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#1: 'Spinning' initiated lucid dreams Author: Praxis99 PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug, 2017
For pretty much as long as I can remember from my first lucid dreams (that I recognised as such anyway) as a teen, one prevailing element has been the case.

I 'awake' or at least I think I do, my head feels perhaps a little 'fuggy' and I feel this urge to 'spin', quite literally turning 360 degrees (as if impaled head to toe on a medieval 'spit') till at some point I fly from this spin landing in what is usually a 'facsimile' of my room often feeling myself 'hit' the floor and off into my lucid adventures I go.

I am now middle aged but I recall dreams from my twenties & early thirties where the environment was so real (hyper real in fact) I'd question that I was dreaming at all and only my fav reality check of pushing my fingers into an otherwise solid object like my bedroom wall persuaded me I was safe to carry on!

This might occur more than once a night yet suddenly despite wishing it not so I'll be back in my real bed knowing the 'spell' has broken and that I am really awake and I'll not be lucid again that night.

I always wondered if others have experienced this type of entry into lucid dreams. I also of course become spontaneously aware in dreams as well but for me 'spinning' into a dream is a regular fixture of my lucid dream experience and I would love to know if anyone else has experienced something similar.

#2:  Author: Best_Leopard PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
I've never experienced that, but it sounds really interesting. It reminds me of what others have said about OOB experiences or astral projection, where they "roll" out of their physical bodies.

I haven't had much lucid experience at all (you can see that from my other posts here), but I had an interesting experience the other night: I was dreaming and in my dream I was in my bed. My body felt really heavy and I felt really tired. I did a reality check by holding my nose and breathing. This made me realize I was asleep, but when I tried to get up it felt like it would be much too hard. It was almost like I was still "tied" to my waking body. I must have only been semi-lucid because it should have been easy for me, but I somehow thought that if I pulled myself up and into the dream, I might accidentally wake up. I was so tired that I decided to just lie there instead and fall into deeper sleep.

I wonder if something similar is going on with you. You're asleep but you become aware and you feel like you need to "separate" from your waking body. Do you have any idea how the idea to spin first came to you? Just curious. smile

#3:  Author: Lady Yomi PostPosted: Thu 17 Aug, 2017
Hi there! ^^ I had some experiences like yours too!

There was this time in which I was dreaming I was in some kind of cowboy saloon when someone took my hand and began to make me spin as we danced; I could never see their face but the person said : "You're dreaming, try to spin around to get out of your body"

Then I appeared on my bed, lying on my back. I had the feeling that I was still inside a dream, so I followed the advice of the mysterious dancer and tried to turn around to "leave my body behind" and guess what? It worked! :D

I stood on the floor and started a full LD experience after leaving my room, ha ha.

#4:  Author: Praxis99 PostPosted: Fri 18 Aug, 2017
Thanks for your responses. In answer to Best-Leopard. No, I cannot tell you were the urge comes from, just that I 'know' I can 'spin' and if I 'spin' I will have a lucid dream and I can really feel the spin by the way as well as the 'bump' when I spin out and onto my dream floor and with a grin go on from there.

I am sure these are lucid dreams by the way not OBE's since I always check my dream 'bed' and while I'd be delighted to see my sleeping form its always empty even when the room I am in 'feel's like my 'real' bedroom particularly as it would in my 20' and 30's less so now I am in my 40's (though sometimes....).

That said I have also had other dream experiences that correspond with OBE's, vibrations throughout the body and a feeling of more than once of been 'projected' or lifting from my body yet each and every time It leads to a lucid dream not an OBE. However having as I do an interest in the estoric and the work of Robert Monroe, I'd love to have one! I suspect my having these experiences is probably just down to my reading over the years and using some 'hemi-sync' recordings for various purposes (my interest ebbs and flows in the same, its on a bit of an ebb at the moment!).

Lady Yomi, your dream experience of spinning into a dream sounds very much like my own save for the fact that I have never had a friendly dream character direct me to do so which I think is just great!

As an aside I find DC's fascinating even if for the most part they behave like 'shop window dummies' in my LD's I still love to try interact with them, ask them questions (whats your name, where are we, what year is it) and so forth. However on occasion they really seem to take on a 'life of their own' seemingly happy to hold forth, give opinions or proffer helpful advice as was in your case. Its always amazing and memorable to me when they do so.

#5:  Author: Selkie PostPosted: Tue 22 Aug, 2017
I have not experienced this, but I can think of some theories that may or may not apply (probably not, but I'm still happy to speculate).

What time of night do these happen? Does anything happen before you awake and get the urge to spin? What position do you normally sleep in?

#6:  Author: Praxis99 PostPosted: Tue 22 Aug, 2017
Please speculate away Selkie!

