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#31:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Tue 16 Sep, 2003
I'll post my suggestions again:

FSP= False Sleep Paralysis: happens when you wake up in SP-like conditions in a FA. This type of SP is caused by mental blockages, while the real SP is caused by physical conditions.

FHI= False Hypnagogic Imagery: happens when you experience HI while falling asleep inside a dream. This could be hypnagogic or hypnopompic.

CLD/CoLD= Chain of Lucid Dreams: when you experience several individual LDs after each other in a short time period.

CFA/CoFA= Chain of False Awakenings: when you experience several FAs after each other in a short time period.

SPA/SPuA= Sleep Paralysis upon Awakening: the most common type of SP.

SPFA/SPuFA= Sleep Paralysis upon Falling Asleep: very rare type of SP but it exists.

#32:  Author: Dm7 PostPosted: Fri 19 Sep, 2003

I noticed that we don't have NREM here...

Non-Rapid Eyes Movement


#33:  Author: charlottedreamer PostPosted: Sun 26 Oct, 2003
hmm... could have skipped over this one, but DR should be 'dream recall' I'm a really lazy typist, and probibly will spell every 2nd word wrong, so for the sake of LD4all we may want to add this one grin

#34:  Author: Pedro PostPosted: Sat 08 Nov, 2003
Thanks for applying my VILD technique to the forum pasQuale! :D

#35:  Author: Hallstrom PostPosted: Thu 13 Nov, 2003
How about adding some grammar to the acronyms?

LDs - Lucid Dreams
LDing - Lucid Dreaming
FAs - False Awakenings

and so on...

#36:  Author: odd2k PostPosted: Fri 14 Nov, 2003
FWILD: Fake Wake Initiated Lucid Dream. When you do WILD in a dream, thinking that you are awake.

I think this one is pretty common, so I would like to see it added to the list of acronyms..

#37:  Author: Hallstrom PostPosted: Fri 14 Nov, 2003
If you realize that you are dreaming while the dream is fading away and you are starting to wake up, could you call that LA: Lucid Awakening?

#38:  Author: Lucidity_Master PostPosted: Wed 24 Dec, 2003
Here is a good definition:

DILD - Dream-Initiated-Lucid-Dream--A dream in which the dreamer becomes Lucid during the dream, either by dreamsigns or spontaneously.

#39:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 24 Dec, 2003
thanks Lucidity Master ^^

#40:  Author: Lucidity_Master PostPosted: Wed 24 Dec, 2003
This seems like some good definitions

MILD - A method of lucid dream induction done by falling asleep with the presleep intention to remember to recognize the dream state.

WILD - A method of lucid dream induction done by focusing on something to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep in order to enter the dream state fully lucid.

#41:  Author: Helcorax PostPosted: Sun 28 Dec, 2003
An acronym that I commonly use in my DJ:

TF - Technology Failure - The tendency of technological items to not function as intended while in a dream.

The most well-known example is the whole light-switch thing. Last night I had a dream where I couldn't get a cell phone to work properly, and then it began to fall apart in my hands.

#42:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Fri 02 Jan, 2004
I noticed HI hasn't got a description yet. How about this:

"Vivid sensory perceptions occuring while falling asleep. HI often consists of images which may eventually develop into a dream. Flowing passively with HI into the dream is the basic technique of WILD."

#43:  Author: reality.failure PostPosted: Fri 02 Jan, 2004


[edit to cover up even further retardedness.]

HH doesn't even have an explaination either.

HI / HH can also be experienced upon waking too!
Hypno-/Hypnagogic - as you fall asleep
Hypno-/Hypnapompic - as you wake

I often rest my eyes for a while and get HH...but I stop myself from going further asleep. I use it as a form of entertainment when I have some free rest time.

#44:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Sun 04 Jan, 2004
I only spoke of imagery when falling asleep, because HI means "hypnagogic" imagery. Thus, HH and HI only happen when falling asleep. There's no specific acronym for hypnopompic imagery... yet.

#45:  Author: The Golden King of Avalon PostPosted: Sat 10 Jan, 2004
Dream leaping. Going from your dream to person/thing's dream.

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