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#1: Not what I had expected (help!) Author: Haddock PostPosted: Sun 19 Sep, 2010
So, the last two lucid dreams I've had, have been very weird to me. I've read how many of you enjoys flying, but have it ever been hard for you to do? Well, for me it is!

About two weeks ago, I had a lucid dream where I found myself next to a theatre, placed at a top of a mountain. The landscape reminded me much of the one around the grand canyon, although I've never been there IRL, only through pics and such. So I figured out that this would be a great time to try flying! So I jumped off the cliff and, well, almost flied..
I was kinda gliding through the air, making my way down and not up, which was what I really wanted! I tried steering myself up, but to no avail. On top of that, my body felt abnormal weak. Every turn I tried to make, was like trying to push a 100 kg stone, or something like that. The point is, it was heavy!

Later the dreamscape changed and I found myself in a snowstorm, and right in front of me were a knight, wielding a sword and a shield. He started to attack. I jumped out of the way rather easily, he was very slow, and I manage to jump onto his back. He was carrying an extra sword, so I pulled it out of the sheath, and faced the knight once again, but there was a problem. That sword was *** heavy!!!
It wasn't big at all, about a meter or something, but still, I had major problems just holding it up! WTH WAS GOING ON!? I tried thinking myself having super strength, but nothing worked. None of the things I wanted to happen in my dream, happened...

Last night I had another LD. I found myself in a forest, and for some reason, I knew that I was lucid right away, and totally forgot to do a RC. So everything wasn't very vivid and lucid as I had hoped (the dream with the grand canyon landscape had been the same), so I tried something that I hadn't done earlier, shout. I inhaled, and shouted out; "make my dream more lucid!". The opposite happened....
Everything looked foggy, and the dream started to fade away. I quickly started to spin, while rubbing my hands as fast as I could. It seemed to work, but the scape was still as vivid as it first had appeared.

I started to walk through the forest until I came to an open clearing, and thought this was a good place to once again try flying. I imagined myself how it would work, and jumped. The feeling was more like being pulled from the ground, and I couldn't controll it. It was like the moon's gravity was way higher than the earth's, and I got dragged against it. I made it stop after like 5 seconds, but I still couldn't fly, just glide. I woke up right after I landed.

Have any of you experienced something like this? It's like my mind is working against me, I can't do what I want in my lucid dreams. cry
Are somebody able to tell me what I can do to fix this? help!

#2:  Author: avizdreamin PostPosted: Sun 19 Sep, 2010
i once tried to walk through a door after demanding a certain dream setting, and the whole thing turned foggy just like in your you have my empathy...
its like you have to really believe that it would work out, whenever you demand...even a slightest doubt could resort to opposite results...
for learning different aspects of LD, you really need to be good at auto suggestions...lesser the doubts, better the results...

as for the flying part, i am really not sure cause i've never felt that heaviness...

#3:  Author: DolceAllegro PostPosted: Sun 19 Sep, 2010
I've kind of felt the heaviness part whenI try to fly in my dreams but it wasnt that great so i could turn left and right at least but when i tried to go through the wall whilst in mid-air it didnt work and i smacked my face on the wall haha, it hurt alot too.

#4:  Author: Haddock PostPosted: Mon 20 Sep, 2010
Hmm, i kinda feel a bit better, knowing that I'm not the only one with such problems. I just hope I can fix it somehow in the next LDs.

#5:  Author: tosxyChor PostPosted: Thu 23 Sep, 2010
You may want to have a look at the control guide I wrote, right in my sig wink5

#6:  Author: Haddock PostPosted: Fri 24 Sep, 2010
tosxyChor wrote:
You may want to have a look at the control guide I wrote, right in my sig wink5

Ah, thank you! I will look at it when time allows me turn3

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