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#31:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Tue 18 Jan, 2011
Haha, that had been so epic tounge2 and you want it to be published to the Tutorial forum? And this article is gonna contain all stats of all players from every Game that has been played? You are not thinking to write it all by your own eh?

Sorry, but I felt for commenting it shutup

#32:  Author: Wulf PostPosted: Wed 19 Jan, 2011
GHOSTIE11 wrote:
Haha, that had been so epic tounge2 and you want it to be published to the Tutorial forum? And this article is gonna contain all stats of all players from every Game that has been played? You are not thinking to write it all by your own eh?

Sorry, but I felt for commenting it shutup

Well I can always ask! I actually do not quite get where this tutorial forum is. And what withholds you to help me gather all the info any way, Ghostie tounge1.

#33:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Wed 19 Jan, 2011
wulf, I like the idea but I don't think you need to become a scribe for that. And if you need a place to write it I think that a room in the mansion may be a better place than a desk in the scribes corner smile

And when you have completed it, I think it belongs as a sticky in the WG/VG forum smile

#34:  Author: Wulf PostPosted: Wed 19 Jan, 2011
Alright! I will use the mansion then ^_^. I just don't like the idea that stats can disappear from the playground, and I wanted others their stats as well smile.

#35:  Author: Phoenixatc PostPosted: Mon 04 Apr, 2011
Ah man. I'd LOVE to help. But not enough time for me to do it.
Got enough paperwork as is. cry

#36:  Author: Cornelia Xaos PostPosted: Thu 21 Apr, 2011
I'd love to help. I have plenty of time to go around and group information together. I enjoy reading almost any post and while my own post count may seem small now, it's growing by at least one a day if not many more.

I don't currently have any ideas for new tutorials, but I'm sure that after I look a little harder at the archives that I'd come up with a few. Currently I just read over the old posts and post a reply of my own if I found anything helpful, but that would change if I became a scribe. I'd have to fulfill my 'scribic' (?) duties.

(Oh, and I like to write! What? Seems like a key component to being a scribe.)

#37:  Author: Qu PostPosted: Thu 21 Apr, 2011
welcome to the scribes, Scipio Xaos!

here is your key -> clicky

#38:  Author: KittyDreams PostPosted: Mon 25 Apr, 2011
I would really like to help. I love finding new ways to lucid dream, and currently me and my friend are testing different methods to share dreams. I love writing, which does seem to be necessary, so the two combined, I think being a scribe would be a great honour, and amazing fun! Just to think that I could contribute to this community is a reward in itself.

#39:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 19 Jul, 2011
Okay. I would like to volunteer to become a scribe. I realise I haven't had an ld yet, but I have been around the forum for a while and have seen, and like to go through, lots of posts. After seeing someone asking for help interpreting their dreams, I realised that we don't have any FAQ guides on normal dreams, interpreting dreams and finding dream signs (actually, I think a few guides mention dream signs in passing). Anyhow, I realise this is a lucid dreaming forum, but we include normal dreams as part of the forum and we have quiet a few normal dreamers around, so why can't we cater to them with FAQ's, too?

I feel that a lot of people that come here start off with interpreting their dreams and looking for dream signs. There are also others that come to discover why they have odd and freaky dreams, frequent nightmares etc. I understand that these kinds of things are usually personal, but sometimes I feel as if we cater to these kinds of topics yet act as if they have nothing to do with lucidity. Even though normal dreams are at least the bases of lucid ones and people often become lucid from nightmares.

And okay, I'm probably rhanting a long rhant, but I do feel like it could be useful, and that's why I think I should be a scribe. Errr... And I write goods? Literature major ftw? XD

P.S: Okay, I know there's a "recognize" page on the main guide which is also awesome, but mostly overlooked neutral

P.S.S: I has cookies?

#40:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sun 14 Aug, 2011
*Eilatan fixes internet and leaves a plate of warm cookies on the window sill of this topic before running off notify

#41:  Author: Tggtt PostPosted: Thu 15 Sep, 2011
Forgive my question, I don't know if it's already like this, but I've been pondering about this for years now...

Wouldn't it be nice if anyone is welcome to write a FAQ, tutorial, article or etc, which I will refer only as "document".
Then this person submits it to the scribers, who will review the documents and them approve it, possibly asking for corrections or improvements or just rejecting it.

