Lucidity Challenge 62
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#31:  Author: SleepyKitty PostPosted: Fri 30 Mar, 2018
Nice that we're finally starting soon. :D Sadly, I'll be in Florida until next Friday, but I should hopefully have something by the end of my trip. siiw I'll bring a dream journal with me so I can still participate this coming week.

#32:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Sun 01 Apr, 2018
... week 1 will be posted tomorrow (Monday)

#33:  Author: Koal44 PostPosted: Mon 02 Apr, 2018
I have done my Lucid Goal two weeks ago, so I would like to change it to:
"Ask my Boss for a raise".
I will only accept it as done if I really see one of my bosses and get an answer, but I hope I can have some kind of dream negociation :D

#34:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Mon 02 Apr, 2018
Hi Koal - yes, the change of lucid goal is fine.

#35:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Mon 02 Apr, 2018
Week 1 - Getting the band back together

You are queuing up outside a nightclub. A poster on the wall says "Goth - Industrial - 80's". Once inside, you make your way through a packed club to the bar. A Toto tribute band is on stage, playing Africa ... "As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti". Some of the audience are not entirely convinced. "That line doesn't even fit the music, it's got too many syllables." ..., "Mount Kilimanjaro is nowhere near the Seregeti" ... "You know, I think this song might be kind of racist".

Susan makes her way towards you through the crowd. She gestures towards the stage. "I think I need to hire a different band for tomorrow night ... you guys used to be in a band, didn't you?"

You look at each other. "Yeah, but .. we'll need to find a new drummer" Susan decides it's best to to ask what happened. "I can lend you my TR808 drum machine. It's like a drummer, only it shows up on time to rehearsals. The improvement in efficiency revolutionized music."

You look at each other. "Ok, we'll do it."

Tasks for week 1:

  • Appear on stage in front of an audience (doesn't have to be at a music event, any kind of performance will do) - 10 points
  • See the outfit you wear on stage (e.g. by looking down at yourself, or looking in a mirror) - 15 points
  • Play a musical instrument (doesn't have to be on stage) - 10 points
  • Sing while dreaming as a male character - 20 points
  • Sing while dreaming as a female character - 20 points (NB: It is possible to claim both male and female points if you can transform your gender in the dream),
  • See a TR808 drum machine - 20 points
  • .. and hear it (doesn't matter if the drum sound isn't true to real life, as you as you can get it to play something) - +10 points
  • See the cover of your band's album - 10 points
  • See at least two other members of the band - 10 points

#36:  Author: HeadInTheClouds PostPosted: Tue 03 Apr, 2018
I've got a couple questions. Are the sensory tasks on the first page always active or were those just example tasks?

For seeing an outfit on stage, you have to be on the stage to see the outfit, correct? It can't just be looking in a mirror or down at yourself to see your outfit?

#37:  Author: Majah PostPosted: Wed 04 Apr, 2018
First entry of LC62 smile

1 ND Packing

I did the sensory task of seeing colours

#38:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Thu 05 Apr, 2018
Tuesday - 1 ND
Wednesday - 1 ND

Had 1 LD here this morning which at around 3-4 minutes long makes it a medium one for me. I completed my personal goal of shapeshifting in it so would like to claim points for that please. Siiw notably also made her first appearance in any of my LDs today.

I also felt warmth in this as per the sensory tasks.

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#39:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Fri 06 Apr, 2018
Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks completed.

#40:  Author: Koal44 PostPosted: Fri 06 Apr, 2018
Had 1 ND yesterday and 1 ND this morning but I don t think I ll write them down.
I also had one really short LD this morning. Super disappointing as I forgot I already did my first personal goal and did it again...

So I will only claim the sensory task, as my dream had colors.

I am sorry if I write to myself more than to other people in my Dream Journal. Today's dream is referring to dreams I didn't post online smile

Dream Journal

#41:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Sat 07 Apr, 2018
Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks completed.

#42:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Sun 08 Apr, 2018
Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks completed

#43:  Author: Koal44 PostPosted: Sun 08 Apr, 2018
1 ND this morning.

Claiming points for:
Hearing Sound
Hearing music (subtask)
Playing a music instrument

I will maybe also post the music I played later but I do not have the instrument here (anyway I am pretty sure that it does sound nothing like the music from my dream IRL

#44:  Author: Majah PostPosted: Sun 08 Apr, 2018
Susan_Y, do you think all participants are aware LC 62 has started? eh
Maybe we might inform them??

#45:  Author: james_uk2008 PostPosted: Mon 09 Apr, 2018
Had 3 NDs here this morning. No tasks completed.

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