cheating)

#132:  Author: echuta PostPosted: Wed 21 Jul, 2010
I hate the fact that every time I get lucid, I go on auto-pilot and start flying immediately. I seriously don't remember a LD in which I haven't flown. So here is my list for things I really want to do when I learn to control my dreams in a way that I don't always do the same old flight which bores me now.

- find a lightsaber, just turn it on and look at it, listen to it.
- play drums with some awesome band, preferably some big stadium concert
- create an idyllic dreamtown, not a "world", just a small perfect place
- sing higher than I'm able to IWL
- visit outer space, but not realistic space, as in black emptiness with stars, but colorful scenery like photos by the Hubble
- interact in some of my favourite movies, maybe change the story by giving some character a heads up that he's getting killed... :D
- timetravel
- explore
- talk with dream characters that I don't know IWL, make friends
- learn something from an old wiseguy :D

that's all I can think of right now...

#133:  Author: Pseudomaniac PostPosted: Mon 26 Jul, 2010
-Listen to my favorite songs in hyperreality
-Explore a new world
-Participate in an epic fantasy war
-Die heroically in said epic fantasy war and try to catch a glimpse of the afterlife
-Zombie survival (I've done it before in an ND, but not a really great one)
-Drum to songs I can't play IRL (Rush, Behemoth, ELP, etc.) in concert
-Backstage after said concert give Marilyn Manson a good, hefty slap in the face
-Enter my favorite TV shows, movies, and books in order to change the timeline
-Enter Mario Kart and try to win a race
-Tell a DC to make me become lucid in every dream I have
-Witness historical events firsthand (the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, V-Day, the Fall of Rome, etc.)
-Single-handedly save a concentration camp from Nazis

#134:  Author: Zeekaice PostPosted: Tue 17 Aug, 2010
I don't have a big list...but I'll share it anyway XD

-Meet the Almighty Tallest from Invader Zim
-Meet my SC
-Search my brain for good book ideas
-Meet people I know on the internet in my dream
-Explore my brain and find reasons why I'm having hints to an old dream so often
-Fly around the world
-Meet people in my life who have died
-Go through a zombie attack survival scenario
-Meet my SG

#135: My Own LD To Do List. Author: Is_R_My Reality PostPosted: Wed 18 Aug, 2010
* create my own world
*start my own life and have a family
*transform into a bird, panther, husky
*travel around the world
*sketch out a floor plan/layout then lift the building into a 3D form
*make a warehouse of some sort where each door carries a dream I've had, where I re visit any time I want.
*make a home for my dream guide Ricky ( i think he is)
*create my own dream pet
*visit the middle age
*create my story ideas into movies

#136:  Author: Earth PostPosted: Thu 19 Aug, 2010
Eat/drink myself (do i dissapear???)
meet my sg and not shoot him/her. (arcterius!)
fly through billboards
skateboard on dcs (use them as skateboards)
eat stuff that isnts edible like light, ideas, and dreams
blow sht up
eat a new york bagel

#137:  Author: Tekeur PostPosted: Sat 28 Aug, 2010
-Destroy everything in my dream ebil
-Fly !
- Ask to a DC a name for my DJ
-Burn this DC if I don't like his idea devil
-Fly again ! In New York... 8D
-Listen music in my dream !

#138:  Author: Smooker PostPosted: Thu 09 Sep, 2010
-jump from the window of my room
-meet a wise man and ask him questions
-go to school and do something in the classroom
-sleep and dream another dream ^^

#139:  Author: DKanabus PostPosted: Sat 25 Sep, 2010
-Use Lucidity Goggles to see if they improve lucidity
-Walk through walls
-Practice different methods of teleportation
-Use best method to travel to my girlfriend's dream (SD)
-Make her lucid
-Do dreamy things with her

#140:  Author: fleshandbone PostPosted: Sun 26 Sep, 2010
1. Go through a Mirror
2. Play Guitar
3. Fight off ninjas

#141: Ninja's LD to do list Author: Ninja PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
<mod>Merged into the sticky topic. If you want a personal list .. make one in the first post of your LD4all dream journal. moogle </mod>

Welcome to my LD to do list! Ive started this to increase my motivation for having LDs.

