Slowing Down Time in Lucidity
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#16:  Author: TZer000 PostPosted: Sun 25 Jan, 2004
same difference

#17:  Author: TimeLess PostPosted: Mon 26 Jan, 2004
lol ok

#18:  Author: The Golden King of Avalon PostPosted: Thu 29 Jan, 2004
Real Time- ----------------------------------------------
Dream Time ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Stretch out the dream time and it will be longer then real time.
My theory, and thats how you can dream many years in a LD.

#19:  Author: TimeLess PostPosted: Thu 29 Jan, 2004
so how do we get from - to ^

#20:  Author: The Golden King of Avalon PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
Those were prebuilt.
Thats the travel of time and the other one is dream time. It shows how you can spend more time in a dream then IRL.
---- Real time
^^ Dream Time.
More real time can go in dream time then real time in real time.
Understand Timeless_soul?

#21: Re: Slowing Down Time in Lucidity Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
Supernova wrote:
Do you suppose it is possible to slow down time and make it seem like you are in your dream for longer than you really are? Making your lucid dreams last hours, days, weeks or even years? uhh

I would like to hear everyone's thoughts


if by slowing time down you mean that while real life is going by at normal speed, your dreams seem to be days or even weeks long then yes people do it all the time.

just 5 days ago i had a dream that spanned about 2 dream days yet in reality i had only been alseep less than 20minutes.

#22:  Author: TimeLess PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004

i read that likfe twice and i totaly get what you wrote but ummm wha?

how can we have more rt in dt then rt in rt????

Richard crazybounce

#23:  Author: The Golden King of Avalon PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
Because think of it like a cube. V(of cube)= 100cm3
Real time 1 day V= 100cm3
Dream time 1 day V= .1cm3
Understand it's less then real time.
Oh shoot sorry. I mean more dream time in real time. lol. My fault.
as you can see Dream time takes less space then real time.
Thank you.
Aother theory made by The Golden King of Avalon.

#24:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
I read somewhere that although your dreams seem very long, they actually skip huge parts and your memory somehow fills that in with a long journey on the bus. That's probably how having a whole dream year works. Except that it must skip rather a lot eh .

Of course, the brain might actually do everything faster with these dreams. But I think that fitting a 50-year life into 1 hour would mean going so fast that it would start humming .

Actually, now I think it's probably a mixture.

As for how to get from ^ to -- (flatten out your dream time) - I think it might either be luck or you could sort of imagine stretching your dream time out. Don't know how well that would work though.

#25:  Author: The Golden King of Avalon PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
No I am showing how that could work.
^^^^^^. This fitts in the same space as the other line but streched out it's longer. Right?
-----------. Fills in as the length but isn't as long for it was already streached out. Understand now?
What does Luck have to do with this? No offence. ( I kinda sound offencive there.)
Thank you.

#26:  Author: r3m0t PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
Yes, but usually dream time is like just hopping along the tips ^^^^ instead of going down every hill.

Luck to become lucid in a dream which is already going to be very long.

I am pointing out that you could imagine squeezing your dream into a smaller space of time, which might help it actually happen.

#27:  Author: TimeLess PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
i remember an experiment by stephen laburge that dream time was the same as rt. like he moved his eyes leftand right at one seconds intervals. yer well i am sure you have all heard of that.

But could his dt be the same as rt because he was trying to measure it in rt?

^^^^^^ if this is DT
________ and this is RT

well what i dont get is how you came to the conclusion taht DT is Actually a ^ instead of a .

omg i love these little symbol things what other topic did we have were we had this ...*thinking*

And i totaly get what you wrote now tounge2

and that now i have lost propbally all of you in ym crazy twisted ways i bid you fare well

#28:  Author: TimeLess PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
oh and just one more quick thing. what is luck anyway?

#29:  Author: The Golden King of Avalon PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
Think of it as a diagram looking from the top. No does that seem easier?
The luck question... I wasn't the one who asked about luck.
Thank you.

#30:  Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Sat 31 Jan, 2004
for those of you that generally remember more than 3dreams per night here's a little test for you. this works better with NDs.

1. Recall all your dreams you had that night
2. Work out how long each dream appeared to last, be it days, weeks, hours or simply 10mins. (bare in mind i'm talking about the passage of time in the dream - not how long the dream took in RL)
3. Add the total dream times together
4. now put that total next to how long you were actually sleeping for
5. Then edit your sleep time to the aproximate dream time.

(by which i mean if you sleep for 6hrs a night you don't actually dream for that full 6hrs, there's an estimated time for how long each sleep cycle is right?)

Theoretically the total time that appears to be passed during dreams should be more than the real life time.


but we experience this alot in waking life too. Take books for example, there is enough detail in books to suffeciently follow the characters through weeks of their "lives" and the book it's self only takes a few hours to read. Yet in retrospect your knowledge of that character is many days/weeks long but it was only a 300page book.
Indeed some things are cut out and may jump time in some chapters, but with a little paragraph giving a summery of what may have transpired in that time. Dreams are the same, you jump occationally from one bit to the next and usually can figure out what "might" have happened in that gap.

On another note the human brain is capable of processing infomation much quicker than we generally use it. So it would be reasonable to assume that dreams use more of this ability by going faster like watching a tape on fastforward but during sleep the brain has more than enough resourses to make it appear real time.
This is something else we occationally use in Waking life too, i'm sure at some point we've all had an experiece where we had to make a split second decision. Usually you will weigh the choices and make an educated guess and hope for the best, rather than close your eyes and say "that one".

well that's my thoughts on it - i'll leave you all confused hehe

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