Can Lucid Dreaming be connected with Memories?
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#1: Can Lucid Dreaming be connected with Memories? Author: Is_R_My Reality PostPosted: Thu 19 Aug, 2010
I was wondering, if lucid dreaming is where you can control your dreams/ create images, can you reach back into your mind to memories, years ago or recently. Replay 2 weeks in the past in your dream or what you saw when you were only 3 days old?

It's simply a theory I thought about. Oh and do you think you could challenge your LD by creating a giant house and in each room you can enter any recent or old dream you've had? woo

#2:  Author: Lord Antares PostPosted: Thu 19 Aug, 2010
A really interesting idea.
I know you could go back to some event and do it your own way, but I've never thought of passively observing them.

I guess the only thing that's left is to try it out, since we can't know if it can be done.
But I believe it can. Our mind is an amazing thing and with enough will, we can do much.

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