Toilets/bathrooms in dreams
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#106:  Author: xx521xx PostPosted: Sat 04 Nov, 2006
Toilets in my dreams are usually normal. Sometimes something stange happens involving them... like one time, I had to flush some clothes down a toilet. eh But the toilets themselves are normal.

There was just one time where privacy was an issue... one day after waking up early, I was imagining a scenario which eventually turned into a dream. At about the time it became a dream, I went into the bathroom, and the door was brightly colored and translucent! I closed it, but when I looked away and then back, the door had vanished and there was a similar door of a different color! This repeated a few times, then I finally succeeded in closing a door that didn't disappear... and I didn't even use the toilet, I just went straight to washing my hands.

#107:  Author: Dr Frankenstein PostPosted: Mon 06 Nov, 2006
Well, I remember having a dream recently where public toilets were either broken/unbearably dirty, or either the hiding panels were like... 1 foot high, so unsuitable. The worst is that I had a harem of boys following me and staring at me. No way to pee in peace...

#108:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Mon 06 Nov, 2006
lach1 I had VIP toilets in one of my dreams last night. They were higher than the other toilets in the toilet block and if you were sat on them you could look over the door

#109: Bathrooms, Toilets!! Author: Dream Dragon PostPosted: Thu 21 Dec, 2006
I'm starting to notice a lot of my dreams contain a bathroom with a toilet! The last one I remember I was in a bathroom trying to crush tiny little vermin (mice, weird shaped) with a towel because I didn't have any insect spray, yet alone anything that would actually work on mice haha. I even remember the feeling of crushing them with the towel in my hands. Eww... I wasn't even lucid or anything.

I think I forgot to mention the state of that bathroom; it was so faul (piss/wee all over the ground)!

!~ ZoMG stop with the bathroom scenes, my silly dreams! ~!

EDIT: WOOT I never expected there to be a giant topic on this LOL! But i'm relieved for this to be more common than I thought.

#110:  Author: Mickis PostPosted: Fri 22 Dec, 2006
The last dream I had about a bathroom was me using this public restroom, where there were like 6 toilets in the same room, and all the walls were seethrough! This didn't bother me so much, though. I had to pee so I sat down and did my business.

What bothered me was when Gary Busey came in and started yelling at me. overspannen Seriosuly, of all the places to run into that guy, sitting on the can would be my last pick! eek2

#111:  Author: Dream Dragon PostPosted: Fri 22 Dec, 2006
LOL .. sorry if this is spam but what you wrote Mickis is just FUNNY!

#112:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Thu 03 May, 2007
Well my weird toilets got me lucid last night. I noticed the toilet seat was on the wrong way around .. the hinge was at the front

In the toilet, the door handle was the same as the one's at 104 . The bolt catch was faulty .. it pinged off completely while I was trying to bolt it. Now I approached the toilet .. the toilet seat was the wrong way around, the hinge was at the front. I sat down on it anyway and started to 'spend a penny'. Then I started to think and 'the penny dropped' [i]It is a dream! mm I am dreaming!

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#113:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Sat 06 May, 2017
10 year bump

In Toilets, Toilets, Toilets Part 30

I'm in a public toilets. It is PUBLIC, there are 3 or 4 toilets in a long room with no dividing walls. I don't feel embarrassed or exposed.

#114:  Author: Eilatan PostPosted: Sat 06 May, 2017
notify This topic exists?! Now I know where to put all my gross toilet dreams.

#115:  Author: En'enra PostPosted: Sat 06 May, 2017

In yesterday's dream, there was such an epic shower cabin in my bathroom. It had a chair similar to the one you see at a dentist's in it, and a control panel with lots of buttons that controlled water pressure, LED lights' color and intensity, the direction of the water stream, and it had a massage function... I tried all the buttons but I didn't get to use it fully because eventually the bathroom turned into a classroom in which I was fighting some shadow people with fire magic. cry

#116:  Author: Susan_Y PostPosted: Sun 07 May, 2017
In my dreams, whatever I usually do immediately after waking is likely to appear in false awakenings. e.g. I "wake up", write my dream journal, head into the bathroom to take a shower, then realise I'm still dreaming.

From reading other people's dream journals, it seems that people who have frequent gender TF's in dreams can suffer doubt as to which bathroom they are supposed to be using. "I need to go to the bathroom.. wait, what gender am I?" I don't know if the way US politics has recently made a big issue about bathrooms is influencing this kind of dream.

If we're talking about showers, as opposed to toilets, I think there's sometimes an erotic aspects in my dreams: "OMG, I'm taking a shower with Kaji-san <snip>" What can I say, other than I've watched too much anime.

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#117:  Author: Mew151 PostPosted: Tue 09 May, 2017
Yay! I finally read through the whole topic. Now I can finally reply.

Public bathrooms in my dreams are never dirty. They tend to be clean, but they are usually very large and maze-like. I've never gotten trapped in a bathroom in a dream, but I have gotten lost and confused. Looking for an open toilet tends to be a problem too, but I tend to always find one. Stalls tend to be their own separate rooms.

In one dream, the bathroom was very cramped and small. Even the entrance to it was basically just a row of bricks missing in the wall you had to squeeze through. There were some people just hanging out in that bathroom, since it was like a secret hideout place.

Home bathrooms aren't usually messed up, although good things seldom happen when they appear in my dreams. Weird mirror stuff has happened, the room can end up dark, and even once while in my house's bathroom in a dream I started to wet the bed (fortunately I woke up before the floodgates were truly opened ). In the last dream I had with a home bathroom, I was trying to vomit into the toilet but it wasn't working and I ended up actually gagging as I woke up.

And also, in one dream I was going through a bathroom-related gender crisis, like Susan_Y mentioned.

#118:  Author: KocoBassa PostPosted: Tue 09 May, 2017
Come to think of it, the only bathrooms I have ever seen in dreams is the one in my current home that I use the most. They're never dirty (Not necessarily clean but not horrible either) - but weird things do happen in them eh

#119:  Author: moogle PostPosted: Fri 20 Jul, 2018
A little off topic. But we had the bath, pedestals and toilets replaced today. During the works, I couldn't resist looking into the empty small room to re-enact all those dreams where the toilet is missing. Did a few RCs afterwards just incase. :D

#120:  Author: sunnyadruza PostPosted: Fri 12 Oct, 2018
Toilets are often dark & dirty in my dreams cry cry grrr ,but not always though... colgate

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