100 things to do while you're lucid.
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#1: 100 things to do while you're lucid. Author: LDreamerland PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
A list taken from thoughts of my own and others ^^

1-Make your own civilization and be their god
2-Fly over your hometown
3-Meet your dream guide
4-Visit your past lives
5-Meet your dead grandparents again
6-Have superpowers, like super strength.
7-shoot fire out of your eyes
8-turn invisible.
9-Visit and participate in your favorite tv-series and movies.
10-Have sex with every girl/guy on your "girls/guys to have sex with"-list.
11-Talk with DCs
12-Explore places
13-Practise at holding speeches and talking in front of a crowd.
14-Wreaking havoc on the world
-15destroying and killing everyone with your superpowers.
16-Meet your subconscious
17-Have a conversation with your pet
18-Speak with stones.
19-Go to a firing range where there are all possible weapons and try shooting them.
20-Explore random dreamworlds.
21-Meet some dead people, maybe Hitler or Jesus.
22-Try to find planets that support life.
23-fight in world war 2
24-use magic
25-walk on the moon
26-fly in the clouds
27-create a dream city
28-have an awesome battle
30-light saber battle
31-pilot an airplane
32-transform into an animal
33-talk to god
34-meet an alien on a strange planet
35-enter a video game
36-look into a mirror
37-visit with dead ancestors
38-have a conversation with a DC
41-rewrite history
42-go back in time
43-blow things up
44-jump of a cliff
45-listen to music
47-step through a mirror
48-"live"in an adventure
49-play an instrument
50-eat some yummy chocolate cake
51-eat food
52-do drugs
53-play a sport
54-survive 9/11
55-try being the opposite gender
56-shape shift
57-play with gravity
59-fly on a dragon
60-discuss politics with Obama
61-jump into a tornado
62-run at super speed
63-change appearance
64-ride a motorcycle
65-look at a clock
66-master the art of telepathy
67-create a portal
68-overcome your fears
69-fight zombies
70-ride a lion
71-fight pokemon style
72-time travel
73-face your fears
74-become a mermaid
75-meet Santa
76-breathe underwater
77-live in the forest
78-visit space
79-go through a wall
80-transform into a monster
81-have an intense orgasm
82-have a lord of the rings fight
83-look at your hand
84-super jump
85-talk to your crush
86-compose a song
87-change the color of an object
88-rewind time
89- face a nightmare
90-talk to your idol
91-become part of the universe
92-blow up your school or workplace
93-speak in front of an audience
94-practice a skill
95- talk with Albert Einstein
96-visit exotic places
97-have a conversation with a DC
99-talk with your dream guide
100-visit the land of the dead

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#2:  Author: Fallen Youth PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
ill try and remember those while i WILD tonight lol grin

#3:  Author: dreams PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
The first one is rather special. Creating a civilization and be their god. Nice! smile

#4:  Author: aco6000 PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
Thanks! Really needed this! :D woo ^^

#5:  Author: Lisinka PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
You wrote have sex twice. :D

#6:  Author: Ghosteh PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
It was a good list you made, and yet there are more things than that to do

#7:  Author: P90X PostPosted: Wed 23 Sep, 2009
Only a hundred? I can think of thousands, just give me a couple dreams wink

#8:  Author: Rubiks_Cube_Man PostPosted: Thu 24 Sep, 2009
WOW! How long did it take you to type these up

#9:  Author: LDreamerland PostPosted: Thu 24 Sep, 2009
glad you guys like them...took an hour or so...
please no more messages that there's more then 100 things to do while lucid.
This is just 100 things of the thousands that you can do.

#10:  Author: Mahdiii PostPosted: Fri 25 Sep, 2009
Wow. Great List man!

But I did realise a few things like, you said "use magic" twice and kill and torture people is basically killing people so yeah..

A bit more work on it and a few more people agreeing on it and it might become our official "100 things do do while your lucid" list :D

#11:  Author: cauli PostPosted: Fri 25 Sep, 2009
I've made 15/100 already. :D

#12:  Author: LDreamerland PostPosted: Sat 26 Sep, 2009
thanks fixed the two problems tell me if you see anymore

#13: Re: 100 things to do while your lucid. Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Sat 26 Sep, 2009
Ooh, a list of stuff to do!
Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Is this going to be your own personal list of things to do in a LD? Always nice to aim high. :D

#14:  Author: LDreamerland PostPosted: Sun 27 Sep, 2009
yeah only have done 2 tho

#15:  Author: Namine PostPosted: Sun 27 Sep, 2009
Oooooh fun fun fun! wink5

I like the one that says to enter a video game. How intense would it be going on a crazy adventure with your favorite characters? biggrin


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