the BIG "How to stay lucid" topic part II
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#61:  Author: DTDownUnder PostPosted: Sat 20 Aug, 2016
N@t3 wrote:

And I just thought this technique could be used to stabilize a dream! I need to relax and feel my surrounding in a dream otherwise I wake up or lose lucidity.
I think it's worth a try :D

It sure works!! I have been getting clarity in my LDs in this way for a few months now.
I don't usually go all the way down the list though, sight and touch is usually enough for me.

#62:  Author: N@t3 PostPosted: Sat 20 Aug, 2016
bye DTDownUnder
DTDownUnder wrote:
It sure works!! I have been getting clarity in my LDs in this way for a few months now.
I don't usually go all the way down the list though, sight and touch is usually enough for me.

Last LD I didn't need any of this :D I only need relax and touch, I don't think I'll need the whole list but maybe other ppl do smile

#63:  Author: DTDownUnder PostPosted: Sun 21 Aug, 2016
Last night I had a LD and decided I would do the full list.
I got down the full list all the way to taste,) for some reason I could taste chocolate chip cookies)
But doing the full list proved to be a bad move. focusing on all my other senses made my vision fade. by the time I had done the list I had about 50% vision. I then tried to walk but I was focusing to much on my vision, and I woke up.

I'm not sure if this is a problem others may have.
I often work in situations that require me to do things without sight e.g. undoing a bolt / tying rope to things where I can't see it. and while focusing on something, my vision shuts down. It takes me a few seconds of blinking to be able to see again. (i'm not sure why this is)
I think this "focus blackout" is now happening in my dreams.

#64:  Author: Insomnia44 PostPosted: Thu 02 Nov, 2017
Its like SSILD. As soon as I try focusing on my senses in different order I cant sleep anymore. The focus on the senses is too strong. No technique for me ! neutral

#65:  Author: Obliverum PostPosted: Mon 08 Jan, 2018
my LDs have been short so my new goal is to try more extension techniques.

id love to know all of your current favourite techniques. if you posted on this thread years ago, does that technique still work for you? what are you using recently?

for stabilizing, i usually have good luck with trying to touch things in the dream world. its interesting to read the posts above that say that this can come at the detriment of sight. i hadnt thought of that.

usually i most need stabilization when i become lucid from a FA RC in the middle of the night and its pitch black so touch is all i have. perhaps for mid-dream DILDs i should use a sight-based technique instead. i use a nose pinch RC when im lying in bed with my eyes closed and sight-based RCs when im up and about in the day. to me it makes sense to tailor techniques to what senses are available at the time.

so far my best extension technique is to be in the habit of doing an RC every time i wake up even if its just to roll over in the middle of the night. this helps catch the LDs i FA out of. but for during an already stable LD i could use some ideas notify

#66:  Author: skatioloko PostPosted: Mon 26 Mar, 2018
Hello dreamers,

I am in my first few steps in the world of LDing. Followed a journal few times before but never really achieved lucidity before. In the last couple of months I achieved a few lucid dreams, say about 5. I'm getting better at stabilizing the dream but still struggling lots and would like some advice. This is my progress so far:

The first one lasted kind of 0.005 sec aprox (lol). As soon as I realized I was in a dream I got so excited. Felt like I was waking up and tried really hard to stay in the dream... I woke up and after a few minutes... I woke up! So at least I had a fake awakening and an interesting experience, though I lost lucidity really quickly.

Second time I tried to turn around myself to stabilize the dream. Woke up automatically.

Third one, become lucid talking to a dream figure and start to fly... But automatically lose control. I start fliying super fast around the dream figure and the dream collapse after a few seconds.

On both the 4th and 5th ones I become lucid in much more vivid dreams and in a more solid way... I start to fly but after a few meters I can't seem to be able to move in the space anymore... My dream vision becomes blurry. I try to look elsewhere to stabilize the dream but end up opening my eyes and waking up in physical reality.

I'm very happy with my progress but I would like some advice on how to improve that dream stability. Obviously, the more I work on my DJ the more vivid my dreams become and my guess is that will trigger more stability too... I would appreciate if anyone share some technique or experience though.

#67:  Author: DeRuyter001 PostPosted: Mon 30 Apr, 2018
This topic is very important to me. I'm always sad to read someone's amazing experiences in their journal, only to find they come to an abrupt end for little reason. Since reading a tutorial on Dreamviews called (I think) "Mastering you Dreams", many, many years ago, I've felt the need to crusade against this problem, but, rather than repeat myself, I'd happily point you to my new guide, "The Master Key" , which includes my take and my personal experience on the matter. I'd also highly recommend the older tutorial from BillyBob, on that forum!

The gist of it is that I don't worry about how to stay lucid. I don't have a knack or a method: I focus on inculcating, over the course of days, months and years, a lucid mindset which accepts axiomatically the fact that the lucid experience has its own inertia; that it will neither prove unstable nor cease to exist any more easily than our other two familiar states: waking life and normal dreams.

Neither waking life nor normal dreams have a habit of abruptly ending in the middle of something interesting. Occasionally, the bladder or the alarm clock interrupts a normal dream, but this is not the norm. Most dreams go on to their conclusion.Occasionally, you faint from overexertion in real life, but this too, I hope, is not the norm. The only reason lucid dreams seem different and more delicate is because we, dreamers, have formed an consensus that they ought to do so, and we carry this consensus with us into our lucid experience, changing it for the poorer. There is no good reason why you should effectively lose consciousness, have your awareness downgraded and annihilated, any more often in lucid dreams than in waking life or in normal dreams. How to get rid of the bad reasons is the subject of my guide writing

#68:  Author: LCT79 PostPosted: Fri 17 May, 2019
I sometimes turn nightmares into lucid dreaming!

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