DJ's make it easier for us to have clearer dreams?
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#1: DJ's make it easier for us to have clearer dreams? Author: DolceAllegro PostPosted: Sun 08 Aug, 2010
I was thinking about techniques to practice yesterday and a thought went to my mind, does making a dream journal help us get more clearer and longer dreams rather then the short ones that where all you can remember is just a black background once we start writing in it?

#2:  Author: Stricken PostPosted: Sun 08 Aug, 2010
Yes, it does. When you actively practice trying to remember even a small bit of a dream, you'll often find that it leands to remembering more details you forgot about earlier. Over time this skill tends to develop to the point where instead of nothing, you tend to remember long dreams, and several of them every night.

Not to say you won't still have some bad times where you remember nothing at all, but before I started keeping a DJ years ago I thought I rarely ever dreamed. These days roughly 3-5 dreams a night is pretty common, but I only ever write the ones that feel like they last a few days down. Those are the most fun.

The most important thing is that memory recall is a skill, and a DJ is an excellent way to train that skill. The more you use a skill, the better you get at it and the less help you need to do more with it.

#3:  Author: Don Anonymus PostPosted: Sun 08 Aug, 2010
Writing your dreams in DJ's/DD's and recalling as much detail as you can, helps you to remember your dreams better, by making them more vivid. DJ is for remembering dreams, but you can't remember dreams which aren't so vivid - so the DJ makes the dreams more vivid. Once you get on a very high stage of vividness you are close to a LD, because LD's are triggered by vividness... usually wink5

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