Lucidity Challenge 51 - Winner: Thorn!
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#151:  Author: tachyon PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct, 2015
I don't know if this applies for the "Play an instrument" task, but I've had several non-lucid dreams (3 or 4) during the LC where I'm using FL Studio, a program to create music (aka DAW), and I hear the music I supposedly created. Personally I'd classify the software as electronic instrument.

For example last night I had another such dream and, above all, I could vividly recall & recreate one part of the track.

#152:  Author: tachyon PostPosted: Tue 27 Oct, 2015
Seeing that the LC hasn't finished yet, I'd like to claim points for a medium-length LD where I again come close to personal goal, but couldn't quite reach space.

#153:  Author: Jer PostPosted: Tue 27 Oct, 2015
Alright Everyone!
I am officially calling an end to the 51st Lucid Challenge!
The final scores will be posted tonight, which will include the points gained/lost from the secret achievements!

Stay Tuned!

~ Jer :D

#154:  Author: Jer PostPosted: Wed 28 Oct, 2015

The Final Scoreboard.

Here are our winners:
1 ) Thorn 1560
2 ) Nomat 945
3 ) Susan_Y 900
4 ) Scipio Xaos 470
5 ) En'enra 445
6 )James_UK 2008 295
7 ) Eilatan 140
8 ) Yanshuf 100
9 ) Lumessence 30
10 ) Mew151 30
11 ) eMander 0

Congratulations Thorn, the winner of LC51 party3

For those of you who are wondering how secret achievements affected the scores in the end, you can see a complete breakdown of the results, here. The summary of the results are also available on the main score sheet page.

I would like to give a couple honorary shout outs:

Thorn- Congratulations. You worked very hard this challenge and scored a whopping 1500+ points. Congrats on your win, you earned it. Not only did you get the most lucid points, but you were also only person who transformed into their character, at all! I know you will never forgive me due to the lack of storyline in this LC, but I hope you had a great time! ^^

Nomat- You did a wonderful job LC. Ever since day 1, you put in tons of effort and it paid off. You made it all the way to second place! There was a lot of competition in the end between you guys. Perhaps you will win the next one O:

Obfusc8 - If you are reading this, I would like to apologize. I am sorry that the LC dragged on in the middle of the competition. If it weren't for those delays that were entirely my fault, the LC would have ended "on time" and you could have been in the game it's entirety. I hope you had a good time in the LC while it lasted, and I hope you join future Lucid Challenges to come (where I can play against you as a participant!)

Susan_Y - You did a great job on getting so many points in the last week! In my opinion, you are the participant who has improved the most. You managed to pull yourself all the way up to third! You also completed more Week 5 tasks than anyone else by a longshot! Way to go!

Scipio - You did quite well during this challenge, and it really sucks that you lost 260 points at the end because of all those wrong "call outs" on achievements. In a way, I am quite grateful because without you, the secret achievements would have been quite boring. You really did spice up the competition ( and the results breakdown) by trying every single achievement and calling out 14 of them.

Well everyone, I would just like to thank you all for this challenge. I had a ton of fun hosting, and spent a lot of time reading everyone's Dream Journals. I learned a lot about you all through your dream journals, and our conversations. I feel like I got closer to the community as a whole! Thanks a lot and I hope to play against you all as a participant in the next Lucid Challenge!

Sweet Dreams
~ Jer

#155:  Author: Yanshf PostPosted: Wed 28 Oct, 2015
It was a very nice challenege!
Can't wait for the next
ˇ-ˇ and now I got a rival : Eilatan

#156:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Wed 28 Oct, 2015
I'm unsure if I want to host. I personally feel like I'm still in the rut I incurred from the last time I hosted, and I don't want to dig myself deeper by removing myself from the competition. Besides that, I feel that obfusc8 deserved this win. This was meant to be a five-week LC, and he was way in the lead after five weeks. Unless there's some way to do a bizarre co-hosting thing with him in which he and I still compete, then count me out. I doubt that's possible, as I'd have to check with each of the ten other participants of this LC about letting a drop-out host and it would only take one "no" to kill that idea, so I guess I pass hosting duty on to nomat.

#157:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Thu 29 Oct, 2015
I would back a co-hosting with Obfusc8. But only if Nomat agreed. I feel like Nomat is the only one who needs to give his approval, considering he was second, and would have been third had Obfusc8 stayed and the LC ended at the right time. notify

#158:  Author: tachyon PostPosted: Thu 29 Oct, 2015
I won't host the next LC yet. If you say you're passing to me, that means I should pass on to Susan_Y. Otherwise, Thorn and obfusc8 are free to do what they want.

Jer: Meditation was done while lucid, so I should get a lucid bonus for week 5. smile
I called out Scipio Xaos on the "week 1" achievement, you seem to have overlooked that as well.

Scipio: Did you really call me out on 50 character points considering I dont' even have a character? tounge2
Poor you though, with nobody else having done anything achievement-related..

Good job anyway Jer! I liked many of the tasks, and your creativity in general. The weeks usually arrived with unexpected and exciting themes.
I'm looking forward to the world switching back to 7-day weeks again. :D

#159:  Author: Thorn PostPosted: Thu 29 Oct, 2015
Okay, I checked with obfusc8 and learned that he does not want to host right now. Since nomat and I both pass, hosting duty goes to Susan_Y in third place.

#160:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Fri 30 Oct, 2015
Ok - I'll host the next one. Thanks very much!

It will take me a few days to think up the challenges.

#161:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Sun 01 Nov, 2015
No points for it, obviously, as this LC has ended, but I carried on doing the tasks in dreams for a few days afterwards. Lucid dream (medium duration, 1 minute) in which I watch the Incredible Hulk fight a stegosaurus. (And I'm even aware in the dream that it's the Extinct Animal task, and I'm not going to get any points for it because the challenge is over).

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