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#1: 5-HTP Author: FastFreddie76 PostPosted: Sat 30 Dec, 2017
Any suggestions on how to use 5-HTP. I have a bottle of 200mg and want to use it effectively.

#2:  Author: tachyon PostPosted: Sun 07 Jan, 2018
I've found that 5-HTP reduces your amount of REM sleep in the early night, causing some kind of REM rebound effect in the late night or morning with more vivid dreams. I sometimes take it when I have plenty of time to sleep (no alarms etc). Using it in combination with WBTB and another lucid supplement can be very effective. wink5

A bonus of owning 5-HTP: you could take it during the day to help induce relaxation as well.

Happy dreaming!

#3:  Author: FastFreddie76 PostPosted: Mon 08 Jan, 2018
I experimented by taking 5 HTP before bed and then Galantamine about 5 hours into my sleep. Wow! I was dropped into a LD after successfully doing the WILD method, which has been hard for me to achieve. It worked really well!

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