    Yet to be completed:
    Have a lightsaber duel
    Go to Pandora
    Meet my MCs
    Do something similar to operation cliffhanger from Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2.
    Mount an assult on a CIS command star cruser from an ARC-170 starfighter
    Talk to my SC
    Ride an Ikran
    Do stuff in Persia like in the Prince of Persia movie and do awesome assasin type stuff
    Engage in an intense battle sequence with (possibly) slo-mo segments
    Have a week long LD
    Have an epic (large scale) assault on a city in ancient Persia
    Fly a Scorpion Gunship
    parachute behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany
    Chain LDs
    Have multiple LDs a night
    Increase dream recall to 3-5 dreams a night

    Have a Lucid Dream

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#142:  Author: Lumbar PostPosted: Sun 03 Oct, 2010
Going to Pandora and Riding an Ikran would be very Nice ^^ But instead of doing that I'd prefer to be the Ikran tounge2 Very Nice to-do list, expand it even more to get the Brain Juices flowing ^,-,^

#143: Re: Ninja's LD to do list Author: Rhett PostPosted: Mon 04 Oct, 2010
Ninja wrote:

Do something similar to operation cliffhanger from Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2.

Haha i love that mission

#144:  Author: Ninja PostPosted: Tue 05 Oct, 2010
Mebe i should put "discover why the majority of my goals revolve around action" on my list =P

#145:  Author: Lumbar PostPosted: Tue 05 Oct, 2010
Well I have so many!!!!!!!!



.Run up a building Jump of the building do a backflip fly as a human then after a while transform into a Dragon ^^

.Make the Ocean Disapear

.Holding my breath underwater for aslong as I wish. and swim really fast. swim down to the Deepest depths and turn all the lights on and make the water crystal clear and see the fishes and other amazing creatures in the deep sea.

.Fly around space as a Dragon and bounce of Planets and do loads of twirls loops and other things ^^

.Travel to other planets by the click of a finger and talk to the Aliens/People I meet

.Meditate in a dream.

.Find my Spirit Guide or let him/her or It come to me.

.Learn amazing things about myself.

.Pick the sun out of the sky and eat it.

.Run sooo fast my skin Peels away and im a running Skeleton Haha!.

.Fly around Like Superman.

.Relax on top of the highest mountain i can create and Look down on planets Jump of and freefall for as long as I want, and as i get closer to the ground slow down and scream as loud as I can and shake the planet. "random"

.Feel an Extreme sense of freedom.

.Go to Pandora.

.Walk down a street and scream a random word. I can do that IRL but i just want to do it in a dream lol.

.Skim a mountain across the sea.

.Eat fish In a Dream O.O

Ok I am not running out of Ideas But I will stop now they are getting very random. :D

#146:  Author: Laretta PostPosted: Thu 21 Oct, 2010
I want to do the following things:
-Do some magic
-Control the elements or the weather itself
-Watch the Earth and other planets from the space
-Travel to another world
-Take a tour in a futuristic city
-Fly with dragons
-Freeze time
-Transform into a dolphin or a mermaid
-Teleport to somewhere
-Visit an underwater hotel
-Paint to the sky
-Fly with wings
-Run, fly or swim very fast
-Ride a flying carpet
-Transform into an animal or another person (maybe a fictional one)
-Be a circus artist
-Visit my fictional funfair
-Talk to animals
-Travel within a bubble
-Jumping on mushrooms XD
-Be on a holiday in a very nice place (ocean or my favorite country)

That's all for now... I hope I complete them on one day smile

#147:  Author: Katsuno PostPosted: Fri 22 Oct, 2010
My to-do list:

-Learn Byakugan (360 degree vision)
-Learn Gentle fist (Yeah I'm a Neji fan^^)
-Develop my Secret Technique
-Have a shared LD and fight Ninja style
-Meet my Subconscious and ask "him" about my past live
-Create the Village Hidden in the Leaves
-Practice Parkour without being hurt, so I get better at it in RL
-Learn to have full control over my dream
-Get better at Chakra Control (for RL, too)
-Learn things about myself, so I get ld faster

#148:  Author: Cheri PostPosted: Fri 22 Oct, 2010
I would like to talk to a character from a tv show or movie!
Also I might work on some of the old quests!

#149:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Sat 23 Oct, 2010
I have so many things I would want to do.

.Hang out with Megurine Luka
.Meet my spirit guide
.Meet Quuipo and offer her pineapples smile
.Fly around outer space

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