A few questions about what I am doing so far...
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#16:  Author: kek PostPosted: Fri 10 Jun, 2011
monstah wrote:
Still, the techniques are different, it feels different when it settles in and the results feel different, so I like to call them differently. But yeah, personally I think they're two very similar occurrences, too.

OBE techniques always seem to me as something resembling either WILD or visualization techniques, but I agree they certainly feel different.

#17:  Author: Avo822 PostPosted: Wed 15 Jun, 2011
I was very, VERY close to an LD! I'll post what I wrote in my dream journal! I had the flu recently, so I stopped the quest for LD until it was over. Yesterday I thought, I'll start tomorrow. And last no I was
Aware I was dreaming. Here is my DJ :

I went on a bus with my friend. We wen't up to the school gates. The
Front of the bus was shaped like a boat. People were sitting on it, like they were having a party. There was a jetpack on the boat.  The bus driver told us not to steal it. She said people have before. We laughed at the fact someone would do that.

I got off the
Boat/bus thing. I started walking. I was talking to someone then all of a sudden got lost. I was in a street. A familiar street, yet I had no clue where I was... ( now that
I am awake I reliize I often get lost here in dreams. Is this a dream sign? ) 
I walked through the street. I saw people walking in the street. I remember thinking it is unusually crowded.  I saw a police car ( shaped more like a ute on the driveway. I went to the house. ( every time I get lost here this same event happens. ) instead of knocking on his door, I climed into his house ( he has a flimsy grate type wooden pattern instead of a wall beside it ) inside I stare at the door, wondering why on earth I did that! I was puzzled but then I started calling out to the people in the house, asking if he was home. A man with a moustache came in ( the cop ) and started yelling, screaming at me. I tried to explain why I was here but he just kept calling me a theif. I got out of the house and ran, however in the back of my mind knew there was something wrong. I felt the extreme deja vu of the whole situation. A ran onto a beach. Someone telling me it was the gold coast beach. I ran up a path seeing a greenish colored house. In my dream I thought I'd seen it somewhere, however now awake I can't remember where. On the beach I decided to call the police, see if on duty officers would help. I had my old phone I don't own any more. Well on the outside - the software was completely different. I called but it started to rain. As I explained my situation she started to say this wasn't an emergency. Franticly I explained it was, then it started to rain. I ran onto some stair, under a shade. Toilets I think. As I explained my situation 
the rain got heavier. She ended up saying " Are you stupid? You were only looking for a copper gate! " and at that moment all I could see was rain. Everything else was a dark mist as I thought of the cop. The street. The boat. The party. This wasn't real. This is a dream, I don't have to put up with this!! Sadly Instead of taking control and having an Uber awesome lucid dream I closed my eyes and Said "wake up"! As a my dream self opened it's eyes, so did I! I couldn't believe it! Why would I do that? How could I have just! Arrg! 

However I am still filled with joy. I ALMOST, just a pin-prick away from a Lucid Dream! Yay!!

#18:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Fri 17 Jun, 2011
Avo822 wrote:
I was very, VERY close to an LD!

Sorry, but no. You had a lucid dream grin Being lucid doesn't mean taking control. Simply realizing it's a dream means you are lucid! A low level of lucidity, probably. I've had many of those, and I've woken up on purpose too lach1 Nothing to worry about, it's a huge step! With a little more practice I'm sure you'll be able to have more and even be able to realize in a deeper level what it means to be dreaming and then you can have some fun

I am awake I reliize I often get lost here in dreams. Is this a dream sign? )

Yep, this would be a dream sign. A pretty good one IMHO. Even IWL now, whenever you feel you are lost, do a RC!

#19:  Author: Avo822 PostPosted: Mon 20 Jun, 2011
I was Lucid?

Cool! It's just like when people say they had their first one when they took a break. I stopped because of my Flu and, ended up havIng one =D

I'll start doing RC when lost then! I often feel a bit lost, when I forget my timetable and head to the wrong classes at school so that can be a way to start remembering to do an RC =P

Thanks for the info!

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