Presuming my normal bedtime of 10:30-11:00 pm during the working week, though quite a bit later on a weekend! it would usually be the early hours of the morning (rising 6-6:30 am during the week though later on a weekend) and I always sleep on my side.

As for the urge to 'spin' as I've said previously I just know that I can. I am awake or so I think (I am almost certainly not or borderline) but something feels 'different' and I literally push down into the mattress and start to 'rotate'! Sounds more than a little mad I know. Incidentally while I mentioned OBE type experiences this happened to me long before I had read about features of the same.

I am a pretty poor sleeper and typically wake more than once during the night such that 'sleeping through' is such a rare occurrence that I can recall individual instances of such (like red letter days!). Funnily enough the last time I really slept well was many years ago when working nights where I'd go to bed at 5 am and get up in the early afternoon. I assume my inner vampire approved of the same!

#7:  Author: GenghisKhan PostPosted: Thu 24 Aug, 2017
Hi there !

I can definitely relate to your experience, even though similar ones did not occurred naturally to me, while I had to pursue them rather hard
I learned to recognize some states where I think I am awake, but a spin or get-up movement (usually perceived like very hard) would introduce me to a very stable and known dream environment (bedroom usually)
It is what I describe as OBEs in my DJ

I recommend having a look at book from Michael Raduga - The Phase, the PDF it's free on the web
He merges OBE experiences, Reality-Check induced LDs (RCILD), Wake Initiated LD (WILD) and many more all under the same umbrella, calling them "being in The Phase"

Through personal experience I have to say I now share this view, these experiences have distinctly different feeling to them based on how I initiate them, but ultimately they are all very much alike

Happy dreaming !

#8:  Author: Praxis99 PostPosted: Thu 24 Aug, 2017
Thanks for your response GenghisKhan

Your experience does indeed sound very similar to my own though personally I'd not consider mine to be obe's just vivid lucid dreams (but hey what do I know!).

As for 'The Phase' book you mention well funnily enough I've had a copy for a while now (which Raduga also makes available in epub format) on my e-reader just not got around to actually reading it along with another very interesting looking book by Anthony Holecek called 'Dream Yoga'. Nevertheless thanks for the heads up re the same which I am sure others may also find interesting.

I've probably not read either up to press due to a bit of a slump in my interest in the esoteric but I'll definitely check out both in the near future to see what they have to say for themselves.

#9:  Author: Praxis99 PostPosted: Sat 26 Aug, 2017
In the course of making this post I referenced vivid lucid dreams in my 20 and 30's (I am now late 40's) before one thing suddenly hit me which never had before.

In those dreams after 'spinning in' I would find myself typically in a very realistic looking recreation of my bedroom and indeed house as well as the external environment beyond. Everything had this lovely luminescence to it yet one thing was missing, dream characters or any 'sign of life' for that matter.

I would pass (well kind of ooze with a real feeling of resistance) through my bedroom window onto the veranda outside and spread before me was a pretty good representation of my locale say for the fact it was utterly devoid of 'people' or any sign of life. I'd wander the same for as long as I could maintain lucidity, walk into other houses and so forth yet it was utterly empty.

Its never occurred to me think of this aspect before because I was so wrapped up in the 'realism' nay otherworldly beauty of my erstwhile 'normal' surroundings.

This is not the case these days since my lucid dreams are often full of dream characters but in retrospect it was definitely a feature then. Have I traded my 'hi res' environment then for a ultimately less vivid lucid dream experience now but one that is compensated for by the fact that on occasion (only on occasion mind) I get to interact with interesting dream characters that as I mentioned before have seemingly taken 'on a life of their own'?

#10:  Author: Selkie PostPosted: Sat 26 Aug, 2017
One thing this makes me think of: when I'm falling asleep, I often notice that I become disoriented to my physical direction in space as part of my transition. That is, I may be facing one way and know it, but I feel like I'm facing in a different direction. I sometimes used to use this to WILD. Becoming unaware of the body in space is important for entering a dream. And you are frequently waking up or having in-between states where you may regain that connection to your body, such as SP. Maybe the spinning is how you experience losing awareness of your body as you enter a dream.

#11:  Author: Praxis99 PostPosted: Fri 01 Sep, 2017
Thanks for your taking the time to give your view on what may be occurring when this happens Selkie.

Your mention of SP is interesting since the last time it occurred it led to a crazy series of interconnected dreams which I speak about here http://ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=50748

#12:  Author: sean_gormann PostPosted: Mon 02 Oct, 2017
One of my earliest lucids happened exactly like you first described and the word 'hyper-real' hits the nail on the head. Didn't know wether to crawl back into bed or fly out the window! Also relied on that same RC to convince myself of where I really was.

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