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#121:  Author: Rhewin PostPosted: Mon 09 Apr, 2012
Ysim wrote:
Does slowly whittling him down one dream at a time count as "epic battle"?

Nah, those are just cheap shots.

#122:  Author: ZRVera PostPosted: Tue 10 Apr, 2012
Boys, boys, stop taking cheap shots at each other! hmm

Well, I had an FLD this morning. The battle was 10-15 minutes.

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#123:  Author: elnaureth PostPosted: Wed 11 Apr, 2012
Task 5: Manipulate the Elements!

(The idea for this was shamelessly stolen from the ND challenge.)

A master magician has all four elements - water, air, earth, and fire - at their command. Show that you're the master of magic in your dreams by manipulating the four elements in ways that the world has never seen!


+25 Manipulate water (e.g. create waves, shoot water out of your hand)
+25 Manipulate air (e.g. create wind, make a vacuum)
+25 Manipulate earth (e.g. make a hill appear, tunnel through dirt)
+25 Manipulate fire (e.g. shoot a fireball, make fire into shapes)
+20 Bring all four elements together and see what results

#124:  Author: elnaureth PostPosted: Wed 11 Apr, 2012
Ysim: |5 points for questioning dreaming + 20 points for a short LD = 25 LD points|, and |10 points for choosing your enemy beforehand + 30 points for fighting + 30 task while lucid + 20 early points = 90 task points|.

demented: |10 points| for your lucid moment.

Zzz: |10 points| for your lucid moment.

Limitles: |20 points for a short LD + 40 points for a long LD = 60 LD points|. Your task 1 score is |10 points for trying to leave Earth + 30 task while lucid = 40 points|, and your task 3 score is |30 points for going underwater + 20 points for meeting fantastic sea creatures + 30 points for exploring + 30 task while lucid = 110 points|. Nice job attempting two tasks in one dream!

StarryGwee: |10 points| for your lucid moment.

ZRVera: |30 points for fighting + 20 for battle length + 20 for first impossible technique (light powers) + 10 for two more impossible techniques (slicing with fingers, absorbing enemy) + 20 for winning + 20 early points = 120 points|. Let me know if I missed some techniques you used.

#125:  Author: elnaureth PostPosted: Wed 11 Apr, 2012
Current Standings

StarryGwee: |210 points|
GnarGnar: |190 points|
Rhewin: |200 points|
Limitles: |260 points|
Thorn: |90 points|
Leijona: |10 points|
ZRVera: |555 points|
Siiw: |195 points|
demented: |325 points|
brandon2071: |0 points|
Ysim: |460 points|
EyesWide: |160 points|
skyglide: |215 points|
PrecisionConage: |0 points|
DreamSailor: |315 points|
Zzz: |120 points|

#126:  Author: ZRVera PostPosted: Wed 11 Apr, 2012
Technically, the slicing and absorbing both were part of the light powers. I was just describing how I used them. I'm not sure I should get additional points for those unless you're counting different types within a power set, which I sorta doubt.

#127:  Author: demented PostPosted: Wed 11 Apr, 2012
1 min lucidiness., that terminated yet another nice dream...

#128:  Author: demented PostPosted: Fri 13 Apr, 2012
Some normal dream with "make music" task, where i performed with DC for an audience in tv studio, as well as the rest of the world(probably) watching. smile Actually DC was the performer, I just jumped on the stage and tagged along tounge2. I can't remember the piece performed, but it was unique, so it should count as "made up my own piece" too.
Oh, and I supposed there were at least 5 pieces performed, but I am not sure if I participated, so I take it as single one.

dunno if all this sums up to more points than my previous attempt for this task.

#129:  Author: Nicklebrick PostPosted: Fri 13 Apr, 2012
Dare to tempt nickles abilities of a mage? well see about that tonight -_- (glares at the TM)

#130:  Author: demented PostPosted: Sat 14 Apr, 2012
Had normal dream, where I did some fighting. I woke up barely remembering anything, and questioned myself whether it should count here... What is considered EPIC battle? I slept more then and forgot everything, except the fact itself.

#131:  Author: DreamSailor PostPosted: Sat 14 Apr, 2012
ok it has been forever since i posted here and haven't had any luck in completing any of the tasks so far. i really want to but sometimes i get distracted and dont have any LDs for a week or so, or i may have some but forget to post them here.

here is the basics, i had 4 LDs here are the times

4-7-12 short lucid moment, 15-20 seconds
4-11-12 long or medium LD of 3-4 minutes (visited the ocean, didnt go in)
4-13-12 medium LD 1-2 minutes
4-14-12 medium LD 2-3 minutes?

if anyone wants to know what happened you can read my DJ here:

its very long because i haven't been updating in a while and had 4 LDs to write. also i asked for advice on something and wanted to see if it happens to anyone else. its about hitting a ceiling when flying into the sky, it happens in every LD that i try to fly i wonder what it means or how to get past it?

the current LC task its controlling elements? this couldn't have come at a better time as i just got through with the first season of Avatar the last Airbender! tounge2 and i am addicted to that show now lol. but of course i gotta be lucid first but i will definitely try this one, but i think i should deal with this sky barrier problem first, for some reason i just wont be content until i get past this obstacle, but if i remember maybe i will blast that barrier with some fire or earth bending tounge2 or maybe i could use the wind to help me fly through it (that worked once before, maybe i should try it again?)

or i could just imagine its not there at all? idk what i should do about it.

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#132:  Author: Leijona PostPosted: Sat 14 Apr, 2012
I had two NDs involving the first and the 4th task. In the first one I was on some kind of mission with a few others on a planet with a rainforest and floating rocks (Avatar). I donít know what exactly was going on, but there was a lot of hectic, rush and panic, so I suppose it was a war. Iíve seen a lot of aliens of human size with big, elongate heads. During the second one I killed four men, I think they were monks, each of them accompanied by two little apes. Two of them were killed by a punch on the head after I jumped up in the air, the two others died after I stabbed them with a knife in the back/stomach. Huh. Sounds more violent than it was.

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#133:  Author: Ysim PostPosted: Sat 14 Apr, 2012
Had a short lucid last night, nothing accomplished.

#134:  Author: StarryGwee PostPosted: Mon 16 Apr, 2012
I had a LD 4-5 min where I WILD inside a dream into another dream LOOL. WILD-ception. Anyways, me and two other ld4allers IWL, created this checkpoint/meet up area, at the center of a city where a giant mirror/portal with numbers 1-100 will be. The numbers signify our dreamscapes.

Soos, basically I WILDed in the dream and got into the dreamscape by the HI I saw. Once in the dream, I quickly remembered about the mirror and flew out of this building I was in to the city. The mirror wasn't hard to find, it was really close nearby, I almost passed it. It laid ontop of a hill as I imagined, looking all whimsically awesomes. My goal was to look for demented with the mirror. On the right side of the mirror's edge I looked for a keypad of some sort, but only found this spinny thing.. with numbers 1-100. I spin it to number "87", and pressed the giant enter button. -here it gets fuzzy- I just remember dragging demented to the mirror through this dark room, and he seemed quite scared of me haha. I believe I woke after this..
Bad recall, since I went back to sleep after that.

#135:  Author: demented PostPosted: Mon 16 Apr, 2012
i had nd with performing music stuff once again... now even this is getting annoying

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