I have no idea about what this is
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#1: I have no idea about what this is Author: FabioCalcinelli PostPosted: Fri 14 Jan, 2011
Hello everybody.

Some time ago I had a very odd LD experience.
I forgot about it, but tonight I lived about the same thing, so I think it's time to understand what this is.

Tonight I woke up at about 2:00, I kept my eyes closed and remained in drowsiness. After a few seconds, I felt strong shakes all over my body. It was a strange sensation, but not painful nor creepy. When it ended, I did a RC and I found out I was dreaming.
I was really lucid: I thought about who I was, why I was in bed, and I decided to take an object from my room table. It is my current LD objective, to manipulate this object.
Before getting out of bed, I tried to yell "increase lucidity", or something like that, because I was worried about ending my LD too fast, but I couldn't scream at all... I could just whisper letters, with a lot of effort. I rubbed my hands, got up, had a short LD and then found myself in my bed again, this time IRL.
After a short I woke up again, and this time I felt that my mouth was forced to move, deforming my face into exagerated grimaces.
Again, when it stopped I found myself in a LD. It lasted for even shorter than the previous one, I think I had not even time to get out of bed.

Weeks ago, I experienced the same thing: vibrations, shakes, and then a short and quite unuseful LD.
That night, it repeated for four times, and every LD was shorter than the previous one.

So my question is: what is this? Some kind of automatic-WILD?
When I went to bed yesterday evening, I tried some MILD, but I don't think it was much relevant.

Also, the problem is that these dreams are destroying my motivation: I knew lucid dreams as a wonderful world of never ending possibilities, and that is what I experienced in my first, quite long LD. But now I found myself trapped in these 30-seconds-long dreams, in which I can't do almost anything before waking up.
Does any of you have any suggestion for me to exploit these "technique", preventing these premature awakenings?

Thank you, and happy dreaming.

#2:  Author: King Kandy PostPosted: Fri 14 Jan, 2011
Sounds like some kind of WILD. I don't know what to suggest other than stabilization exercises (hand rubbing, spinning, etc).

#3:  Author: unit28 PostPosted: Fri 14 Jan, 2011
Maybe you get too excited or irritated becouse of the short seconds and then it gets shorter and shorter.. can be?

#4:  Author: FabioCalcinelli PostPosted: Fri 14 Jan, 2011
unit28 wrote:
Maybe you get too excited or irritated becouse of the short seconds and then it gets shorter and shorter.. can be?

I don't know... maybe.
Or maybe they are just normal awakenings, because my sleep in those moments is so light that I wake up continuously-

#5:  Author: romiehomie PostPosted: Fri 14 Jan, 2011
This sounds quite interesting.

Are you really sure that you awoke after each LD?
Is there no possibility that you just had a weird dream about LDs because you concentrated too much on the topic? And you had false awakenings?

Anyway I think it is related to concentrating hard on having LDs and maybe you should take some time off LDs.

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