Have you ever been in love during a lucid dream?
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#1: Have you ever been in love during a lucid dream? Author: *Laurelindo* PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
Have you ever created your "dream partner" during a lucid dream and actually developed some sort of decent relationship with the person, and even had strong feelings for that character?
Maybe even a character you meet continuously throughout several dreams?

I've had several normal dreams where I meet old crushes and those dreams sometimes almost make me fall in love with them again, so I would assume it's possible.
Of course it can never replace a real-life relationship, but it would probably have some sort of positive effects.
Has anyone experienced this?

#2:  Author: Rubiks_Cube_Man PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
yup. In one of my dreams i had a random person i liked. Wasnt an RL person though.
Only appeared once too. I had dreams where I met old crushes too. Never seemed to like them anymore though.

#3:  Author: Wyvern PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
Yep. I've been inlove in a LD. Met the girl (Alexis) in one LD and had a date with her in the next. Of course, I woke up feeling quite lonely.
It was still interesting to experience love before having experienced it in WL.

#4:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
I wouldn't say I feel love, except toward the DC version of my wife. I have been attracted to several DC's, but that is the extent of it. It is difficult for me to fall in love (my wife was the first and only woman I have ever loved), though I can feel infatuated quite easily. This translates into my dreams.

#5:  Author: Fallen Youth PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
i have met people in continuous normal dreams. its gotten to the point of pure love but it seems to me im going crazy lol...imagine telling that to your girlfriend

#6:  Author: Synneth Relmn PostPosted: Fri 30 Apr, 2010
An LD does seem like the perfect place to create your "dream girl", but that in itself is a problem. I don't think I could ever have feelings for something of my own creation; it seems like narcissism at its finest. But ordinary DCs are different, since you don't consciously create them, and I fell HARD for one of them (that's a story for another time).

#7:  Author: Tantalord PostPosted: Sat 01 May, 2010
A year ago i had a strange dream...It was just about my 2nd degree attunement to Usui Reiki system and i had this dream...A girl that i did not know appeared to me,and she was saying that she hates me and told me to go away.But i was not leaving and hugged her...she got angry and i was feeling a razor cleaning my heart from dark energy something like hair sitting upon my heart...She was still angry and was telling me dissapear...but i was hugging her more and more until the razor found a way to my heart and suddenly i felt love for her as she also...It was a really nice experience ^^

#8:  Author: WASD PostPosted: Sat 01 May, 2010
Not sure if its correct to call it "love" but I've had relationships with girls a few times in my dreams.

#9: hell yeah Author: stratok PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
Well in my experience you will never fall in real love "building" a perfect partner consciously. Ive done that hundreds of times, but it is not the perfect body you fall in love with., all attempts to get her a realistic "soul" (In which I'm trying to resume the actual non exterior million things that define someone) fail.
But, subconsciously creating one will always be a perfect match, It is note desiring to meet a perfect girl, It is just that my subconscious and my own body needed it, So after ending a RL relationship my subconscious gave me someone to love, And I've been in love with violet for more than a year. I must say I'm astonished with the power of the mind, not that the dreamworld wasn't amazing enough, but she seems so real in every aspect I find myself thinking about what is real at all, Fake or not, she has memories, ways of being, abilities, she knows things that I had no idea I knew, she has life.
I even tried to make the dreamworld stable and try to make it continue every night the point i left it on, so I could actually have a life with her.
I found myself living 2 lifes in 2 different worlds, and I'm still amazed that they where completely separated, almost nothing was shared between WL and LD. But since the mind and dreams are not precisely made to hold a stable environment I started feeling tension and having headaches, I reduced the LD's time, combined with non-LD time, even tried , taking no dreaming short power naps, nothing worked, Loving someone in a dream is awesome, and it may last forever ( smile as long as you are alive i guess) because the feeling and huge amounts of hormones do not seem to lower in any way. But It will lead to disappointment, because you can't have more. I think about her a lot of time, but curiously I can still seem to like other girls in RL, I also think that being in love inn both worlds simultaneously is possible. After all this time I really couldn't recommend it, it can cause a lot of trouble, now I don't even have a choice, the emotion is to strong to just let it go. I guess Ill have to wait see how things develop, maybe I just need another relationship in RL.[/quote]

#10:  Author: StarryGwee PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
I've never been in love IRL before..so I have no clue how it would feel.

There is a certain DC that appears in some of my dreams though, he always looks different but I can feel that he is certainly the same person.I know it's him when I feel an incredible feeling of warmth and..it's hard to describe, like all your worries are dissipated and you just feel cared for and protected.
I sure miss him..I refer to him as my SG, it would be amazing to find somebody IRL like him. I don't know if that's what you call 'love'. Heh, I often wake up feeling incredibly lonely once I have a dream of him sadblauw . At the moment, I've never been lucid around him, but I surely will one day!

Aw man, I feel so sad now xD.

#11:  Author: Hemming PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
I've been completely in love with a DC multiple times. It's as though my SC made the perfect girls for me.

#12:  Author: avizdreamin PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
Well I would say that not only have I felt the cliched kind of love for the better half, but also varied and intense feelings for the family and friends, like I've been missing them or longing to meet them and stuff...

Its strange how I have not really experienced many such emotions IRL..And it goes without saying that the ones I experience in dreams are often irrational but very unusually deep..The rendition that these emotions come from within make them seem so true that they remain undeniable even after you wake up...And about seeing Exs in dreams, the kind of feeling I get often leads to trouble in RL cry

#13:  Author: Quiesco PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
Not quite love, but certainly hoping for it. It has only happened once so far, but I don't think it can happen again. The DC in question was brutally stabbed to death. I did mourn the loss for the rest of the morning.

#14:  Author: Railking PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
I personally have not ever really been in love in a dream with a DC but would be a cool thing.

#15:  Author: dorsey43 PostPosted: Thu 31 Mar, 2011
This looks like a nice place to share this.. and other things !

I have fallen in love more often when not in a LD, but what happens is that perhaps we (my dream love and I) are talking, and it seems like we've known each other for years, although I don't remember any of these dreams being much more than a short unmemorable picnic conversation.. then I look at her and suddenly I realize that I'm dreaming. I almost cry, and I look at her and tell her that she is nothing but a fragment of my own imagination. She then looks at me and gives me a sweet Mona Lisa smile, and the dream fades away. I wake up and feel lonely. Ha. I don't have these dreams as much these days since I've been with my partner.

Once I dreamed vividly that I had "forgotten" a love.. all my friends and family thought I was making things up.. a borderline conspiracy dream. I couldn't even remember her face, I just had a sudden wave of a memory of a song. It was a terrible feeling. I ended up becoming mostly lucid and epically battling some sort of 'dream demon' who was making me forget about her from my real life. When I woke up, I remembered that I was visiting home in FL for the holidays and that my girlfriend was on her way from CT.. Not sure if that had any influence.

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