The secret of WILD, unlocked and put into words.
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#1: The secret of WILD, unlocked and put into words. Author: Segador azul PostPosted: Wed 17 Apr, 2013
While meditating I uncover the essence of WILD using rational thoughts and simple logic. Wild is falling asleep consciously but once the essence of wild is mastered sleep time is irrelevant. At night when visivility is low and you focus your sight on a specific object, vision will make a inflating black hole(space out) but once sight is moved it is reset to normal or a small one. if you keep your eyes still and gazing you will enter a dream regardless if your body is tired. but know this, it is difficult, its not a thing of believing in yourself its a skill that must be developed with motivation.

I discovered this by myself but witches use it to "mirror scry" and peek into the future. Let the meditation begin!

#2:  Author: Alec427 PostPosted: Fri 19 Apr, 2013
Well put into words friend! I wouldn't be able to put things like this into words so well if my life depended on it eek2

#3:  Author: oratpart PostPosted: Fri 19 Apr, 2013
Intriguing, Segador. So you're saying that if you fix your vision on one point and never move your eyes until a dream has formed, regardless of what the HI is doing? This make be what I am doing wrong, because once some HI starts for form, I tend to "look around" in it, and if a scene is starting to form in front of me it starts to slide upwards, and I follow it with my eyeballs until it's out of sight and the HI is now gone. cry

People talk about there being a point where you "cross over" into the dream, where you have to let go/step in or something, in some way, and I have never been able to do that. I feel that it is in this moment where I follow the HI that I let the opportunity slip by. Next time I'm trying to WILD, I'll try your technique of staying focused on one spot and see how it goes!

#4:  Author: mattias PostPosted: Sat 20 Apr, 2013
oratpart: In my experience with HI, when it's starting out and isn't really vivid, HI can be really sensitive. At this moment, if I move my eyes the HI goes away, so keeping them still helps. If I'm able to keep my eyes still and relaxed until the HI seems a bit more vivid, then I can slowly start looking around. (all of this WHEN I'm lucky enough to get HI in the first place tounge2)

#5:  Author: Segador azul PostPosted: Sun 21 Apr, 2013
When you are in the edge of sleep thinking random thoughts your eyes cross and you enter "scry(hi)" mode but if you could do it manually you would have a very unique power to leave your body to seek more knowledge. a DC in a dream is your higher self so if you focus on finding an answer the higher self will cooperate and help you find it, try it.

If you can't get lucid yet check out my post "how to propperly use MILD" in Quest for lucidity, it's all you need to become an LD master.

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