was i WILDing or just pannicking?
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#1: was i WILDing or just pannicking? Author: RODDERS790 PostPosted: Fri 03 Dec, 2010
last night I went to bed feeling adamant that i want a lucid dream NOW! wink

I drank a super-dooper coffee, laid down and relaxed myself, i noticed that the speckles of blue light i get in my eyes suddenly looked super sharp like they were on a HD screen, so i looked at these as closely as possible and kept relaxing.

after a while my vision went white and it looked as if i went towards it. my breathing went mental and i sort of panicked initially but got a sudden rush that felt BRILLIANT (which was like the rush of of the worlds fastest roller-coaster)I tried to hold on and embrace this feeling,but suddenly i was back to staring at the speckles, (still with heavy breathing). it was awesome !!, I had no way of relaxing my breathing. but hoped that my mind would switch to a dream. it did not, i repeated this process and got back the rush, it did not last as long this time, i failed the third time and fell asleep neutral

i have heard that it is nearly, (if not) impossible to do this without rem sleep so was i just panicking (without being scared).

#2:  Author: BeRightBack PostPosted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010
I don't think it was panicking. I've read quite a couple of topics here from people that made statements like 'my heart felt like it was about the bounce out of my chest' and uncontrolled breathing. I believe they said it's mostly an illusion, but I'm no expert on WILDing.

#3:  Author: Earl PostPosted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010
Its fairly common from what I understand, I've only tried WILD once, I had the same erratic breathing(felt like my heart was gonna take off)

The rush, to me felt like I was falling, never got a white light but got the specks, and eventually full images, of zombies, women, people and soon after creepy noises.

Didn't manage to get further than the noises.

It might be your body having a panic attack wondering what the hell is going on, and your mind is just enjoying all the sensations your body is screaming at.

#4:  Author: Spasm PostPosted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010
That sounds amazing! The feeling must be unforgettable. I hope it happens to me some day soon smile
Might try it tonight, but I'm alone so I don't really wanna hear voices.. scared

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