It could occur in a periodic way, for example, each month there's a subject which is needing a new related document, and willing participants would try to write it.

Unrelated documents should be also accepted for review, because it could be something unthought and relevant.

Just a suggestion, I'm saying it because I really like the article base.

#42:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 15 Sep, 2011
Okay Tggtt, what you are saying kind of sounds like it has two parts to it (p.s: Just forgive me if any of this is wrong):

1. Why do we have a scribes group?
2. Why can't everyone basically "be a scribe" in the sense that anyone can submit an article?

1 is a bit iffy, but it came from 2 for me.

Okay, I don't think any scribe would turn down a kind of "free article" that someone wants to write. The reason that there is a structured scribe group is because there are many different people who want to work on different articles. The reason that the scribes is a "private group" is because the scribes have their own forum where they are able to help out and lay out their ideas while gathering feedback from others. This would get a bit confusing if this place is in public due to things such as spam, people jumping the gun on articles that may never happen, and just generally mess up a scribes mind for having to deal with such an open topic. If a scribe wants feedback though, they wouldn't be discouraged in asking "outside of the scribe group" information, or something.

Now we do have a lot of articles not written by scribes, floating around, yes. I have seen yours, and they are interesting, Tggtt. Seeing as they have not been removed, I'm going to say that you weren't denied the right to write them or anything tounge1. The most likely reason I can give you for them seeming "under appreciated" by the scribe community is the fact that there currently is no scribe who is designated to looking through the forum for the posts that could (with a bit of polishing from their authors) be posted in the FAQ/Guide section.

The Scribe group generally gives structure to those wishing to write frequent articles, or help others write articles as long as posting their own. The reason everyone submitting "documents" to the scribes wouldn't exactly work well is because there could be general spam, things that may seem important but can be posted in other sections, or things that if polished by the scribes themselves would leave too much work.

Okay, that's all I can think of to say. Sorry if I offended or don't make sense or sound wrong. D=

#43:  Author: Tggtt PostPosted: Thu 15 Sep, 2011
Eilatan wrote:
...sounds like it has two parts to it

1. Why do we have a scribes group?
2. Why can't everyone basically "be a scribe" in the sense that anyone can submit an article?

No problem, And that's not what I meant. A bit more like the second, but not exactly.

The scribes would still need a private board, and of course, they would still exist, and also, they would still write.

But in my idea, they could act as reviewers as well. Consider the following fact: every published article should be accepted by the scribes. It's not that different than what we have nowadays. This would keep the article space quality by reviewing the contributions (documents).

The only difference is that they could call for some contributions outside the scribes' board. And they would discuss the submissions in their private board, and the reviews could be sent anonymously to the author.
It's not easy to write an article or something like that, so people just wanting to spam would rarely try to write it.

In fact, it's just an idea, I know that their task is similar to the creation of encyclopaedias: gather information and store it in a better way for later reference. So, maybe it shouldn't be a task for the scribes, but other group.

My articles are mostly about new ideas, not about rewriting something consolidated; they would probably not fit until they reach another level of trustworthiness.

Forgive me, dear scribes! We love you.

(Maybe I should had posted this on "Feedback and suggestions" instead.)

#44:  Author: JaySkyecrest PostPosted: Tue 08 Nov, 2011
I haven't been joined for too long, only seven months, but I know quite a bit about lucid dreaming. I have been reading up, and studying it leisurely for about five years now. I love to read, and write! Writing is one of my biggest hobbies, and I have been doing it for years. I know that I haven't been on this site for too long, however I would really love to be a scribe if I could! astral

By the way.... Is this topic still up and running at all?

#45:  Author: MagykKatte PostPosted: Tue 24 Apr, 2012
Alright, I've been a little intimidated, but I'd like to apply to be a scribe. I often find myself lurking around old guides and topics, and I love searching through them for useful information. I'm a pretty good writer, and I can be well organized. Also, I've noticed that we don't have an article about dream teleportation, though it's mentioned in passing. I'd enjoy writing an article on that, if possible, because I've spent a lot of lucid dreams working on it. And there are a few other subjects I don't think have been as well covered. Anyway, thanks for reading smile

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