The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II
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#106:  Author: Myne Notachi PostPosted: Thu 15 Apr, 2010
- fly
- have a SD
- meet my SG
- meet Robin Hood (always wanted to meet him, he's my hero <3) and help him defeat Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
- become a Jedi (this includes building my own lightsaber, using the Force etc).
- Ride Epona (already done this in a ND, but would love to be lucid for it)
- Fight a Templar while visiting the 11th century.

#107:  Author: Beckstar PostPosted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010
My perfect LD would be including,

Visiting a deserted beach i could call my own ^^ and manipulate different sunrises and sunsets and visulise my favourite people and generally have a great time with them, ^^

have an amazing guitar battle with the guitar gods, Slash, Brian May etc, maybe get some lessons? grin

paint the sky and create films scenes and pratice my Performing arts skills grin

hang out with my random DCs woo

regress back to old memories (Good ones! )

Test my superpowers woo

#108:  Author: dreamer628 PostPosted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010
1.Complete a quest.
2.Look at the sky (an easy but amazing thing)
3.Ask DC.s if they are awere of the fact that they are in my dream ^^
4.Talk to rocks
5.Talk to animals.
6.Be able to breathe under water and swim with dolphins.
6.Meet a celebrity.

#109:  Author: Lolz4All PostPosted: Sat 17 Apr, 2010
My To Do List:

Change Gender
Freeze Time
Shared Dream
Use the Lucid Remote
Go Back in Time
Go Forward in Time

#110:  Author: killa kev PostPosted: Tue 27 Apr, 2010
let me ask something, what is an "SD" ?

#111:  Author: patches PostPosted: Tue 27 Apr, 2010
Its a shared dream Killa! haha,
basically you are literally dreaming the same dream with a real person, whether you know them or not.

And my to do list as of now:
-Get to the moon for april's quest (only a few days left!)
-Meet my dream guide
-successfully fly

#112:  Author: emailemail PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
So i read a advice on how to lucid dream and one of them is to have
lucid dreaming on your mind as i understand so here i am, now if i would
be lucid in my dreams i would go to a nightmare i have dreamed and rescue
my past self from the nightmare and then warn my past self of ''future'' events

#113:  Author: crystalcat PostPosted: Sun 02 May, 2010
Try my "Dream-Wing" spaceship alien
Go to the moon universe
Get better dream control wizard
Shared Dream of course! obe1

#114:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Fri 07 May, 2010
2)Meet my SG
3)Meet my SC
4)Meet my DG
5)Talk to a DC
6)Create an island with a bizarre race of people on it
7)Kiss my crush (Sex maybe?)
8)Transform into an animal

#115:  Author: prettyturquoise PostPosted: Sat 08 May, 2010
- fly
- have sex (with both men and women wink5)
- sword fight
- be the captain of a pirate ship, somewhere where the water changes from light blue to bright turquoise *__*
- go for a walk with a DC and talk, talk, talk
- take part at some demo which gets out of hand- mass panic, violence, all those things i wouldn't like to experience in RL
- sit on the beach playing the guitar and singing
- create my own dreamscape
- be an actress

... oh, i could go on for ever and ever ;D

#116:  Author: Apeiron PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
Oh man, I could go on forever with this, especially since I just had my first LD the other day...

#1. Master teleportation, I can't wait for the day I can teleport easily throughout my dreams.
#2 Go through a mirror, of course.
#3 Time travel. I've had some really amazing time traveling experiences in non-lucid dreams.
#4 Spawning objects out of thin air would be pretty sweet.
#5 Explore the world from the Legend of Zelda games on the Nintendo 64. That'd be so awesome ^^

#117: Definitely do things... Author: Laura PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
I've never had a LD before but those are the things I definitely want to do of I ever het one:

Breath under water
Be invisible
Travel in time
Meet Michael Jackson (ALIVE!! )

And much more! The only thing where I'm worried about is... If I'll ever get an LD I will be so excited about the fact it worked out, that I Will wake up... sadblauw

#118:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
I also want to play some kind of sports on the moon, and explore other galaxies, as well as creating a small planet named after me!

#119:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Mon 10 May, 2010
First I think I'll have a lucid dream!

Then, I think I shall:

- Visit moon/mars/other galaxies
- Have sex
- Make out with Taylor Lautner
- Transform into /ride a dragon
- Morph into animals
- Play Quidditch

#120:  Author: wanttodelete19 PostPosted: Thu 13 May, 2010
I've always wanted to share a dream with my sister. Make her lucid and then she could show me that place she always talks about! ^^ Then I'd make that one boy appear so I could see his adorableness again! And ask him questions. Then I would fly into a really pretty sky. OH! And of course I'd explore. I'd talk to everyone. Meet some people and stuff.

Oh I just thought of another. I've always wanted to explore Wonderland. It always seemed like such a fun place!

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