the BIG remembering dreams topic part VI
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#106:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Tue 10 Jul, 2012
Are you waiting until morning to write down your dreams? You may try waking up overnight (a common time is four and a half hours after falling sleep, due to sleep cycles) for a few minutes to write down your dreams, or at least key points from them, before returning to sleep and writing down the rest of your dreams when you wake up normally. Waking up at this time is also useful in for inducing lucid dreams -- look into WBTB for more information.

#107:  Author: Ishtar PostPosted: Sun 22 Jul, 2012
Hi, I'm very new to LD. It's been 10 days since I'm start practising and I have been diligently (actually struggling) writing my dream journal.

It amaze me on how incredible human subconscious mind work. when I first start and told myself to remember my dream, I woke two times at night and I could remember 2 dreams right away. It's something that never happened in my life.

But as days goes on my dream recall dropped. I wonder if it because I left myself hungry or because it's weekday. Yesterday I can't recall anything and today I forgot what I'm dreaming during my nap time.

Like I would give up. Today I would told my subconscious mind;

"If you really love me then mark every dream as important and let me know!"

#108: A personal problem with dream recall Author: Zealot PostPosted: Mon 31 Dec, 2012
Hi there everyone! I'm back after over a year, trying again.

I am currently having a problem with my dream recall. I've been going at trying to achieve lucidity for about three weeks now , and before this stint, I had been at it for about two months.

I have no idea why, but my ability to remember my dreams is sucking! It started of great for about a week, and now, I can hardly remember anything! Or I forget it the second I decide to write it down, and when I do remember them, they are very weak, short dreams.

How do some of the pros like y'all manage good dream recall? Any tips?

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#109: advice Author: MicahDreamz PostPosted: Sun 20 Dec, 2015
1. go to sleep within 30-45 minutes of the same time every night
2. Keep eyes closed and remember dreams in your head when you wake up. When you think you remember most of what you are able to, open eyes and record them.
3. eat fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated
4. Tell yourself to remember your dreams in the morning when you lay in bed at night and vizualize remembering your dreams when you wake up.
5. Dont get woken up by anyone or anything just wake up when your body wakes up.
This should all improve dream recall greatly and really help with dream quality and lucid dreaming over all

#110:  Author: Mismagius PostPosted: Fri 19 May, 2017
I have been having problems with my dream recall too. And I REALLY wanna start my journal on here soon; and not with an older dream, either meh i wouldn't know which one to use anyways i've remembered like over 2000 of them all together XD See what I mean?

I did listen to disney songs a few nights ago, though. And I remembered ALL my dreams of that night afterwards. So i plan on doing something like that again :U But sometimes i really rather listen to something

Having poor dream recall is painful for me. Dreams have been a huge part of my life since like forever. I don't understand why I don't remember them as much anymore now....I try to remain calm about it, I mean, you HAVE to, but yeah. Dreams are almost like a second sibling to me XD

#111:  Author: Ebilshrimp PostPosted: Fri 19 May, 2017
Have you tried setting yourself a dream goal? For me I tend to rememebr dreams better when I was trying to do or see something in particular. I normally fail the goal but the important thing is the recall.
That's why the challenges on our forum are so popular I guess, they really help channel recall with a purpose!

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