Sense of taste in dreams?
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#1: Sense of taste in dreams? Author: Some1 PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009

I joined this board about a year ago but this is actually my first post ever.

My question has to do with sense of taste while dreaming. Yesterday I dreamed that I was drinking beer--two cans. I remember thinking to myself after I drank one of them, my God, this tastes like crap. When I tried the other, it had a very pleasant taste.

How common is it for people in dreams to have a sense of taste and other senses? I guess I'm referring in particular to both touch and smell. And if so, would this be any indication of a person's ability to have lucid dreams?

#2:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
first of all, welcome grin

I hope this first post tastes (no pun intended ) for more grin

I think taste in dreams is the same like other senses in dreams, but usually the visual sense is the most prominent, so you usually remember your dreams as "movies". Having said that, to have a dream where I actually eat (and taste) something is Quite rare. I have tasted stuff on purpose in lucid dreams though, and the sense of taste is present.

#3:  Author: Valerys PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
I also have eaten lots of icecream in my dreams with different flavours. Usually I don't really rely on smelling or tasting senses because most of the time they are completely influenced by the one that interacts with them. For example, about the beer: the dream gave some kind of weird taste for that beer because it was expecting you to like it, but you didn't, so the taste was remade according to your reaction to the first one.
I don't know if touching or tasting have any real impact on lucidity, but it cannot be bad thing because this shows you have a strengthful sense of dream recall, and this is very important while trying to achieve LD's.
As for me, I never felt the dreams like "movies". For example, when I talk to a DC, I can clearly feel it's warmth, it's breath, it's smell (sometimes), it's heart beating slower or faster, just like IRL scenario.

#4:  Author: TwilightDreamer PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
Personally, I have felt quite a fw times taste in dreams - at times pleasent, and at times not. It doesn't seem too common, but it exists for everyone, so it seems.

#5:  Author: Tundra PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
Food is great in my dreams.. Haven't eaten for ages though, but I was surprised how nice everything was...!

#6:  Author: Fate PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
This makes me seriously wonder.. how do inedible things taste? Like dirt, rock, acids, weird goo etc.

#7:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
bye welcome to the forum

How common is it for people in dreams to have a sense of taste and other senses? I guess I'm referring in particular to both touch and smell.

Sight, touch and hearing are all vivid in my dreams. The sense of taste and smell aren't used as much .. when I do taste something it is the same as real life though. ^^

#8:  Author: SLS93 PostPosted: Sun 17 May, 2009
I rarely eat things in my dreams. But i've had some tastey soda before. :D Yeah, taste works in dreams just like the other sensations. Wouldn't It would be cool to make a new flavor of something?

#9:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Mon 18 May, 2009
Ah food in dreams. I've eaten so many things. I can always taste in my dreams whenever I choose to eat. Generally from my experience, real edible food tastes like the real stuff. Great in LD's 'cause you can eat as much as you want. INDULGE. :D
As for eating other random stuff...
Grass tasted vegetable-like. Rocks taste... hmm... unique and bland.
Q's cookies are amazing.
The taste of humans has varied. devil Some taste similar to hamburgers, some taste like steak, some have this salty meaty taste (kinda like bacon), and bruno tastes like salted almonds. tounge2
Blood has tasted like chocolate milk, water, salty water, real blood, and wine. Usually wine.

Oh, and rainbows taste like Skittles.

#10:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Mon 18 May, 2009
Ah :D I have felt lots of tastes in my dreams The really fun thing with dreams is that things taste very similar to RL-food (at least for me) and the tastiest Ive eaten in dreams are cakes tounge1 theyre so deliscious turn3

And BTW, welcome Andy to ld4all (I know Im late tounge2 )

#11:  Author: Luminous PostPosted: Mon 18 May, 2009
The sense of taste and smell in dreams and lucid dreams are quite interesting to discuss, as they are not commonly noticed, if present at all. I have been aware of several food intolerances that I have for about a year now, and there are many types of food that I love, but cannot eat anymore, at least not without using special recipes. I can't even eat regular pizza, hamburgers or cake like so many others take for granted, so I eat these kinds of foods in lucid dreams.

For me, sometimes, the sense of taste is not present until I focus on it and consciously will to feel it. But usually, I have quite a strong sense of taste in my lucid dreams, and the food might taste even better than in real life! I can't remember eating anything in a non lucid dream, though.

#12:  Author: wolvendeer PostPosted: Mon 18 May, 2009
Come to think of it, I have a lot of dreams where I get food, but only a few where I actually eat it. Out of those, the food is mostly bland. I can tell you not to mix chocolate milk and carbonated water though. XP

#13:  Author: Presence of Light PostPosted: Tue 19 May, 2009
if you can imagine yourself tasting something right now, this is probably how strong your sense in a dream is

but i wonder if being in a dream and then "isolated" would cause you to be suggestible, so you taste more?

#14:  Author: Download PostPosted: Tue 19 May, 2009
I still remember the blue leaves... Tasted like candy
The only dream I ate... I also had some European Chocolate (way better than the crap we have here)

Yepp, still my favorite dream ever. The randomness of it was awesome... for 3/4 of it, I was an apple...

#15:  Author: Davide PostPosted: Tue 26 May, 2009
I've had it happen a few times...I only remember pleasant tastes though(somekind of berries/fruit and candies). Also pretty sure I experienced smells in dreams, though I can't remember of any in particular.

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