My dream journal entries are short
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#1: My dream journal entries are short Author: Enz PostPosted: Tue 25 Sep, 2018
there about 4 sentences, what should I do?

#2:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Tue 25 Sep, 2018
Are you making dream notes as soon as you wake up? The more time lapses, the more you will forget. Also, don't jump out of bed as soon as you wake up.

Here's a short tutorial Improving Dream Recall

#3:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Tue 25 Sep, 2018
I would say don't stress about only having 4 sentences. Even some really experienced dreamers write only 4 sentences for their recall.

A lot of people stress that detail is important when it comes to recall, but the point is that quality matters over quantity. Sometimes it's fun to remember a super long adventure dream, but sometimes it's even better to remember the small details of the present someone gave you in a dream.

The main thing to remember is that recall is a way for you to remember your dreams, so don't measure them by what you might see in other people's DJs. If 4 sentences is enough for you, then that's fine. Enjoy it. If not, then just as the improving Dream Recall topic says, continual practice will remind your dream self that details are important, and if you keep it up one day you'll find you write much more than 4 sentences. ^^

#4:  Author: aFish PostPosted: Sat 13 Oct, 2018
U have to start remembering first thing u wake before y even move. Try to remember what u were just dreaming. Then go backwards from that. My experience is that when you have good dream recall, you have so much to write that you can easily fill in 2 pages if you write in enough detail. Make sure you write how u felt, what you where thinking and just about anything u can remember. What color hair did the people have? Was there any weird sounds... Etc

#5:  Author: LucidlyApp PostPosted: Sat 24 Nov, 2018
I think you should keep writng your dreams. Just don't stop! I had the same problem when I just started

#6:  Author: Sir.Lox PostPosted: Fri 07 Dec, 2018
Hey new here,
In the last month (I only truly found out about lucid dreaming a month ago after having a weird dream which i found out was lucid) my dream journal some dreams entries are a few pages long and some are only a few sentences. When i re-read them tho i realize that they are sometimes the same length dream, time wise, usually and its mostly just me adding detail that comes to me as i write about it. So maybe try to just elaborate on the general things you remember even if it seems pointless and more, smaller, details will pop into your head. Sometimes even one extra word and fill in the blanks for another half of the dream for me.

#7:  Author: DeanRon PostPosted: Wed 12 Dec, 2018
Some of mine are very short as well. If you don't recall a lot of details, they can't be long. Simple as that. But you also want to write a diary entry as soon as you can so the dream is as fresh as possible in your mind.

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