Teeth falling out
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#1: Lucky Me !! Author: Jihad Dreamer PostPosted: Mon 21 Apr, 2003
Last night I was siting at my comoputer thinking to myself " Self, we need to brush our teeth more!!! ". cause I've been slacking a bit a lately and it just isnt looking to good in there. Well MYSELF just seems to want to be lazy as heck and just sit here play another video game, finish up this Pepsi, and chow down on this Kit Kat. Well after all this I jump into bed with my teeth jsut rotting away(and I know this).
In the middle of the night, I wake up. Teeth just hurting. I kind of poke at it with my tongue and oh great, blood? I get up out of bed and head down to the bathroom. Start checking out my teeth and they look bad. I notice now that one is loose "Oh great!!" I think to myself as I pull this Giant tooth right out of mouth. Root and all. Now I am panicing, blood everywhere, and it looks like I have a few more loose teeth.
Well luckily I woke up early that morning and upon full sprint to the bathroom. I noticed I had all my teeth. YES, it was a dream, oh yah baby. Needless to say, I brush my teeth all the time now lol. I have allways heard of dreams with teeth problems but never actually had any. Well I have now. I added teeth falling out to my dream signs but it is not one of my my main ones.
I usually have dreams that I never had before after hearing about them. Maybe if you havent had a cool teeth dream yet you will now??

#2:  Author: Chronos PostPosted: Mon 21 Apr, 2003
Hmm, apparently dreams about teeth and them falling out are pretty common, don't know quite what it means, Ive never had a tooth falling out dream, anyone know what the heck its meant to mean?

#3:  Author: ClintB24 PostPosted: Mon 21 Apr, 2003
I've had many dreams about my teeth falling out in the past, and still do from time to time. I don't remember where I read this before, but I've heard that dreams about your teeth falling out is a sign of an inferiority complex or a sign that you're self-conscious about something (I happen to be self-conscious about my weight). Of course in your case, your dream could have happened because you'd been thinking about your teeth while you was awake, as dreams sometimes carry over from things that have happened to you while you're awake.

I've had some really weird dreams about my teeth. I remember in one that I had recently where my mouth was completely filled with broken teeth, and every time I'd spit them out, more would break off to take their place.

It's definitely a weird sensation, though, and I always wake up relieved to find my teeth all intact. grin

#4:  Author: mystic PostPosted: Mon 21 Apr, 2003
I read somewhere that dreaming about teeth falling out is a sign that you might be pregnant, but I don't think this explanation applies to everyone.. grin

#5:  Author: ClintB24 PostPosted: Mon 21 Apr, 2003
LOL, if I found out I was pregnant, then something is BAAAD wrong!! wink

#6:  Author: Atheist PostPosted: Tue 22 Apr, 2003
Chronos wrote:
Ive never had a tooth falling out dream, anyone know what the heck its meant to mean?

It's very, very simple. smile

Jihad had a dream about his teeth falling out because (as he already said) he was neglecting to clean them. He probably spent a while thinking about them each day, and inevitably, this turned into a dream.

While I don't agree that dreams have a divine meaning that needs to be carefully examined and extracted from a seemingly meaningless set of events, I do think blatent signs like this are simply your subconscious telling you that you should be taking more care of yourself.

#7:  Author: ulrik_tr PostPosted: Wed 23 Apr, 2003
Just like if you forget to shave, you can have dreams where you have a giant moustache colgate

#8:  Author: The Wizard PostPosted: Wed 23 Apr, 2003
And who says that dreams can't inspire you to change your life for the better. Way to go man!

#9:  Author: Dm7 PostPosted: Thu 24 Apr, 2003
I can relate to that. I have had several dreams where my teeth either falls out or just breaks into million pieces. It usually happens when I become self-conscious about my appearance... specially my teeth if I haven't uh... brush as often as I'm supposed to or that I eat a lot of candies. If I become self-conscious about my appearance (not just my teeth), I happen to dream about my teeth falling out or breaking into million pieces. Hope that I did make the meaning more clear to you. grin

#10:  Author: Jihad Dreamer PostPosted: Fri 25 Apr, 2003
Neat, I have Improved my RL by dreaming. I didn't even notice that. Im going to brush my teeth right now grin .

#11:  Author: Dm7 PostPosted: Mon 28 Apr, 2003
Jihad Dreamer: Okey Dokey smile *watches as Jihad brushes his teeth nonstop since April 25th* That's pretty long... today's April 28th! Wow, it must have made you paranoid enough to brush for three days nonstop! Hehehehehehe.

I just love to tease y'all! smile

#12: Tooth loss Author: brad. PostPosted: Wed 11 Jun, 2003
Why do a lot of people lose their teeth in their dreams? what does it mean when they do?

#13:  Author: Mohegan PostPosted: Thu 12 Jun, 2003
Teeth falling out indicates that we are aware of going through some changes, similar to that from childhood to maturity to old age.

When one is anxious of teeth dropping out it suggests that there is a fear of getting old. (in a woman's dream if the teeth are swallowed this suggests pregnancy)

That's the general Dream interpretations, but there's also other causes, your teeth/gums may be hurting causing you to dream of them falling out. Maybe you are worried your teeth aren't as "cared for" as they should be.

there's lots of possible causes.

#14:  Author: Atheist PostPosted: Thu 12 Jun, 2003
Alternatively, it could be nothing more than a stray concern for the health of your teeth given your dangerously high Coke intake (or something). I don't know about everyone else, but I tend to have dreams which seriously exaggerate a recent physical problem, concern or development. Perhaps you're at the age where your wisdom teeth are emerging and causing some mostly unapparent distress.

It's interesting to read about common translations to dream topics, and on occasion they may be right. However, I don't think any of us know you well enough to interpret your dreams for you. The question is, do YOU know yourself well enough to? wink

#15:  Author: (Z) PostPosted: Fri 13 Jun, 2003
I've heard that loose teeth, or loosing teeth mean that you said something that you don't mean. Keep in mind you can't just stick to one interp. You have to really look inside yourself for a true dream interp. No book or guide can tell you what your dream truely means. You have to analyze the details and surroundings

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