Whose DCs have said the strangest things? Part II
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#61:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Mon 17 Jun, 2013
"First we have tea, then we see to the hair of these troubled people. Wait, should that be see to the troubled hair of these people?"

Just.. what..

#62:  Author: Limitles PostPosted: Tue 18 Jun, 2013
After a quick browsing through my DJ's I found these

I was watching people talk in a room. Leonidas from the movie 300 was there as well as scientists. (I had never seen 300 before)
The scientists mentioned something about a war
Leonidus: But that was 200 years ago!
Scientist(s): no... (Apparently the scientists had resurrected him)
Leonidus: Noo!
Scientist: You were buried 8 FEET DEEP!
Leonidus: *more screaming* apparently that meant he wouldn't go to heaven

I am in a car and we suddenly swerve off an overpass and land on the top of a parking structure and break through to the floor beneath.
I say,"well that wasn't so bad"
Our car suddenly falls through 3 or 4 more levels to the bottom floor. Our car is on the side and I push through the broken glass and lay down on the floor. I throw up and I am pretty sure I am hurt pretty bad. I look to my right back into the car and see my family smiling and laughing, as if wondering why I feel so bad. I throw up some more.

I am somewhere and there are giant Yellow rectangular things sticking out of the ground. Apparently I am actually watching it on YouTube and I scroll down and look at the top comments.
The first one reads, "They look like French fries"
The second was, "Man, how much does he smoke?"

I am in my room suddenly becoming lucid
Me: Oh my god I'm dreaming!! I walk into the hallway and see my brother he says
Brother: Wow.... You REALLY think you're dreaming?
Me: Oh..... meh *lose lucidity*

D: Can I pleeeease has that burger??
Me: Oh, sorry I don't have it
D: Pleaaase!!
Me: Dude I don't have it!
D: Let me check your backpack! He takes it and starts looking
Me: I don't have it... He opens the first zipper...nothing. He opens the second zipper and under something wrapped up was a burger and fries he takes it runs off saying Thank you!!! I stand there not knowing what to say...

M: Hey thanks for letting me borrow your swim suit! He takes off my swimsuit which he was wearing and he is wearing another swim suit beneath it. I asked him why he needed to have mine
He just starts giggling

Dad: don't you think H (my brother) thinks just like Ben Franklin?
Me: Kinda....

#63:  Author: The0neThe0nly PostPosted: Wed 26 Jun, 2013
I have a few funny ones:

I walk into a classroom in my school. Everyone has a snail on their hand. The teacher explains how they were used as pets in Ancient Egypt.

I turned on the television and saw my mother doing a weather report. She reported that two hurricanes were headed for our area. They were both completely red and huge on the weather map. I told my mother who was in the same room, not watching, about the two hurricanes and her being on TV. She just laughed.

This is so good, keep it going!

#64:  Author: Absymbel PostPosted: Tue 27 Aug, 2013
In the dream my mom made the "joke" "diarrhea may spoil our emissions" whatsthat While I was dreaming it seemed really funny though...

#65:  Author: Absymbel PostPosted: Tue 27 Aug, 2013
Also not something character actually SAID but a few nights ago I had a dream I was waiting for and then riding on a bus the number of which was 1984 which is the year I was born

#66:  Author: *Laurelindo* PostPosted: Tue 27 Aug, 2013
I had a dream when I tried to get past some kind of fence, but all gates were locked.
Then some small girl came and told me to climb the fence at a certain place, and then started singing "You gotta move on" over and over. eh

I feel like this means something, but I'm not sure what - something about finding solutions to problems in less obvious ways, I guess.

#67:  Author: Absymbel PostPosted: Sun 01 Sep, 2013
I just had a dream where my brother's computer stopped working and I asked my mom why and she said it was due to "resonance wire decay" whatsthat

#68:  Author: Mismagius PostPosted: Mon 16 Sep, 2013
Try having a dream that your dog was called 'MAX', after a radiator, by your mom and his food gets called....SAM. o_O;

All in capitals.

#69:  Author: eMander PostPosted: Thu 19 Sep, 2013
Not sure if this counts, but I remember hearing a voice during HH that used a really bizarre simile. I don't remember the first part, but it went basically like:

something something is "like having lunch with a dinner bully."


#70:  Author: Minecraftrocks PostPosted: Fri 20 Sep, 2013
When I had my first LD, I wanted to experience what I always wanted to do: talk to a DC.
So I ran to the first DC I saw: a 45 years old woman (she looked like my biology teacher) and I asked her:
"-What do you know about me?
- I live my life..."

Then I lost lucidity.
Do you think there is a meaning?

#71:  Author: *Laurelindo* PostPosted: Sun 22 Sep, 2013
Long ago when I was a kid I had a dream where Richie Rich sat at a table with a couple friends and told a waitress "No thanks, I don't want Maxi".


#72:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Wed 16 Apr, 2014
From last night's dream....

The nemesis arrives "The book is useless to you now. The pages are blank. Didn't you know that any book can be erased with just one word???"


#73:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Tue 13 May, 2014
I was looking through an old DJ last night and found this, said by a little girl "There are two things inside my body that are nowhere else: white and black. High five.", then we high five lach1

#74:  Author: Absymbel PostPosted: Wed 16 Jul, 2014
mattias wrote:
pistol_pete7 wrote:
Some DC said this in a dream of mine although I didn't see the person (they were in a different room).
"Lumberjack? More like a lumberjoke!"
Some people started to laugh.

I love puns. Dream puns are even better! Usually waaay more... wacky. grin

I had something kind of similar in a dream: I was talking with someone else about ideas for monsters for some game we were making and he suggested a radioactive bull called a "Chernobull" :D

#75:  Author: schusteb PostPosted: Thu 07 Aug, 2014
So I had my first LD last night. When I finally realized that I was dreaming (by looking down at my hands and seeing my middle two fingers shrivel into stubs) I went up to one of my co-workers, obviously a DC, and said. "Hey! I'm dreaming! I can control it too!"

His Response: "No s***? That's awesome!"

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