DC knew it was a dream in the first place?
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#1: DC knew it was a dream in the first place? Author: dia PostPosted: Sun 05 Dec, 2010
Had a LD last night, it is sweet and sad. Tell me what do you think? Here it is:

I was in somewhere oversea, seems malaysia. I met V again. I couldn't believe it. I was delirious. There is some people around. She came over and drop me some gem stones. one piece of clear crystal. Another is a little diamond. I know she gave them to me, there is a meaning in it.

Then she suddenly hold me and said she has been waiting for this moment for long time. And she told me that she is single now. I said what happened to your gf? she told me that she did not have a gf. i misunderstood her previous messages. She was talking about her father.

I couldn't be more happier. I hold her tight. I even smell her. There is no word to describe my feelings. I was thinking finally, finally my dream came true. How could it be??? That's impossible except that..........I AM DREAMING..........

OMG...I became lucid. I looked at her in astonishment. She knows that I realized it was in dream...Then she started to run away. I try to stop her and said, please, even it is a dream, please stay with me a little bit longer...But she didn't listen, she was running away, I try to catch the last sight of her. I shout to her that I will wait for her forever and ever. She disappeared... I was so sad......I rather I did not wake up in the dream.....that she would have been with me longer.

This is the saddest LD I have ever had. It is so significant to me. I am pondering that why she went away. As if she knows that it is a dream in the first place. Could it be that we were really astral travelling? Or in some other dimension?

Have anyone had similar experience? What do you guys think? I still cannot comprehend it.

Thanks for listening to my story. Much love. smile

#2:  Author: primatech PostPosted: Sun 05 Dec, 2010
i have some points to bring up...right or wrong, i hope they help you understand better what this dream means to you. one is that crystals and diamonds are ordered in very precise patterns. the way the atoms are arranged is very specific; every atom's position is theoretically predictable from any other atom's position. i interpret that to be a sort of love in the sense that things just seem to make sense when you have someone to love.

something that i've found, however, is that things also seem to clear up like that when lucidity sets in. thus, maybe, your idea of love and the DC's idea of love are different.

an important thing to remember, however, is that the DC is not the real person and the behavior of the DC does not necessarily reflect the behavior of the real person. the DC may be your perception of the person or perhaps a different concept that took the appearance of V.

#3:  Author: dia PostPosted: Mon 06 Dec, 2010
Hi primatech,

Thank you very much for your input. It's helpful to see different approaches. And it is nice to have your insights as an out stander, cause I could be too emotional attached and lost some clarity.

You are right that crystals and diamonds are in very precise patterns so it could mean the precious feeling of love. It got me thinking that do we in control of the behavior of the DC when we are lucid? Like the way we can control lots of things in LD?

#4:  Author: BeRightBack PostPosted: Mon 06 Dec, 2010
Often thoughts with negatives will result in an opposite effect in a dream, because your SC doesn't understand negatives. For instance, when you're inside a LD and think "I don't want to wake up", that immediately you feel that you're waking up, because you just told your SC "I want to wake up".
Perhaps in your dream, when becoming lucid you were thinking or fearing that you hoped she would never leave or the moment wouldn't end, which in turn could have been the trigger of her leaving.

#5:  Author: Soulwrath PostPosted: Tue 07 Dec, 2010
The person who ran away, didn't do so because "she" doesn't like you, but rather you wanted your subconscious to do so. Think about that. Or maybe I'm just mumbling.

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